How do you grade the Patrick Maroon trade?

  • Ray - 2 years ago

    Decent value, but also he got 2 years out of a good player who probably just had the 2 best seasons he will have in his career @ 1.5M per and still came out ahead in the trade as he only gave up a 4th rd to pick him up.

  • Adam Crossley - 2 years ago

    Well Maroon was aging obviously but still still that trade sucks for the Oilers. A pick that is basically useless and a player (no offence) in Dudek who probably won’t see Oilers ice time. Well done Chia. Great trade said nobody. Can’t wait till he gets fired. Get a GM in who cares and knows what he is doing.

  • Wilbar - 2 years ago

    Maybe they can fill his spot with someone that actually tries. I realize that teams need a behemoth to scare off the miscreants but really the man acted like he wasn’t the least interested unless he had the puck. Watching the old timers playing in the olympics trying their hardest for basically nothing but the glory made me sick thinking of these millionaires skating around with no pride in their work. Now if they just got rid of one or two other floaters they’d have a chance at success. These guys should constantly be reminded that the phrase “time and space” also applies to creating the same for your teammates ie. not coasting to the bench like you’re exhausted.

  • Chris - 2 years ago

    I'm not sure about this one.. maroon was great the last two years. Why kill off more high grade players for some maybes and some may never. I'm mean come on.. We were slated to win the cup this year. The biggest problem in Edmonton is and will remain the gm. Good luck fellas. With super Peter at the helm.. it's gonna be a bleep show. Period. He did it to the Bruins. And now he's messing with a great core in oil country. Oh well. I hope somebody does something soon.. cuz he sucks.

  • Evan MacNeill - 2 years ago

    What’s next Nuge for a bag of pucks and a 7th round pick in 2021?? Wow did we get faster on the wing today Chiarelli Stanley Cup Contenders we are again.

  • Jay Wolff - 2 years ago

    Oops, selected A because I thought we were grading Shero! Go Devils!!!!

  • Jay Wolff - 2 years ago

    Oops, selected A because I thought we were grading Shero! Go Devils!!!!

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