Would you have been upset by the Black History Month Meal?


  • Joe - 6 years ago

    Good question. I'm thinking I would have been angry, but really only if there were white people serving it to me. Because then I'd have to wonder if they did something to the food. Then wonder if they even put the right seasoning on it. Perhaps I'd give them the people's eyebrow, or ask them how they cooked it - see if I could trip them up. Barring that, probably would eat it though.

  • Ms.CT - 6 years ago

    I agree with Lauren. I was good until you said watermelon flavored water and kool aid. Things that would make it right:
    1. If black people ate for free
    2. If white people weren’t invited
    3. If they identified the history behind each food items and why they are significant to black people
    4. If white people weren’t invited (I know, I already said if, but it needs to be mentioned AGAIN)

    Thanks Rod and Karen

  • Lauren Dantzler - 6 years ago

    Hi Karen and Rod.
    I voted yes and I think the meal would have been okay if they would have left off the Kool-aid and watermelon flavored water. Love your show, keep doing what you are doing!

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