Should politicians refuse campaign contributions from the NRA?

Posted 10 months.


  • Left Winger - 9 months ago


    You said it yourself - "weapon". Period. Done.

    A weapon that's main purpose is to kill has no use on our streets.

    Drugs, alcohol, etc. are strawman arguments unrelated to the topic at hand.

    A man that loves his guns more than the life of an innocent child is no man at all.

  • don patton - 9 months ago

    So hard to know and believe their is 71 percent of the responders are misinformed left wingers and people respond to a minor problem when there is major issues out there that would save thousands more lives than banning any kind of weapon. Drugs, alcohol, driving under the influence distracted driving, to name only a few take away a lot more youth than school shootings where the officials leave our youth unprotected,

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