Do you think Habs can turn it around next season

Posted 9 months.


  • Todd - 8 months ago

    It's easy for you to say "we should support our struggling team", but I highly doubt u would be saying that if u had season tickets, they are still sold out every night, but every night there are fewer and fewer fans in the seats. if ur watching from home, sure, support the hell out of ur team, but if ur paying good, hard-earned money to watch ur team, and this is what they are giving back, it's not good enough, not even close...

  • Paul Theriault - 8 months ago

    My comment is this....the Habs have given us amazing hockey for so many years.....who else can remember 24 championships for their whatever is a time in which they need us...the fans...this is the time to show our loyalty, and our's easy to flaunt Habs t-shirts when they've just won the cup......but now, it's the fans that must step's time for us to step forward and embrace our team :) and so....with that....I say with the greatest enthusiasm... GO HABS......:)

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