Who Will Provide The Most Value On His Contract?


  • Don trump - 5 years ago

    My dad is a horrible president.

  • Bart nimbelstencil - 5 years ago

    Jonathan Lucroy is due for a monster year. Count on 25 homers and 100 rbis. Logan Morrison is a blowhole who smells like old cheese. Moose is an overweight pile of fart gas who stinks like pond scum.

  • Ralph Steinbeck - 5 years ago

    Bob butterman I do not agree. Moose had an issue with gas in his rookie season but he was put on a regimen of vegetables and fruits and he overcame this issue. When he first started this change in diet his teammates were skeptical. The made snide remarks like asparagasss will give you even more gas. He proved them wrong so your argument is flat out wrong.

  • Bob butterman - 5 years ago

    Morrison by far, are you kidding me? Moose and Lucroy fart and blow out their britches way to much to consider then an asset.

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