#6 - Heat vs. Dazed (Poll Closed)

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Posted 9 months.


  • Mark from Canada - 9 months ago

    Heat all the way. I can’t get enough Sandra Bullock, and McCarthy’s performance here rivals her pooping in the sink in Bridesmaids. Almost Malickian in its visual poeticism.

  • christopher chan - 9 months ago

    I respect viewers feeling one movie is better crafted or enjoying one over the other. However, I believe these are incorrect criteria to use when voting. Since the loser will never be seen by future generations, I think the better criterion is the relative importance of each movie to the history of cinema, and to society at large. This is why D&C should beat Heat. Heat is a super fun movie to watch, but I don't think it influenced future movies or is a break from previous movies in its genre. Nor does it comment on the culture of its time. On the other hand Dazed is an exploration and/or explanation of the transition that privileged white Americans had from the 60s to the 70s.

  • Erin Teachman (Washington, DC) - 9 months ago

    I am genuinely perplexed by my apathy for Heat, as a card carrying member of the Michael Mann fan club. I enjoyed blackhat and I will rep for Miami Vice's dead pan jargon laden beautiful melodrama all day long, so I should love Mann's intense and intensely acted heist flick. I was just never satisfied by it. I suspect it's about to trounce Dazed and Confused, which would be a shame. Richard Linklater was one of the underground princes of the 1990s talky indie, a genre or mood that had quite a moment in the 1990s and needs to be represented deep into the tournament, IMO (I was baffled that Slacker wasn't even part of the play-in). Dazed and Confused is Linklater's Ocean's 11 - an ensemble film that connected hard with a wide audience even as it is thoroughly and completely born of the avant garde. Dazed and Confused is a phenomenal portrayal of life in a particular place and a particular time that resonates well beyond its particulars. It absolutely gets my vote.

  • Luke Pamer - 9 months ago

    I finally have my chance to toss Dazed & Confused into the enternal abyss once & for all. Thank you Filmspotting Madness!

  • Neil Mitchell - 9 months ago

    Heat, no contest.

  • chris - 9 months ago

    If we are keeping only one movie to survive,do we really want to watch people shooting machine guns in a city street over and over. I love me some Heat but Dazed and Confused is a sweet little slice of life movie that only gets better after each watch.

  • Ryan, Lander WY - 9 months ago

    Dazed & Confused: I only came here to do two things, kick some ass and drink some beer.
    [glances over shoulder]
    Heat: ....
    Dazed & Confused: Looks like we're almost outta beer.
    [Heat cautiously walks away, gone in 30 seconds flat]

  • Adrian - 9 months ago

    The reverberating echoes of machine gun fire between the canyons of concrete alone are reason enough to want Heat to survive. If you were mourning the loss of Natalie Portman's performance in Leon, fret not. Her performance here rivals that. Val Kilmer is great, as is the guy from the state farm commercials. And Pacino and Deniro are doing what they do best, AS ADVERSARIED IN THE SAME MOVIE! Nuf said

  • Chad - 9 months ago

    Adam, Filmspotting Madness has driven you mad. You ought to be paddled by a deranged Ben Affleck for such heresy against Dazed And Confused, one of Linklater's best. I know it's too late for you to take back your vote for Heat, but it'd be a lot cooler if you did.

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