do we want an opusanglicanum facebook group

  • Lesley Lyon - 3 years ago

    Do what is best for you. If doing a Facebook page means more admin work when you'd rather stitch, then do the stitching!

  • Serinde - 3 years ago

    I almost went for troll, then realised I couldn't because I don't do Facebook, so no trolling for me.

    What I really feel is important is that you do exactly what works best for you and your stitching, which is glorious and doesn't need interference from us and those like us.

  • Cheryl Kealy - 3 years ago

    I’d be interested in a Facebook page in the hope it would gather comments, interesting pics etc - here in Australia there’s not a lot of contact/information about Opus Anglicanum inspired stitching...

  • Charlotte Watkinson - 3 years ago

    Just for the record my website has me cutting a birthday cake not much else

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