At theatre concerts: should we sit? or stand?

  • sit

  • stand

  • both


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  • Bill McCallie - 1 year ago

    When one person stands at a concert or Nascar race...then everyone behind the front row has to stand to see. It's like a bunch of dominos and nobody wants to raise a fuss about it as it's supposed to be a fun event but it sure is unfair to the people behind you when you stand up and stay up. and take your cowboy hat off in the concert building, Life is more fun if you have some consideration that every one is paying for a seat.

  • DAVE - 2 years ago

    I don't mind standing or sitting. I do however will never understand why people go to gigs and YAP over the artist?!!!
    This is not only highly disrespectful to the artist you are also ruining it for everyone that came to hear the music.
    If you want to chat go somewhere else or STFU!!!!

  • Jade - 2 years ago

    If you stand then you are blocking the people behind you

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