#2 - Toy Story vs. Schindler's (Poll Closed)

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Posted 10 months.


  • Keith "Player to be Named Later" from Alburtis PA - 9 months ago

    The wife (and my comment on T2 vs Silence of the Lambs) helped me make this decision.

    Without Toy Story, we would have no Toy Story 2 or Toy Story 3.

    Without Schindler's List, we just have a little hole in our Holocaust understanding.

    I love Speilberg's film, but I just don't think I could live voting against TS3 (& TS2) this early in the tournament.

  • Jeffrey Petschke - 9 months ago

    Schindler' List will forever be shown in high school history classes and Toy Story will always be shown in elementary school during recess on a rainy day. Although I'd rather be playing kickball than watching either one, I'll go with Toy Story.

  • Chris Massa - Pittsburgh, PA - 9 months ago

    Schindler's List is a masterpiece, plain and simple, but it's neither the only nor the best film ever made about the Holocaust. (I'm thinking specifically of Shoah and Night & Fog.) Toy Story, on the other hand, is a true original, and unlike anything else that came before it. Whether or not it's truly the better film, there's no shame in voting for it.

    Here's another way of looking at it: Toy Story paved the way for Toy Story 2 and 3, and countless Pixar gems. (And Cars, but hey, you can't win them all.) Schindler's List paved the way for "serious Spielberg," which has yielded a few hits, but also more than its share of overblown pretension. (Like Amistad. Ugh.) Toy Story it is.

  • J.Z. Adler - 9 months ago

    This was easily the toughest choice for me in Round 2.
    Toy Story is close to a perfect film. If one had to compare its plotting, structure, and character development to Schindler's List, the weightier and more ambitious effort, Toy Story is more effective as narrative storytelling. That said, one should not forget that Toy Story is 81 minutes, nearly two full hours shorter than Spielberg's 1993 masterpiece. When one film is so much easier, in its running time and its subject matter, to revisit, this contest feels completely unfair.

    But even though Toy Story is an all-time animation classic, I have to go with Spielberg's film, for its value as a document of history (even though I realize the Best Picture winner has its flaws). I have heard a few survivors of the Holocaust reveal that it was the release of Schindler's List and its theatrical and awards success that made them want to share their devastating stories. The filmmaker's subsequent founding of the Shoah Foundation, an archive for survivors and witnesses of these unimaginable circumstances to bear witness to history, is nothing short of a triumph. The film's impact on Holocaust education and awareness is, in the words of Ben Kingsley's Yitzhak Stern, "an absolute good." For its important contribution to history, my vote is with Schindler's List.

  • barb vedder - 9 months ago

    this match-up is cray.

    With so many great Holocaust films to help us "Never Forget" I have to vote for Toy Story.
    It was so creative and changed animation forever.
    It made grown men (and women) simultaneously grin and weep in wonder and nostalgia.

  • Joe - 9 months ago

    Toy Story is a landmark in animation. But if only one of these can be preserved, it's gotta be Schindler's List. The fact that it is a difficult watch is all the more reason it needs to be preserved for future generations. Humanity isn't always easy to look at.

  • Erin Teachman (Washington, DC) - 9 months ago

    Until you monsters come for Night and Fog, I will rest easy knowing that excellent Holocaust narratives exist and we aren't committing historical crimes by voting against Schindler's List. Toy Story is just too groundbreaking and too insightful into the emotional fabric of our lives, including the many ways in which adults carry their childhoods forward, which is you know, Spielbergian, to pass over.

  • Will B - 9 months ago

    The irony here is that, farther down the road, Toy Story 3 is essentially Schindler's List for kids.

  • Luke Pamer - 9 months ago

    I feel a little uncomfortable having to choose in this match-up. Not choosing to preserve Schindler’s List opens up the possibility that an important piece of history will be missed out on by viewers. However, the original Toy Story is just that good & I’ll take my chances.

  • Erick Roque - 9 months ago

    It pains me to see Schindler's List is described as ordinary or just another history movie. I suspect that many perhaps saw this movie once and then never revisited it. It's understandable. This is a tough watch, for obvious reasons. I do think it is easy to forget how powerful this film if you last saw it in the 90s.

    The liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto. Fiennes' Amon Goeth casually sniping Jews from his balcony as if he is merely skeet shooting. The Jewish man given a momentary reprieve because a pistol jams. These are scenes that stick with you. I don't know how this movie can be called ordinary. That's without even mentioning that it has plenty of technical merits as well, such as Kaminski's gorgeous cinematography.

    I think Toy Story is a wonderful movie. And yes, it is important because it was the first feature length CGI film. But it doesn't linger with me like Schindler's List did. Also, I have to say, even in this day where the technology is leagues ahead of where it was when Toy Story was released, I still prefer the look of traditional animation.

    In fact, if Schindler's List was to lose to an animated film, I would have preferred that it go down last week against The Iron Giant; not that I voted that way. I like The Iron Giant more than Toy Story anyway.

    I know I shouldn't take it too seriously. Art is subjective after all. Except in the case of Micheal Bay films. Those objectively suck. Still, I see where the wind is blowing here, and it seems wrong.

  • Neil Mitchell - 9 months ago

    Schindler's List isn't my favourite Spielberg, but it is the one that he had to make, that stands for so much more than film, that I watched with my Gramps who fought in Burma, in a small screen at Cheltenham Odeon, having waited to see it with him. It's a moment that is so important to me, and a film that is perfectly made, against a film with importance in animation unquestionably, but is not, for me, a great film in itself and utterly surpassed by its sequels.

  • Christopher - 9 months ago

    I had to look at Schindler's List as a historical artifact. If this movie disappeared forever, there are many other books, videos and films that tell tragic stories from this period. As a movie, we could lose this forever and still have countless ways to learn from the past.
    Toy Story is an original work of art with the added feature of being animated. To preserve this film will be like preserving a painting or a cave drawing.

  • Mike H. - 9 months ago

    Now that I think about it, Toy Story kind of is "Life is Beautiful" with toys and a slightly happier ending. No? Just me? I'll see my way out.

  • Matthew B. - 9 months ago

    My thought process is simple, Schindler's list is about a time in history that no one will ever forget and has left an impact on the entire world. It is arguably the best and most important movie that Spielberg has ever made, however, it is still based on history and other history movies will still be around. Toy Story is the easy pick for me since it will begin a legacy of amazing Pixar movies afterwards and has a great original story that anyone can relate to.

  • Adrian Perea - 9 months ago

    There is no logic to this matchup and therefore no logic can be applied. Flipped a coin in mind. Toy Story I guess, you unconscionable monsters

  • Ryan Casto - 9 months ago

    Schindler's List versus yet another brilliant animated film about the wonders of childhood? Such strangeness.

    Anyway, both of these films are all time favorites for me, but Schindler's List needs to live on as the greatest film document (not including docs such as Shoah) about the Holocaust I've ever seen. Toy Story 2 and 3 will seem really out of place without the first, but I will still be able to revisit these characters when Toy Story disappears into oblivion.

    Also, Spielberg is maybe my favorite director of the last 50 years, so I am biased.

    -Ryan Casto
    Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, Earth, Solar System

  • Joel S - 9 months ago

    in my mind, Toy Story altered the direction of animated films. before Toy Story, there's maybe a handful of animated films i still really love. but ever since Toy Story, there seems to be at least one memorable animated film that comes out each year.

    it gets my vote not just because it's just so damned memorable but also because it proved to an industry that animated films could be great and profitable while also creating something both children and adults enjoy watching.

    schindler's list is good, but it's pretty ordinary.

  • J.S. Lewis - 9 months ago

    Did Armond White host this matchup?

  • Kevin - 9 months ago

    Even though Finnes give a vastly underrated performance and the film is very moving. The Joy and wonder of Toy Story is a once in a lifetime event. Not since the opening scroll of Star Wars had a movie immediately made me sit up and pay attention so quickly.

    Toy Story and it is not close.

  • William D. Lichty - 9 months ago

    Toy Story may get the Heart Vs. Head vote, but I think it's easy to forget how, despite being about a horrible subject, Schindler's List is not a difficult film. It is what it must be, while also being engaging and, paradoxically, full of life. It covers the piece of history which most warrants the "you should already care about this" approach, and yet the situations matter not because we already know that the Holocaust was important, but because the film earns every concern on its own. It also earns its suspense, and every tear it evokes, because it is so filled with living characters. All of this makes the reality of the Holocaust feel new, rather than easily comparmentalizable as An Important Piece Of History, and that is a unique, salient value which movie has, that so many cannot achieve if they even try.

    Toy Story is one of many movies legitimately tied for my #2 of all time, but compared with how much more Schindler's is than it should be, only in that comparison, Toy Story is just " a lot of fun."

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