How do you feel about Android OEM's adopting the iPhone X style notch

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Poll posted 2 years ago.


  • Nody - 2 years ago

    Seriously guys . Who the hell will like the black space on the beautiful display of the pixel xl 2 .

  • Brad - 2 years ago

    Apple didn't invent the notch the essential android came out with it first. They changed it to suit there needs but that's it.

  • Christian - 2 years ago

    I don't understand this frenzy to achieve as little a bezel as possible! I actually want a small bezel around my phone. Why? Because when you hold your phone, the tip of you fingers and the thick skin of your fingers between the joints of the hand wrapped around your phone actually hides part of your phone. It's tiny but that doesn't matter when all it covers is bezel. When it covers the screen cause your phone doesn't have a bezel though...

  • Leah - 2 years ago

    I don't think the notch should be called "pretty"... but sacrificing unused notification bar space, for a full extra 5mm of usable screen space? YES-PLEASE! ...Most people would be willing to buy a new phone for an extra 5mm of screen space. I'll take all the screen, and as little bezel, as I can get. ;)

  • Ryan - 2 years ago

    It's a bit pointless to take a chunk out of the screen like that, when there doesn't really seem like a point to it. It's just the manufacturer trying to be trendy, that being said, android does a lot if annoying things and you just got to learn to deal with it if it catches on, I have been loathing the stacked time on the lock screen from Oreo, wish they'd stop trying to be trending and just be functional, I have no desire to read my time like it's a book, one line, left to right, to do otherwise is counter intuitive and requires more than a glance

  • Luke - 2 years ago

    The notch screams "hey we tried to get rid of the bezel but couldn't figure out where to put stuff so we'll need to park them here". It might have been tolerable if that was the best phone makers can do towards eliminating bezel altogether but we have phones like the Xiaomi Mi Mix series that show we can already do bezel-less so that makes notches on Android phones nothing less than a lazy exercise in copying a needless eyesore

  • Benoit - 2 years ago

    I think the notch allows for the notification bar to be tucked in and allows for the clock and the casual icons to be put there and bring more screen real estate. I like the idea. I

  • Chris - 2 years ago

    The notch on iPhone X is entirely functional. Android makers are including the notch for esthetics. An android with a notch and any other bezel is an embarrassment.

  • PLE - 2 years ago

    I like my screen as is!

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