What year did you start watching MLP: Friendship is Magic?

Posted 9 months.


  • Smithers - 8 months ago

    Circa September 2013. I know Equestria Girls was out by the time I caught up, but season 4 had not yet begun. I'd considered watching the show previously, but from what I'd heard of the fandom, I was worried that if I got in to it, I'd get way too in to it and it would consume my life. Long story short, I was right and it did. Still don't regret it though.

    First exposure to the fandom was the infamous "Cupcakes" by Sergeant Sprinkles. So go figure.

  • Jeff - 9 months ago

    late 2016 for me i never experienced the so called "golden age" of the fandom but 2017 was for me the best year of pony yet

  • Thunder Light - 9 months ago

    oh my, 2016 for me, discovering the music of the fandom that evolved into watching the show which turned into reading fanfiction and now writing fanfiction. Sweet memories.

  • veryoriginalponyname - 9 months ago

    early march of 2012. I remember my first exposure to the show: a YTP based on Lesson Zero.

  • Moonbutters - 9 months ago

    This seems like a pretty linear distribution

  • Siafilly - 9 months ago

    I've always wondered what time most people most people began to look at G4.

  • Jimmy Hook - 9 months ago

    2015 for me

  • Mays88 - 9 months ago

    I started watching FIM around October 2014 due to boredom, ever since there I been int rested about the show and the Fandom in early 2015. Here it is around 2018 and still going strong around the fandom even if the more early people who joined left or was EOL unfortunately.

  • K - 9 months ago

    I actually first got into the show in Summer of 2014 because a friend of one of my friends showed me Smile HD. I loved it so much that I watched over and over, until I got interested in watching the show it was based off of. It went where you'd think from there. I have a lot of MLP stuff now.

  • crackedlenses - 9 months ago


    EQG was my gateway as well, binged-watched the series on Netflix in 2017. Been around ever since.

  • Frith - 9 months ago

    2011 represent! I chose 2011 since I really started to watch the show in late February 2011 when I found the full episodes on Masterlynxx's youtube channel. I had seen half of episode 1 in October 2010, but I didn't latch on to the series then. Like (excellent musician) InfinityDash, I don't comment any more on EqD, although my excuse is that Disqus won't allow either OpenID or "anon" comments. I have enough accounts to keep track of already.

  • Misscellanio - 9 months ago

    2015 Brony
    Didn't even hear about the show or bronies until 2014. Finally decided to watch it in Nov. 2015 at 5am after HelloGreedo brought it up in one of his videos, and I fell in love with the season opener. I was fucking crying and smiling extra hard.
    Finished everything in 2 weeks and later in April of 2016 went to my first pony convention!

  • InfinityDash - 9 months ago

    I know this poll just went up so could change a bit, but I'm actually pleasantly surprised to see so many people from 2011 still here. I'm one of them (March 2011, first episode watched as it aired was Over A Barrel), though these days I mostly lurk and rarely post stuff anymore. You hear a lot of talk (on certain sites) about old Season 1 bronies leaving the fandom or having "moved on", but this poll proves that's not really the case, or at least overstated.

    Anyways, yeah this is one of the few EQD polls where the results have legitimately surprised me. I would have expected most people to have joined in 2012-2013 when the show and fandom was arguably at its peak.

  • xonxt - 9 months ago

    2010 oldfag here. Huh, I'm in the minority.
    I started watching somewhere in the first third of Season 1. Either October or November, I'm not sure.

  • Andy Garcia - 9 months ago

    oh wow, didnt expect much of the 2011 bronies to still be here. well, friendship is magic that much, right? :D

  • Maeti12 - 9 months ago

    @Sam: My sister and cousin says season 7 did nothing to improve the unfairness. They know what makes me feel it's unfair and they know me better than anyone.

  • RubyBoule - 9 months ago

    I used the EG movie as a gateway drug, since I figured that if I could like the concept with humans, maybe I could open up to watching it with ponies. Four years later and I'm a mildly successful fanfic author.

  • Sam - 9 months ago

    I watched "May the best pet win" and fell in love in November 2011. Still in love with Rainbow Dash today!

    @Maeti12 - Season 7 is much better. Season 6 sucked

  • Maeti12 - 9 months ago

    Started when late season 1 aired and stopped just before mid season 6 because of how unfair this show is. Still stalk the fandom in hope it'll get fair for once, but now I'm starting to doubt it ever will.

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