HIMSS attendees: did you return with: (Poll Closed)

  • A cold (congestion, sore throat, cough)
    58 votes

  • Flu-like symptoms (high temp, weakness, fatigue)
    10 votes

  • Stomach problems
    12 votes

  • Unexpected fatigue
    40 votes

  • Persistent headache, backache, or joint pain
    17 votes

  • None of these - I came home fine
    137 votes



  • Matt - 2 years ago

    HIMSS is a busy week, and I think that leads to a lot of people being exhausted or fatigued by the end of it. You're up at 7 AM to be able to get ready and make it to the Sands Expo Center for 8:30 AM sessions. Then you're up with networking events until at least 10-11 PM. Then it's hard to go to bed because everything is active in the casino hotels on the strip and it feels like daytime due to the lighting inside. So a lot of people only sleep 4 hours a night for a week.

  • “HIMSS Brain” - 2 years ago

    Major case of “HIMSS Brian” caused by sleep deprivation! The loss of an extra hour of much needed sleep from this weekend’s “Spring Forward” with our clocks certainly didn’t help! My feet are beyond sore after walking over 15 miles in 4 days!

  • Mr. Richard Smoker - 2 years ago

    Didn't get sick but the 2nd-hand smoke was awful and left a lingering respiratory effect. The fatigue, while there, was not unexpected!

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