#4 - Chungking vs. Jackie (Poll Closed)

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Posted 9 months.


  • VV - 9 months ago

    My lack of preparation has come back to bite me here- because I haven't seen Chungking Express (and I am trying follow the rules) I ended up not being able to vote for Tarantino at all this round. Hopefully I will get to vote for Jackie Brown next round and in the meantime I will finally do my homework and bump Chungking Express to the top of my watchlist.

  • Nick Michal - 9 months ago

    So sad! These two films have a special place in my heart, both being movies I caught in college while taking a film noir class. Both have noir in their hearts but subvert it in playful and meaningful ways. Like Josh, Jackie Brown is my favorite Tarantino film and a rebuff to those who pigeon-hole him in as a "style-over-substance" director, but even so the ebullience of Wong Kar-wai's needs to win out, if only to expand the cosmopolitan feel of this competition

  • J.Z. Adler - 9 months ago

    I kind of love the fact that if it weren't for Quentin Tarantino, Chungking Express may not have ended up in this Madness, considering the director's efforts to release this film in North America gave it a big profile in the mid-1990s. I don't think he would mind Wong Kar-Wai's vivid, spirited, melancholic tale of romantic ennui and nearly-expired pineapple taking down what may be (just, may be) his best film.

    I watched Chungking Express in a first-year film studies class, was dazzled from the first second, and then made it my very first purchase from the Criterion Collection shortly after. It holds a special place in my cinephile heart. Tarantino could only wish his soundtracks had something as sublimely beautiful as Faye Wong's Cantonese rendition of The Cranberries' "Dreams."

  • Keith "Player to be Named Later" from Alburtis PA - 9 months ago

    Watched a (probably illegal) copy of Chungking Express on DailyMotion (because it's not on Netflix-disc or streaming-and my library doesn't carry it. It really feels like a movie that gets better with time. The film feels more like an art statement than anything great narratively. The second story was better than the first, but my silly American brain wanted more closure in the first half. I loved the look of the film, but after one viewing it's only a 3.5*. I fully expect, if I ever watch it again, to appreciate the filmmaking and storytelling even more, but on one watch, it just can't take down the 4.5* Jackie Brown

  • David (from Bonn, Germany) - 9 months ago

    These are both great movies. As far as quality is concerned I can't see how one would make a more deserving Sweet Sixteen contender than the other.

    However, Chungking is the only non-English-language movie that managed to make it past Round 1, so a vote for Wong Kar-wai's movie is a vote for diversity. And that's the way I'm going.

    Also, with Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, there are no less than two other Tarantino movies still in the running. And both of them are clearly superior to Jackie Brown (Sorry Josh!), and will very likely obliterate their respective round-2 opponents. ... Do we really wanna see three QT entries in the Sweet Sixteen round?

  • Chad Hill (Monticello, AR) - 9 months ago

    Since we all know Pulp Fiction is going all the way to the final round (search yourself, you know it to be true), I don't feel bad about letting that one represent Tarantino for this bracket, if only to preserve the enthralling vision of Chungking Express for just a little while longer.

  • Nathan Willard from Oregon - 9 months ago

    I just watched Chunking Express for the first time, so I could vote in this match up.

    I wanted to be able to vote for it as a representative of foreign, and specifically Asian cinema, which I don't feel have gotten enough love from the voters or the selection committee. I agree with the other comments here - how many Tarantino, PTA, Anderson, Coen movies do we need. Do we really think that each of those film makers may have 2-4 potential GOA90's. But Asia get's 2, plus a potential play in. And the derivative Matrix, which is only good because Yeun Woo Ping's involvement (not involved in 2 and 3, no coincidence they're bad) will probably make it to the 3rd round at least; The Wachowski's wish they made Iron Monkey. Well my rant could go on, but I don't want anyone to think I'm taking this too seriously.

    Yet, I couldn't vote for Chunking Express, not that I think it's bad, I just didn't connect with it. Why did Princess Mononoke have to lose?

  • Adrian - 9 months ago

    Jackie Brown has the best performance in any Tarantino film. Pam Grier is masterful. Pulp fiction can go away, no sweat as long as Jackie survives (or Reservoir dogs for that matter).

    Chungking is good, but I'd much rather watch fallen angels. In the mood for love presumably still exists, so not much pain in losing chungking

  • Ryan Casto, St. Louis - 9 months ago

    Documentaries, Foreign Films, and films not directed by Tarantino-PTA-Wes are the films I am most pulling for here in this round.

    Gosh, I sound like a jerk.

    I like Tarantino, I really do. And Jackie Brown is really great.

    But Chungking Express is a truly astounding tour-de-force of style, emotion, personality and originality. Its the greatest Hong Kong film of the 90s that I have seen (narrowly beating out Hardboiled and Happy Together), and dang it! the brilliance of Wong Kar-wai must make it to the sweet 16 this year and next year.

  • Joel S - 9 months ago

    chungking is gonna make the sweet 16!!

  • Dan from DC - 9 months ago

    Chungking is one of the most unique movies of the decade, a truly surreal, beautiful experience. It also ranks among the best cinematic expressions of loneliness and longing. The only thing I want more than to see Chungking move on in the Madness is for Faye Wong to break into and clean my apartment.

  • Felix from Germany - 9 months ago

    I am going to be honest. I like Chunking Express but I mostly voted for it out of spite because Jackie Brown deleted Princess Mononoke... really people? Do we really need another piece of Tarentino indulgence confusing being 'mature and grown up' with being violent and cussing a lot?

    Anyways Chunking Express is great eitehr way. Avenge Mononoke! (still sad)

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