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  • Natasha - 6 years ago

    I love reading your posts and getting a better understanding of what’s happening on a celestial level. I do go back to reference your posts quite often especially instructions for meditations, baths, prayers, etc. I love how you connect astrology signs and how the planetary alignment affects them, and then connect that with what’s happening in life. I really need to get my natal chart done!

  • Deborah Bradford - 6 years ago

    I'd probably prefer the written word, to videos. As others have said, it's easier to go back and reread, than to re watch. I'll follow you , no matter what, though. Thanks for your helpful, useful,and sometimes even funny posts!

  • Esther - 6 years ago

    I look forward to reading you post every day and I like the way in which you present it.
    Your knowledge is so great, I really want to have a reading with you soon.

  • Karla (soulretrievalwizardress) - 6 years ago

    Hello dear Tara!!

    I absolutely enjoy reading all your posts!. I personally do not like watching videos but if you find it easier to record, then I'll be open. What I like about written posts is that it is easier, as many above state, to go back to them and read them again. Maybe write three times per week or at least two and a few videos? As you prefer. :) Big hugs for you!

  • Christine Diggins - 6 years ago

    I much prefer reading to a video post. I read and reread you every day....first thing. But, if it's genuinely easier for you I will go with the flow....being a Pisces!

  • Joan McClintock - 6 years ago

    I read your pasts every day. I prefer them to video. I like when you outline a ritual that suits the transits. I used to teach a women’s group, and I miss it, where e did a lot of ritual,

  • Marquisa - 6 years ago

    Hi, I am a real person and I appreciate your daily e-mails. Thanks!

  • Cindie White - 6 years ago

    Yes I love your daily emails! Addicted! Wait for them, live by them, LEARN!!!! I prefer writing because I can peruse or focus depending on my mood, available time and the relevancy of the post. Videos sometimes make me feel trapped or held hostage. There might be one golden nugget but I have to wait for it. With reading I can glance, learn and zero in on what I need to know or learn. And yes, much of the time I DO FOCUS and read it all intently. But I am a visual learning. I need to see the words. THANK YOU!

  • Felicia Murray - 6 years ago

    Dear Tara,

    I LOVE your writing! I read it every morning, and save all your posts and often re-read them.....
    I do prefer writing to watching videos although I am sure it would be easier for you to do videos instead of the enormous amount of writing you do daily.....if you can bear to continue with writing, I would love it...
    Happy spring....almost!
    xox Felicia

  • Daria - 6 years ago

    Yes! I love your emails! Love writings! Read it all the time! Thank you so much!

  • Iliana Adler - 6 years ago

    You were in my dreams last night, you were wearing your headdress but it was royal purple, when I asked you about the change in color, you were surprised that I could see it, so you told me, because it was an invisible headdress no one else was supposed to see... ???? I just remembered this as I was answering your poll... I have absolutely no idea what it means. Lol

  • Charisse - 6 years ago

    I love your writing. Sometimes it's the first thing I read in the morning. Many emails I save and read again later. I'd be open to videos but feel less drawn to that medium. I've responded to various emails in the past but they were never answered. I very much appreciate your work. One day I'd love to have a reading.

  • angela marie Locilentoknapp - 6 years ago

    I don't like the idea of too much video. I enjoy your comments and insights and the way you connect the dots, it feels real. If a video can enhance a communication then I think it could work, but i would not like to see more links to videos. Everyone sends a link, you give the gusto!


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