Have you experienced unwanted sexual overtures or comments during a HIMSS conference that made you uncomfortable? (Poll Closed)

  • No, and I'm male
    91 votes

  • No, and I'm female
    40 votes

  • Yes, and I'm male
    19 votes

  • Yes, and I'm female
    25 votes



  • Previously - 2 years ago

    Not directed at me, but directed at another female.
    Interjected because the behavior was completely inappropriate.

  • Janice McCallum - 2 years ago

    I can't recall any unwanted sexual overtures at HIMSS. I've attended since 2010, but then again I was in my early-50s at that time. I think being part of the HITsm community helped, too; I tend to be with my social media buddies at social events.

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