What Do You Think About the 'F--k the NRA' Message?

  • Ryan - 2 years ago

    Knock yourself out but there's no accounting for taste.

  • CJ’s neighbor - 2 years ago

    CJ is a f*cking idiot.

  • Rudy - 2 years ago

    I would venture a guess that if the graffiti was a statement easily associate with conservatives, not too many people would have replied with "I support the statement and am not worried about the profanity."

  • CJ - 2 years ago

    "The use of profanity is a weak mind trying to express itself forceably" was a sign above the door to the boys locker room at my junior high school. Consider that 2016 statistics show there were 501,325 abortions, 140,939 deaths due to obesity, and 5,276 murders with guns in that year with the vast majority occurring in cities like Chicago where gun control is one of the strongest. Guns don't shoot themselves. Having grown up around hunters and farmers, I understand and appreciate the gun safety promoted by NRA. As a US citizen I appreciate how, as Charlton Heston eloquently put it in 1997, the second amendment right to bear arms is a protection against the tyranny of government, a deterrent for crime, a protection for the home, and it protects the other rights we enjoy -- speech, religion, assembly, association, privacy, and yes, including the right to abortion and eating oneself to death. Think people! Think!

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