Was Alexander Rossi wrong for knocking Robert Wickens out of Sunday's IndyCar race?

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Posted 1 year.


  • Andy - 1 year ago

    Never ceases to amaze me how many race "fans" understand so little about actual racing. The door was left open for Rossi. Any Indy driver worth his seat would have done the exact same thing. Rossi did not make a bonzai move, or totally torpedo Wickens, he made a racing move, slightly miscalculated the grip, and the result was contact. It was a mistake, but a much smaller one than many apparently think. If you watch the replay, the contact wasn't even that severe, but it was enough to cause Wickens to lose the rear. They call that a racing incident, and that is exactly what the race stewards determined as well. As to JC's point, well that's just BS. Rossi was doing well in F1, but did not have enough backing to keep the seat. It was all about money, not talent. I have been an Indycar and F1 fan for 30+ years. I have also raced.

  • Joe Callimachus - 1 year ago

    Rossi couldn’t make it in F1. Now he drives into the side of someone, ruining any respect he had. Send him to NASCAR.

  • James - 1 year ago

    Anyone who knows racing knows Rossi dive bombed the corner not caring if he wrecked Wickens but hoping he could lean on Wickens’ car to make the corner, exactly as he did. Wickens dominated Rossi in the junior series before Wickens left for Europe with Red Bull and Rossi was likely sick of watching Wickens’ back end, yet again. He wasn’t about to race fair because he would have lost and he knows it.

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