Daily Poll: Is it time to ditch the gas guzzler for an electric vehicle?

Posted 9 months.


  • I Know Better - 9 months ago

    Aaron, your comment is 100% BS. Numerous studies have debunked every one of your claims.

    If you don't want an EV, fine, don't buy one, but quit spewing lies in an effort to sabotage the rest of the world that actually cares about the environment.

  • Ron Lawton - 9 months ago

    I have an EV, and I love it. It is great to not have to go to gas stations. Still, it is not yet a solution that works for everyone. As more models and options become available, it will become a better choice for more people. Still, gas prices and electricity prices in this province favour the electric vehicle.
    If we get in a gas war with Alberta, it evens make more sense.

  • Country Boy - 9 months ago

    I thought the main reason cities evolved was so that people wouldn't need to travel to live.
    Not only are the bankers and landlords getting rich on high priced cities, so are the vehicle, fuel and now massive battery manufacturers. Are we near the point where the concept of a city is unworkable/inefficient. Can Canada become more economically competitive on the global stage by not having its citizenship imprisoned in transit daily?

  • Ryan Logtenberg - 9 months ago

    Check this to see how clean an EV can be in BC.


  • Ted Kuntz - 9 months ago

    I've already made the switch to an EV. The smartest decision I've made with regard to a car purchase. Driving and EV is better and easier than I thought. Most charging happens at home overnight and is not an issue. In BC, our electricity is hydro and is clean. And with the difference between gas prices and electricity prices, BC is the best province in Canada to go EV.

  • Wally - 9 months ago

    Electric vehicles are the way of the future but a few things have to be refined first. Charging time, cost, range all have to be improved for it to make sense for the consumer. Also, depending on how electricity is generated, electric vehicles may not be better for the environment. Mazda makes a gas engine with very low emissions. Other manufacturers could do the same once they get out of bed with the oil companies.

  • Colin - 9 months ago

    Aaron, you are right that manufacturing does take a toll on the environment, but it is a finite one. A driver should continue to use their current car as long as possible to minimize the volume of cars manufactured. However, unless you cite some numbers or sources, your love of polluting gasoline is not convincing. In BC, where power is >90% hydro, electric is much better option in the long run.
    Unfortunately, some electric cars are difficult to rescue people from due to poor design from the pressure to get these cars to the public as soon as possible. However, cars like the Model 3 make up for this with their safety ratings. And I don't see how people could think that a tank of flammable liquid DESIGNED to explode is safer than a battery that is cooled, monitored and tested to be safe.

  • Aaron - 9 months ago

    Contrary to popular belief, the electric vehicles are worse for the environment than gasoline powered vehicles. Just do some research into how the battery packs are manufactured, and what happens to them after their 5 year life expectancy is reached. Or, how dangerous it is for first responders who need to rescue people from damaged electric vehicles. Those batteries are a bomb waiting to explode in some cases. Perhaps instead of an electric car to replace your gas guzzler, a more economic choice would be smarter. Ditch the SUV or large truck for something more realistic that suits your purposes. Until an alternative fuel source (not battery power!) is developed, gasoline is here to stay.

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