How Would You Grade The Red Sox Offseason?
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  • Mike - 3 years ago

    Clearly needed to address starting pitching and bullpen and just ignored them. Already have questions about Prices health stemming from last season, and now pomeranz, rodriguez and Wright before the season. If all five pitchers were healthy their rotation would have an average value per starter of 46 or slightly above average at their best projection. Their bullpen though really shines as being poor. Kimbrel is one of the top if not thee top closer in the game. The guys behind him rank at an average of below 100 each, off the charts terrible. Their position players are great, but they needed to make up for the lack of pitching, and spent the money on nunez and martinez instead so there you go. Would give them a C-

  • Dave - 3 years ago

    Nuñez was a mistake. Bad defense, overrated based on fluke offense last year and duplicates the wealth of utility guys they already have. When Pedroia is back, they’ll only have room for him and Swihart, so no go defenders. Infield defense could get ugly.

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