Who should be the Westchester/Putnam wrestler of the year?

Posted 11 months.


  • Past - 10 months ago

    He was in 10th grade and forced to cut to much weight for that tournament. Plus that was last year, Logan is to much for grant to handle now...

  • fact - 10 months ago

    grant abused Logan last year at eastern states. wasn't even close and all of logans excuses about sucking weight or injury. grant is a beast.

  • Fact - 10 months ago

    I think you should check your facts... grippi isn’t ranked anywhere and Logan is ranked 12th and I think Cuomo is 10th or around there. Fact check before u speak.

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    Logan is not ranked. Grippi is a top 100 recruit in the country. Cuomo is not. Get your facts checked

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    Grippi is ranked 17th in the country by flo.

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    If u follow wrestling Logan has beaten lots of ranked guy ... super 32, journeyman etc... The kid from Wyoming seminary who was ranked 10th didn’t show up to Eastern states to protect his ranking and Logan’s beat him numerous times this year.

  • The Basics - 10 months ago

    Didn't win 2017 Easterns.
    Didn't win 2018 Easterns.
    Didn't win States.
    Nationally Unranked.
    Has not beaten any nationally ranked wrestlers this HS season.

    Didn't win 2017 Easterns.
    Won 2018 Easterns.
    Won States.
    Nationally ranked.
    Has not beaten any nationally ranked wrestlers this HS Season.

    Won 2017 Easterns.
    Didn't win 2018 Easterns due to injury, but beat the guy who did.
    Won states beating the reigning NYS champion, who is nationally ranked.
    Nationally ranked.
    Has beaten multiple nationally ranked wrestlers this HS season.

  • Nayshawn marks - 10 months ago

    Hi my name is nayshawn and I know how to whip and nae nae and that’s why I should be a nominee I also got second in the section I lost to my team mate Len who should also be a nominee just like his brother mike who is also a good wrestler and is good looking

  • Tim Leopold - 10 months ago

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

  • dominic biancardi - 10 months ago

    So ik u guys are like what dom never wrestled but if i did i woould be a nominee so vote me hehe. lol this is great, dont ya think, hehe lol, im dom and im the domb, hehe lo im dom and im the bomb, hehe lolim gonna be the wrestler of the year

  • Vince Pops - 10 months ago

    D Henny Confirmed ALL-League ✟✟✟✟✟✟✟ Expected front runner for wrestler of year, stay posted for updates

  • Jarcori Teemer - 10 months ago

    I sparred with D Henny and he taught me a lot, i worked a lot of the moves he taught me to beat grippi. No wonder he was so easy. D Henny although JUST subpar from section 1 greats like Yianni D and Kyle Dake, I think him making it to the blood round at the scarsdale tournament AND the horace greeley divisional puts him at the top spot to make it. If you think differently you are a bigot. And at the beggigning of the season I said i wasn't giving up the state title and that's what I did @MattGrippi @VinceMerkligoniko. @Dhennyboiszz ;)

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    Who is the best out of the three

  • Mike Balducci - 10 months ago

    Why isn’t my brother Lenny on this he is really good

  • Landon Phillips - 10 months ago


  • Lewis Trent - 10 months ago

    Bob, that wasn't funny at all. Just plain stupidity. The comments are for people to have discussions about WRESTLING, which is the only thing important now. Go tell your dumb jokes to someone else!

  • bOB SAgeT - 10 months ago

    Because he was a boar!!!!!!!

    (Comment if you thought that was funny)

  • bOB SAgeT - 10 months ago

    Why did Momma Pig leave her husband?

  • Juan Lerman - 10 months ago


  • Jon Beau - 10 months ago


  • JoJo Callahan - 10 months ago

    Hey everyone!!! Before I start my speech, I just wanted to say that Matt Grippi is better than Jacori Teemer. I mean it's obvious... did Jacori Teemer win the Westchester County Championship? NO - BUT GRIPPI DID. And also, stop with the negative comments about these wrestlers. Non of them are scared, or bad at wrestling. They all represented Section 1 better than any wrestlers have in the past 10 years (besides 2013). Why can't we all just go to some beach in Miami, with our feet in the sand, and all just watch the beautiful sunset at precisely 6:21 PM EST. Also, make sure to tune in to Disney Channel on March 1st, 2018 for the season premier of Andy Mack!!! :) :) ;) ;)

  • Jake Paul Logan paul aka Jake logan - 10 months ago


  • Harry - 10 months ago


  • Gatc - 10 months ago

    Apex by far

  • Garret sementez - 10 months ago


  • John - 10 months ago

    What’s the best club in section 1?

  • Tom brands - 10 months ago

    I’ve been hearing a lot about some wrestler they call dhenny, ????. What ever that means. His accomplishments are up there with the rest ????????. I offered him a slot at 133 over Cory Clark his freshman year but he turned me down to seek out the Olympic dream. God bless his soul and Godspeed. @mategripni

  • Fox lane wrestler - 10 months ago

    How can you say grippi jumped into an easier weight class? He majored/pinned/teched his way into the eastern state finals at 145. He barely lost to Frankie 3-1. At 152 it had: Peter Pappas ( 3x state finalist, 1x champ ), Conor Melbourne (2x all state, would've been 3 but got injured), and Evan Barczak ( 4x all state ). How can you say that weight class is "easier"? It seems harder to me. And you don't know the full story. Maybe he jumped because of the weight cut or something, so don't assume anything without you knowing. I am on fox lane, and I've heard matt say that Frankie had messaged matt several times asking what weight he's going and convincing him to not go his weight. Frankie was the scared one, not matt. How can You say he was scared when he wrestled teemer this year. And grippi wrestled states and eastern states really sick this year, and still gave teemer a match. Conor Thomas would have easily placed at states and grippi teched him easily when healthy. Then he barely won every match at states. You could see he was off. So who knows if he was 100% healthy what could've happened and that's not an excuse so enough with you assumptions. He is a great wrestler and a better person and teammate and captain so watch the way you're talking about him regardless if he deserves this award or not.

  • Kim jong un - 10 months ago

    Who would win Logan or cuomo

  • Anonymous - 10 months ago

    How's it possible Jake Logan is behind Matt Grippi and Grant Cuomo? The voting is "Wrestler of the Year" isn't it? It's not "Best Wrestling Career". Logan had a dominating year! A perfect record year with NO ONE taking him down ONCE!! Regardless of injuries, illnesses... every wrestler has them. But this 2018 was Jake Logan's year. Great story book endings are encouraging but Cuomo's year wasn't perfection. I'm sorry Matt Grippi wrestled being ill with the flu but stop with the excuses people! If he was at 200%, he still wouldn't have beaten Jacori Teemer. And we all know, he went 152 to avoid Frankie Gissendanner last year, but didn't anticipate running into a buzz saw like Mike Pappas and lost too! He's not to fault for changing his game plan in pursuit of the State Championship but he gambled and IT DIDN'T WORK!! In the immortal words of Frank Sinatra, That's Life.

  • Peter Frank - 10 months ago

    It seems you've forgotten about a few important people. Tappan Zees Joe English is a solid 18 years old but happy to be dating a 14 year old. I beleive we should vote him wrestler of the year before he gets put in prison. It'd be nice for him to get one last award before going to the slammer.

  • Chris foca - 10 months ago

    Desmond Kivlehan... I couldn’t agree more... Kieran has definitely earned this honor. He took me down once in practice (I let him but don’t tell him) I am currently ranked 5th in country and think he has serious potential... and his girlfriend I might add is quite a smoke show for a freshman

  • Dez Kivlehan - 10 months ago

    I️ think Kieran ryan from Tappan Zee should get it. He put in the work at red nose and is dating a freshmen in high school so I.T seems like the obvious choice that he should win the award.

  • Len balducci - 10 months ago

    tommyd could beat grippi

  • Jacori teemer - 10 months ago

    Give this award to Grant Cuomo. Matthew grippi don’t deserve it. 0-3 in the state finals. Backed out last year to a “easier weight”... wanna guess the result? (lost). Nothing against him at all but he don’t deserve this. Jake Logan is a tremendous wrestler and had a great season but he’s a junior and will definitely go places next year. Grant Cuomo has a story to his name and a legacy to back it up. He took an L last year in the state finals to 2x state champ Ryan Ferro of Warwick. Ferro is now a Ohio state buckeye wrestler. Grant deserves this way more. Give that man the award. #Princton #StateChamp #WonStates

  • unknown - 10 months ago

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  • Kilos - 10 months ago

    Cuomo with the comback now he’s leading looks like u people thought about your decisions

  • Anon - 10 months ago

    MG is the king.

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    Barns won all his title at 182 and ran to 170 because her new he couldn’t beat Logan.

  • Unknown - 10 months ago


  • Matt grippi - 10 months ago

    Matt grippi fought his heart out against teemer, and even though I’ve never taken him down he deserves the award.

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    This clearly says wrestler of the year not wrestler with the best career so think that through and ask your self who won state who didn’t let up a takedown and who didn’t lose hmmmm I wonder

  • Anon - 10 months ago


  • Mr. Bigglesworth - 10 months ago

    Read matslap state preview. They considered 182 the deepest weight class. A tough gauntlet that Logan ran through by tech, MD, pin and dec in the final. http://www.thematslap.org/nys-tournament-preview-2018.html

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    if this is a body of work award Grippi clearly deserves it .. if single season Logan deserves it he beat everyone he faced and was never scored on only gave1 pt escapes. if Cuomo wrestled entire season and beat Barnes twice - at ESC- then he would deserve it but he missed most of the season. Barnes looked sloppy and overconfident in the final he would be hard tsk beat twice Logan beat Ferreira 4 times straight with im sure all video study and game plan by EWA coaches and he still couldn’t beat Logan

  • Hh - 10 months ago

    I think Dylan Heny could beat him
    l. l
    \ /

  • Uknown - 10 months ago

    Grippi lost to the state champ at 145 3-1 in a very tight match.... if grippi went 160 he could have easily won.... no disrespect to Aaron wolk but he was in title contention and I don't care about size I think grippi majors him.... and what do you mean necking him? He is a 3x state finalist, has the second most wins in section 1 history, and i don't know what the record is but he has to be at least tied for most state title appearances in section 1 history. He is the most unfortunate wrestler in NYS history, 2 of the 3 wrestlers he lost to in state finals are NYS legends, with 9 titles between the both of them ( would have been 10 if yianni didn't get inured ). No disrespect to jacob ferreria but Jake Logan had to beat a 1x all state and a 0x section champ in the state finals. Cuomo had to beat a returning champ. But watch what you are saying about grippi.. he is a great kid and a class act and wrestled his ass off with the flu and didn't make one excuse. And I bet if you got on the mat with him, he'd whoop your ass. Other than Brian Realbuto, he is the best wrestler to go through section 1, and I can't wait to see him do well at NC State! We all love you matt !

  • John Smith - 10 months ago

    Logan deserves this the most out of anyone .

  • Dylan Henesey - 10 months ago

    So you guys are probably wondering right now who the sausage is Dylan henny. Welll that's me im Dylan henny from Eastchester my friends call me henny boiz and I myself am confident enough to say that im an outstanding wrestler and should be a nominee. Some of my acomplishments are almost placing at the scarsdale tournament and almost making it to sectionals. If you compare me to these guys like logan grippi and Cuomo I don't see m,yself far from them, my acomplishments are basically the same so VOTE HENNY BOIZ I wont let you down I promise. My goals for this summer is to win nationals aka the gene mills tournament and if any of you wanna see me ill also be competing in the toc in ohio and next year I plan on winning state and placing 3rd at sectionals.

  • james mccrow - 10 months ago

    you guys all keep necking grippi for the weight class he chose for states but in reality if he went 45 he would have lost to the same kid hes lost to in the past years and if he went 160 he wouldn't have been big enough for the weight class and would have one state so.... look at logan he hasn't let up a takedown all year and Cuomo came back from an elbow injury

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    Grippi was also taken down by Burgos, Dushaj and Kropman

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    Grippi had 53 wins. 43 of them were all pins and techs. The only takedowns he had given up the whole year were against teemer. He went after the best wrestler in the country when he could've won if he went up or down. He wrestled the states really sick and showed tremendous heart. I know him and he his the most humble and hardest worker I know. Knowing him, he'd get so mad at me for commenting this! He got screwed out of this award for 3 years, let him get it!! Go matt !

  • Brian - 10 months ago

    Jake Logan 100% no question

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    Logan got the title in dominating im surprised he hasn’t got more votes

  • Samantha Cohen - 10 months ago

    Matt Grippi wrestled in the states tournament with the flu! He has dedicated his life to wrestling and has worked so hard to where he is today! Matt Grippi deserves to be nominated for the wrestler of the year.

  • Unknown - 10 months ago

    Grant Cuomo coming back from an injury to finish his season that strong deserves it.

  • Danny Zadrima - 10 months ago

    If you guys are voting otheR I would seriously think about Steve bilali he an outstanding wrestler and he really knows how to work hard. Steve worked so hard to get where he is this season so don’t look past him he could put up a great fight with Mathew Grippi

  • Jack Rogers - 10 months ago

    Not letting up a takedown jake deserves it

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