Would you support a proposed constitutional amendment to ban the sale of assault weapons?

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  • Paul - 3 years ago

    It sure is a shame that these kids don't understand that the reason they have it so good in today's life is because of the Constitution especially the first and the Second Amendment .do they even teach that stuff in school anymore seems like they may have heard of The Constitution but it doesn't seem like they understand it I like to see the draft come back then they learn what land of the free is all about..

  • Robert Casan - 3 years ago

    Florida has a law that allows a revision to the state constitution every 20 years, they appoint a commision of state law makers to bring up "issues" with the states constitution for possible revision. What are the chances of a "major" shooting occuring in a area of the state with a radical leftwing sherrif whos connected deeply with hillary right before the time when the 20 yr constitution revision commision is to meet? You know this radical sherrif has now had 2 "major mass shootings" in his territory since hes been sherrif? Have you seen the pics of him and hillary, bernie sanders and joe biden? Somehow it just happened to play out that his deputies refused or were ordered not to go in and stop the shooting? At this critical time in the law making cycle? But then again if they stopped the shooting it wouldnt have been nearly as sensational and they may not have had the excuse to strip us of our rights! Dont forget that obama and friends gave $54,000,000 in exchange for not arresting trouble students with the "promise program". The coward county school superintendent is a hard core obama fanatic/leftwing radical from chicago. Are you starting to get the picture? Coward county sherrif, obamer and the chicago obama school superintendent allowed, enabled, and encouraged this shooting to occur and provided $54 million payout to ensure that they would have the excuse to take your rights to defense.

  • Karl - 3 years ago

    I find it completely hypocritical that a few months ago these mentally ill liberals were calling for disarming of cops and killing cops but now they say ban all guns cause the cops will protect you lol. Yeah sure like the cops in coward county protected those kids? Dont you find it odd that the democrat sherrif let those kids get killed but then tries to blame honest lawabiding citizens? And advocates taking our rights? Do you see a pattern here? Democrats dont care about kids they push abortion, they hate families and they hate christians.the founder of planned parenthood said "We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population..."
    -- Letter to Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, December 10, 1939, p. 2
    They dont give a damn about black people, hispanics or muslims. They started the kkk but they call everybody racist.

  • Nick L - 3 years ago

    Thats the truth! We are watching what our reps do and anyone who suggests banning anything will be unemployed come midterms.

  • Paul oak - 3 years ago

    Fl has a constitution revision commission, why are we even thinking about "revising" the constitution? This is sick. These crc members better remember who they work for! This is the south and guns are a way of life. We know how to shoot and we are willing to die to protect the constitution for the future generations. We are watching what you do and will vote accordingly in the midterms. And when the next civil war kicks off we will know who our enemies are. The millitary is still filled with a great majority good ol boy true americans so I wouldnt count on them saving your ass. Who do you have left on your team? A bunch of soy drinking, limp wristed, born losers. Pick your side wisely

  • Shaquan in your hood - 3 years ago

    All its all good my brother. Once we tear down tcp headquarters at the protest and civil war 2 starts its gonna be all over for those racist pedophile demons. Then they will all be gone and our rights will be free!

  • LamarBrowardCTY - 3 years ago

    What do you expect from the dirty democrat pedophiles? The want to ban guns but make pedophiles legal. They say they care about children but they push abortion to kill children (especially black children their favorite victims).

  • Shaquan in your hood - 3 years ago

    Damn thats some dirty tricks Marcus! That damn tcpalm bigot probably used his white privillege to suppress the votes and voices of minorities. #ANTIGUNANTIBLACK, #tcpalmkkkconnection, #SHUTDOWNtcpalm, #BLACKHOLOCAUST, #richlittlehitlercampbell

  • Marcus - 3 years ago

    Just checked the poll results then went and placed my vote for NO. Checked the results after and it wasnt counted! rich "the racist" campbell is cooking the books. He lost his mind when hillary lost now hes having flash backs. F*ck you racist bigot rich campbell! Stop discriminating black peoples votes!

  • Carlos N. Suarez - 3 years ago

    Hector, tienes razón estos demócratas han estado con nosotros por votos y mano de obra barata para mantenerlos ricos por años. Son enfermos mentales. Matan a niños con el aborto, el abuso sexual de los niños, odian a Dios y odian a familias y quieren hacer América como castro comunista en Cuba. Debemos detenerlos, debemos destruirlos antes de tomar nuestros derechos para protegernos a nosotros mismos o seremos esclavos como los afroamericanos.

  • Hector Ruiz - 3 years ago

    Mis hermanos y hermanas latinos, los demócratas han traicionado a nosotros y los soñadores en busca de la ciudadanía en este país. Ahora ellos simplemente asesinados 14 niños culpando a pistolas y violar nuestros derechos constitucionales. No queremos vernos capaces de defendernos a nosotros mismos. Nos odian y otros grupos minoritarios, como los afroamericanos. Ellos nos utilice para las votaciones y la mano de obra barata pero ahora quieren desarmar a nosotros, de modo que puedan nos esclavizan y nos hacen trabajar gratis como en Cuba. Aquellos que no cooperen serán ejecutadas como en la Alemania nazi. Compartir esto con todo el mundo y hacerlos votar no en esta encuesta. Los demócratas deben estar parado desde la ejecución de este plan malvado contra nuestro pueblo.

  • Thomas Wiggins - 3 years ago

    Uh oh now your nazi leader hitlery is about to get indicted lol. Parties over for the mentally ill pedophile leftists!

    My black people make this viral, protest at tcpalm headquarters check instagram for the announcement! We gonna shut these nazi racists down! rich cambell's gonna hide behind his ss armed guards but we will get justice even if we have to tear the building down.
    #democratssupportpedophiles #BlackHolocaust #antigunantiblack

  • LamarBrowardCTY - 3 years ago

    @Brother John
    I brought these issues up at church service today! I showed the congregation the evidence! Showed them how the used a $54 million dollar payout in exchange for these 14 dead kids. I showed them the pics of hitlery kissing the kkk leader. I showed them the quote of planned parenthood founder saying planned parenthood mission to kill black unborn babies! They are PISSED!!!!! We have 100+ members who vow to purchase at least 1 ar15 this week! They will not be silenced! And we will not allow you to disarm and exterminate our race!

  • ClarenceSouthFL - 3 years ago

    Tcpalm has been connected to the kkk's propaganda network. their mouth piece rich cambell has also been tied to hollywood pedophile group and is a well known racist. Follow the money trail.

  • Kevin sherwin - 3 years ago

    Parkland teacher:“I assumed that it was a code red drill because they had told us earlier in the day that they were going to be having a code red drill,” the teacher explained. “I assumed it was blanks.”

    Heres the video evidence


    These left wing demons set up the shooting to justify taking your rights!

    How much is 14 kids lives worth? If youre a democrat $54million dollars.

    How do democrats claim they care about the children when they push abortion?

  • Burn racist liberals - 3 years ago

    Once civil war 2 starts youre going to wish you had a "assault rifle". And if you nazis keep trying to take our rights, its gonna happen soon!

  • Terrence - 3 years ago

    Democrats support gun control and they also push to normalize pedophiles, what does that tell you?

  • Omar - 3 years ago

    Obama said voter fraud was fake and a conspiracy theory. Now rich campbell is trying to delegitimatize our former black president. BIGOT

  • Tom - 3 years ago

    If we get the majority vote we can charge and hang anti gun racists without due process.

  • BlackManBlackRifle - 3 years ago

    We are going to out all the liberals! Yall are done! Its going viral now! We got the pics of hitlery kissing that kkk leader. We know yall started the kkk and planned parenthood and now you want to disarm us to have a #BLACKHOLOCAUST. this whole time you lied and used us for votes! Its OVER liberal nazis. We will not be silenced.

  • Citizen of U.S. - 3 years ago

    rich campbell the white privillege nazi racist author of this article. Hes written many other articles outlining his fascist beliefs. He now claims its a "conspiracy theory" what mentally ill loser. He wants to be the new hitler and just like hitler he wants to take all guns so his armed guards can murder you by the millions, especially blacks and other minority groups. Now that him and his nazi democrat buddies have lost the black/hispanic vote they are getting desperate to kill for power. Thats why they set up the parkland shooting and sent their nazi skinhead girl to scream on tv.

  • John - 3 years ago

    Ban abortion NOW!!!
    Dont you care about the children? You sick nazi supremacists.

  • Paul Rice - 3 years ago

    I support common sense regulations
    -ban the burning of u.s. flag and make the penalty death
    -ban allowing people to kneel during our national anthem and make the penalty death
    -deport all illegals and seal the border
    -require minimum 2 forms of id including a picture id to vote and use only paper ballots
    -you can only vote if you speak english
    -welfare/medicaid only for elderly and young american children no benefits for working age parents

    Its just reasonable common sense.

  • Nick FL - 3 years ago

    This going viral!!!!!

  • Carl Chavis - 3 years ago

    You damn democrats are screwed now! You lost the illegal votes when you betrayed the dreamers and now the black vote too! Now all you have left is the racist nazzi kkk members and dead voters lol

  • Mark t - 3 years ago

    This is how the election results wouldve looked if the demoncraps didnt use dead voters and illegals.

  • Mark - 3 years ago

    Oh. Hell. No.

  • Sean - 3 years ago

    Assault rifles have been banned for a while now. People should look up the laws before they make stupid polls like this.

  • Ed Gould - 3 years ago

    I dont care what black people think, I only liked half of Obama..the white half.

  • Frank rizzo - 3 years ago

    I will exercise my second amendment right, I will also defend that right. The second amendment is not negotiable.

  • Rakwon - 3 years ago

    ed goul,
    Stop with the fake news, do you work for cnn or do you just pull this facist bigot crap for the fun of it? We did our research and there is know doubt that the left are the ones pushing to keep the biggest killer of black children legal abortion. Abortion has claimed more black lives than any gun, its right up your racist alley. When you come on here trying to down play the facts and make excuses for these racist pigs that makes you a racist pig. You dont know jack about black peoples struggle so SHUT UP you dang bigot. Now the left has abandoned the dreamers too? 2/3 of your voter base is gone just look at the poll results. You facist bastards are on the way out! We will not give up our rights to self protection so you nazis can exterminate us. You learn history and you will see that every time a people are disarmed they are killed by the millions. Youre obvikously in denial of the democrats racist white guilt are you a holocaust denier too?

  • Dirk - 3 years ago

    The term "assault rifle" is a political term created by the LEFT and its meaning changes from use to use - because there is no such thing as an assault rifle!!

  • Ed Gould - 3 years ago

    re: Cops support gun rights - 10 hours ago
    I think before you go around saying this is true, you should also explain that your statement is NOT true for heads of law enforcement agencies throughout the US.

  • Ed Gould - 3 years ago

    This is getting old with the Democrats did this or that. You might have been correct 100 years ago but it has NOT been true for at least as long as that. Just for your information, the Democrats of 125 years ago are the Republicans of today. Please research and explain your statements as you are showing your lack of knowledge of history.

  • David Treibs - 3 years ago

    either shall not be infringed, or come and take it

  • Lamont Roland - 3 years ago

    Obama gave $54,000,000 to broward county to not arrest students so they could blame shooting on guns. They Even imported obamas buddy from chicago to be the broward school superintendent. Lets face it they let these kids be killed for a $54million payout so they would have an excuse to ban guns "for the children"



    We need answers now! These criminals/accomplices to murder need to be brought to justice now!

  • Street hero - 3 years ago

    rich cambell the anti black/ anti semetic nazi. Hes tryng to use hitlers tricks yo. He tryng to make a black holocaust and another jewish holocaust. He wants yall to be gunfree so his nazi buddies can relive history. rich cambell come to my streets and Ill show you a one man holocaust. rich cambell got armed guards at tcp headquarters thats why he thinks he can take my rights but that punk will never come to my hood he would poop his pants for real
    #richcampbellnazi #richcampbellhatesblacks #blackholocaust #antigunantiblack

  • Tony - 3 years ago


    Sounds good, lets start another poll so that we the majority can ammend the constitution to execute anyone who even suggests anti american ideas. We can start by using the public record voter registration of left wing affiliation and just go down the list! If we can get the majority then its fair game

  • Street hero - 3 years ago

    Yup rich campbell only supports rights of pigs to kill unarmed black people. Abortion killed more black people than any gun thats why democrats love abortion.
    Check me on instagram we goin hard in the streets.
    #blackholocaust. #antigunantiblack.

  • SLD - 3 years ago

    If these people ars not smart enough to understand how a inanimate object works, how can we beleive they are smart enough to be able to understand something as complicated as Government and Ecomonics? They can’t even understand “don’t text and drive” much less don’t eat tide pods. Maybe we need to raise the voting age and mental health check for voters and have a hot line for people to report others who are too stupid to vote.

    The left claims none of this violates the Constitution so why not apply it to other parts of the Constitution.

  • Leon macus - 3 years ago

    Hey rich cambell even obama said voter fraud is a conspiracy theory! You must be one of those anti black racists conspiracy therist. Tcp is a racist publication for sure. How dare you discriminate our votes. Rich cambell says he supports second amembment but only for non minorities and only if the gun isnt black.


  • Bob smith - 3 years ago

    Wow these mentally retarded liberals have completely lost it. Now the author of this article and poll claims a consiracy! He needs to be put on the mentally ill list lol. Tin foil conspiracy nut job! Anybody can vote on this poll and its obvious that the vast majority refuse to give up our constitutional rights! Also never forget that it only took 3% of the population to overthrow britains power over america. Have you heard that history tends to repeat itself?

    Then he claims he supports 2a? Suuuuure. Tcp just stop it with the fake news and admit that you and cnn put out fake statistics. Tcp has lost all credibility

  • Sailorcurt - 3 years ago

    There was an option missing from this poll. There should have been a "Hell No!" option.

  • Brother John - 3 years ago

    Big Thanks to all my black brothers and sisters coming to support our people! You left wing lunatics need to stop trying to control my black people. Most of you are a bunch of white reject weirdos and you dont know a damn thing about whats best for black folk. Yall sound like some damn wannabe slave masters trying to control black and other races future. My black brothers we must unite with the good white folk who love god and this country and all our rights because when civil war 2 comes these leftwing mental patients are going to get erased from the face of the earth! They blame conservatives but we know who the real racists nazis are.

    The left
    Democrats started the kkk
    Democrats defended slavery
    Democrats started the civil war
    Democrats opposed all major civil rights acts in u.s. history
    Democrats support the single biggest killer of black children - abortion

    You do the math and the research. These racist anti black, anti american demons hate all that is good. They hate families and they hate christians. And the only thing they hate more than a black ar15 is a black person.

  • Ray N - 3 years ago

    As a man of color I need to say, stop trying to silence us! You facist gun grabbers are in for a suprise. You will NOT disarm us so your goons can kill us unarmed like they love to do. These bigots want to see all minority races exterminated, they hate everything black even the ar15. They cant stand a black man to have a black gun.

  • https://www.policeone.com/Gun-Legislation-Law-Enforcement/articles/6183787-PoliceOnes-Gun-Control-Survey-11-key-lessons-from-officers-perspectives/


    Quite clearly, the majority of officers polled oppose the theories brought forth by gun-control advocates who claim that proposed restrictions on weapon capabilities and production would reduce crime.

    In fact, many officers responding to this survey seem to feel that those controls will negatively affect their ability to fight violent criminals.

    Contrary to what the mainstream media and certain politicians would have us believe, police overwhelmingly favor an armed citizenry, would like to see more guns in the hands of responsible people, and are skeptical of any greater restrictions placed on gun purchase, ownership, or accessibility.

    The officers patrolling America’s streets have a deeply-vested interest — and perhaps the most relevant interest — in making sure that decisions related to controlling, monitoring, restricting, as well as supporting and/or prohibiting an armed populace are wise and effective. With this survey, their voice has been heard.

  • Mark - 3 years ago

    Assault Rifles are already vetted by the BATF since the NFA 1934 - fully automatic. If we're talking "assault weapon", then I have no idea what you're talking about and neither do you.

  • J. C. Salomon - 3 years ago

    I absolutely support gun-grabbers pushing for such an amendment—it’d shut up the “but nobody wants to take your guns” nonsense.

  • Tom Locklear - 3 years ago

    Mike Rashad,
    Im not black but I am jewish and I can tell you 100% that this is what the nazis do. First they unarm you in the name of the children, then they murder you by the millions. This is facist/racist plan of these anti gun demons.

  • slamradio - 3 years ago

    lol, wow, close poll... not. Is this the 90% of America that wants more gun control? 1000 people out of more than 30,000 responses? Amazing difference between what the media tries to tell us we think, and what we the people actually think.

  • laurie - 3 years ago

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people. I vote to ban your phone, they too cause too many deaths. How about your car or your pressure cooker? And while we're at it, can we amend your freedom of speech and get you to stfu?
    There is no such thing as an "assault rifle" you fool. When you smarten up, we can tackle this very real problem we have and start protecting our children.

  • Malik Jones - 3 years ago

    @Mike Rashad
    Thank you Mike for bring up this issue in the Black issues forum. I cant believe these racist bastards! Whats next? They gonna tell us "give us your guns and we'll give you a bucket of fried chicken"? This is insulting. So many years fighting to be free from the slave masters clutches, civil rights, equality and now this! They want to disarm us so their nazi cops can kill more unarmed black people! These racists are disgusting! Damn nazi facist racist gun haters. And evidently julie avendeno is the new hitler! Racist pig.

  • Ron - 3 years ago

    Knives kill more people each year than guns do, ergo knives should be banned!

  • Denny - 3 years ago

    "Assault Rifle"? What are you even talking about? EVERY firearm in existence can be used to assault someone. However, all those scary looking firearms SAVE more lives than they take by a WIDE margin. Why not ban "Assault Knives" while we're at it and remove scalpels frim every medical facility to follow this type of logic to conclusion.

  • Bill - 3 years ago

    The "six gun" when u draw from a holster thumb cocking as u draw then fanning the next 5 fires faster than an AR....
    I HAVE yet to get my guns to fire by them selves......funny.....I have to pull the trigger... GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE....

  • Mike Tredinnick - 3 years ago

    Assault weapons are not legal for sale in Canada. An Assault weapon by definition must be capable of full auto firing. Full autos are illegal in Canada. The AR15 is not , I repeat, not an assault weapon. It is only capable of firing semi-auto only. This vote is ambiguous at best.

  • Michael B - 3 years ago

    Why not ban use of cell phones until the age of 26? Raise the legal driving age to 21. Nobody under 21 is of sound mind or judgement to VOTE if they can’t be trusted with a handgun or a rifle.

    Let’s bring back the literacy test for voting- every applicant seeking voter registration must sit for examination and submit a 5,000 word essay on a random question on the Constitution.

  • Jeff - 3 years ago

    Good way to start a civil war

  • Septic the Sceptic - 3 years ago

    Shall NOT be infringed.

  • evl - 3 years ago

    The percentage of law abiding firearm owners who go nuts and maliciously kill people for no good reason (self defense) doesn't even equal 1%. Murder is unlawful and murders do not care. More laws will not make them care. All new laws do is strip the law abiding of their rights. The criminals will still arm themselves with whatever they can find and we will be less adequately equipped to stop them.

    People are murdered with all kind of things, but no one wants to ban anything until a firearm is used. The goal of gun control is not to stop murder, because it will not stop murder, the goal is to disarm the people and have greater control of them. If there is greater control over the people, politicians can do whatever they want to us whenever they want to do it without concern of a massive armed revolt. The Second Amendment was written with the ability to fight an out of control tyrannical government in mind and with the intention that we the people might help defend our country from an invasion. It says nothing about hunting or recreational use. It is about self defense on every level, from criminals to a tyrannical gov't. The Second Amendment was a very very serious and purposeful part of our Bill of Rights and it is in place to protect our First Amendment. What separates us from other countries where they are in the street throwing ricks and bottles when the gov't tries to run them over? The Second Amendment does, the AR15 does, the AK47 does, and so on.

    Pills are killing more people than anything right now. Nothing is done about it. A few people go nuts and kill people with legally acquired guns and now we all must be disarmed. The "Gun Control" debate is not about saving lives at all, it is about the goal of having an unarmed populace to push around. If things were about saving lives we would do something about this pill epidemic.

  • Mike Rashad - 3 years ago

    julie avendano
    You are a racist nazi freak! And I mean that from my black heart. Since your a gun expert and professional nazi, tell me this..whats the number one extra deadly gun that you and your racist cop buddies use to exterminate us colored folk?

  • Mike Rashad - 3 years ago

    @Conered black man

    Youre right brother, these anti gun racists dont give a damn about black lives. They only make noise when some rich white kids from broward county get killed. They want to take our rights to protect ourselves so only the racist cops have guns. What do all these cops shooting black brothers have in common? UNARMED thats right they want us colored folk unarmed so they can re enslave us or exterminate us. You notice how these rabid racists dont give a damn about the number 1 killer of black kids - ABORTION. Thats right these bigot control freaks are hell bent on destroying all people of color and the first step is to disarm our people, just like hitler did before he killed millions of jews. Racist control freak liberal nazis

  • Jesse Kincheloe - 3 years ago

    Julie Avendano you do realize that the AR-15 was and is designed as a sporting rifle and is not as the news calls it an "Assault Rifle". The AR in AR-15 doesn't stand for "Assault Rifle" it is actually the first two initials from the company that first made the AR-15. Also like stated once before the AR-15 was designed and made before the M4 that our armed forces currently use do some homework and research before you start talking.
    I would also like to point out that "Assault Rifles" were banned in the 80's.
    That judge you mentioned doesn't know shit about the 2nd Amendment by the way there is a coma in there that not many people realize is there not even judges so his comment about the 2nd Amendment does not protect me from owning an AR-15 I would point out to him that Fedral Law says I can #NoGunBan

  • Conerned black man - 3 years ago

    Why dont you like ar15's? Cause they are black? You racist bigots. I bet if the ar15 was white you would have no problem with them. You gun banning racists dont want people of color to be able to defend themselves.

  • Bobby D - 3 years ago

    So much for the fake news cnn poll stats huh?? Looks like the VAST MAJORITY is against violating our rights. Yes you bat turd crazy libtards are the very very weak minority. And as we all know majority rules.

    Listen why dont you space junkie libtards just move to cuba or china were you can get free health care and never have to worry about human rights?

  • Owen M. - 3 years ago

    Julie Avendano, you do know that the original design was a 30 caliber rifle designed to kill, but didn't sell, and so they made it into a sporting rifle using the .222 round for nearly 10 years before the military showed interest, right?

    It was literally chambered in the 5.56(which is more powerful than the .223 due to more pressure) to lighten the rifle by 4 pounds and to WOUND rather than to kill, right? Think about it, if you kill them, no one helps them. If you wound them, it takes 2 additional soldiers to pull him off the battlefield.

    The .223 isn't the most dangerous round. The AR-10 would be far more deadly. Don't spew ignorance from know-nothing sources that claim they got PTSD from shooting a rifle I watched my friend's little girl shoot last week on the range without issue.

  • Owen M. - 3 years ago

    Julie Avendano, you do know that the original design was a 30 caliber rifle designed to kill, but didn't sell, and so they made it into a sporting rifle using the .222 round for nearly 10 years before the military showed interest, right?

    It was literally chambered in the 5.56(which is more powerful than the .223 due to more pressure) to lighten the rifle by 4 pounds and to WOUND rather than to kill, right? Think about it, if you kill them, no one helps them. If you wound them, it takes 2 additional soldiers to pull him off the battlefield.

    The .223 isn't the most dangerous round. The AR-10 would be far more deadly. Don't spew ignorance from know-nothing sources that claim they got PTSD from shooting a rifle I watched my friend's little girl shoot last week on the range without issue.

  • Jim - 3 years ago

    Absolutely not! The second amendment was designed for a government that would attempt to do that!

  • Brandon jones - 3 years ago

    I do not support a second "assault weapons ban" AKA HR5087.

  • Julie Avendano - 3 years ago

    Antonin Scalia ruled that the Second Amendment does NOT protect the right to own an AR-15. Have your other guns. But this is a weapon of war most similar to the military’s M-4. It’s chosen because it’s the best weapon to kill people. And, it’s killing our children. Enough is enough!! #Neveragain

  • Phil Smith - 3 years ago

    Do the supporters of this hypothetical amendment actually think it would take away our right to own so-called “assault weapons?” I have news for you - our rights don’t come from you or the gov’t that’s trying to take them away. You can’t take away our right to own a so-called “assault weapon” any more than you can take away our right to worship as we see fit, our right not to incriminate ourselves, or women’s right to vote by passing an amendment for that purpose.

  • James Cody - 3 years ago

    First off you can't ban assault rifles, they dont exist. Secondly i think the "NO's" have it.

  • JOHN MONT - 3 years ago

    once you start to limit a constituional right, you will lose the constitution itself. so fake news needs to addressed, religion needs to be incorporated, and should we address the right to due process, which is not applied to foreigners . the hell with all, let the gov't do as it pleases....

  • Ryan - 3 years ago

    I really can not imagine an action by a state and or federal government that literally... and probably.... would create a civil war. 2nd amendment people are not the minority and typically believe so strongly in it, they will defend that right. At a time when the country is so divided the last thing I want to see is a reason for people to want to start fighting each other and the government. Remember the reason that amendment is in there is to prevent tyranny from taking hold by our government.... pull the peoples means of safeguarding that freedom..... they may just inact that power to take their government back from tyranny. God help us all.

  • Erik - 3 years ago

    Since the catch phrase " assault rifle" was coined by the mentally unstable. A gun is a defensive weapon..

  • James Jordan - 3 years ago

    "East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet." Rudyard Kipling, 1889

    This legendary quote is self-explanatory. JTJ

    "Return your sword to its place, for all who will take up the sword, will die by the sword." Jesus to Peter, Gospel of John/Bible excerpt.

    A common interpretation of this quote is that "those who live by violence will die by violence", suggesting a call for Christian pacifism or even complete nonviolence, including violence in self-defense. JTJ

    It is obvious to many people on this planet that most people (at least in this poll and especially in the U.S.) want to keep their guns. Well, history doesn't bode well for those who inflict harm on others, and the use of violence either offensively OR defensively has frequently led to greater problems. Those of you shouting about your "2nd Amendment" rights can scream all you want, but innocent people are dying, and you can point out ALL of the societal issues that exist being responsible for so many murders and mass murders. That is an issue that may NEVER go away; therefore, other methods of societal control, behavior modification, and deeply rooted mental health issues dating back to the birth of our country are necessary if we are going to survive as a nation, and more importantly, as a species. Think back to how the Native Americans were treated, and totally decimated during the first century of our nation's growth and development. Pretty NASTY stuff took place. Absolutely disgusting behavior involving mass murder, the raping of women and children, and the ultimate conquest of the original, and rightful owners of this land now called the U.S.A. Pretty pathetic, and when all is said and done, can you honestly and courageously admit to yourself that violence DOES beget violence, and it will ultimately destroy anyone that participates in it, in one form or another. What is your goal here on this planet? You can't take ANYTHING with you except possibly your soul, so if you want to sell it...go right ahead; it's your choice; just remember that when you "play with fire" you just might get burned. Peace and love to each of you. I wish you all the best in life, and I hope and pray that no more innocent CHILDREN and adults are the victims of a mass murder at any of our schools or ANYWHERE on this planet. Thanks for reading... James T. Jordan

  • Mack Bolen - 3 years ago

    Every time I read one of these comments about the 2nd Amendment being out dated, and that it was only meant to apply to muskets it makes me laugh. I guess you all should still be writing with quill ink pens. The Founding Fathers and framers of the US Constitution weren't idiots. There were already automatic firearms back then (check out the Puckle Gun), and many private citizens even owned canons back then. The intent of the 2nd Amendment was to protect The Right to Bear Arms, and that doesn't mean police or National Guard, it means an armed private citizen. Make no mistake...if the liberal progressives had their way there would be no 2nd Amendment, guns would be banned, and there would be restricted speech. They are all about control and can't tolerate dissent...because they know best. Of course the trash heap that is now California is the poster child for their failed ideals and policies. So...what is actually an Assault Rifle? The term didn't exist until WWII when the Germans fielded the StG-44, or "Sturmgeshutz", which literally means "Assault Rifle"... it was a military main battle rifle that had a selector switch for safe, semi, and auto. This was the rifle Kalashnikov copied when he designed the AK-47. So, here's a dose of reality for the anti-gun morons. The AR 15 is a semi-automatic rifle, not an Assault Rifle/Weapon. It is not a Military Grade, or high powered rifle. In fact the .223/5.56mm is classified as a varmint round for hunting purposes. Who needs an AR 15 and high capacity magazines? Well, in 1992 when the rioting broke out in Watts and the thugs were targeting Korean neighborhoods...forcing the residents and business owners to get on roof tops and defend their property in a situation where police couldn't help them, I would say...yep. In Ferguson, MO, the folks sporting AR 15s, shotguns, and wearing body armor successfully defended their businesses while the BLM rioters looted and burned around them. Home defense? An AR 15 is accurate, low recoil, with a high capacity magazine it's effective v multiple intruders. With a 16" barrel you are far less likely to miss and make no mistake...I have seen people at the range miss a target 5yds away with a handgun. Speaking of handguns, they are involved in more mass shootings, more gun crimes, than the AR 15s. Speaking of mass shootings, they represent an extremely small portion of gun homicides, most of which are committed by criminals/gang members involved in robbery and drug related violence and according to the FBI about 90% of those crimes are committed with illegally obtained firearms. The vast majority of gun deaths are suicides and accidental shootings, and self defense or by police. I spent 24 years in the Army, most of it in Special Ops, NRA, ISRA, and USPSA member, I own 4 AR 15 platforms, go to the range 2-3 times a month and will not bow down to the whims and angst of liberals or misguided and uninformed minors.


  • Robert Brown - 3 years ago

    Im ready to die to protect our rights. Are you ready to die to take them?

  • Matthew M. - 3 years ago

    I understand the intent of the question, but it is worded incorrectly. The guns referred to in the question are not assault rifles.

  • Cameron Brown - 3 years ago

    1. Assault rifle is a legitimate term. The sale of assault rifle and other select fire weapons have been cut off since 1986
    2. Assault weapon is a made up term. Having a black phosphate coating and having ergonomic features like an adjustable stock for people to adjust to their arm length doesn't magically make a weapon more dangerous.
    3. Watching this poll have over 90% no brings me great joy. Thankfully there are still plenty of people out there who are not pants on head fucking retarded.

  • Darren R - 3 years ago

    No. Not only is it a overall bad idea, it would be unconstitutional. When this case would be seen in front of the Supreme Court - and it would if it ever got passed in Florida - based on the testing devised by previous cases, it would be immediately struck down.

  • Jake - 3 years ago

    For everyone saying firearms during the revolution and following were muzzle loaded muskets should really research firearm history more. And all the naysayers saying it is too easy to get a firearm without having ever purchased one, you should either go buy a gun from a licensed dealer/store stop having uneducated assumptions on the matter. Feel free to return it afterwards, but it may prove to be a learning experience.

  • Alain Garcia - 3 years ago

    No just government will deprive its people of its arms to defend themselves

  • Bob - 3 years ago

    The British tried to take our guns. We shot them.

  • Stephen Morris - 3 years ago

    As a working father who is an American citizen with no criminal record and will never have one, just seeing this being debated is utterly infuriating. To think that the response of some people to violence taking place is to strip away the regular joe's basic, semiautomatic rifle is mind blowing in it's total and complete ignorance and maliciousness. There is nothing anyone can do to change what takes place in the heart of a murderous individual. Certainly, we all can agree that taking away the the good defender's simple, civilian model rifle will not stop or hinder a criminal attacker's ability or desire to kill innocent people. I honestly can't even believe that this type of rights grab against innocents is really happening in this country. The people supporting this ban on these rifles should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Ed Smith - 3 years ago

    Assault Weapons should be for war only! Untrained civilians had Their chance, and too many mass Shootings happen. The second amendment is outdated and dosent apply anyways in modern society. Militias are GONE. We have police and a real standing Army. #Notonemore

  • dan - 3 years ago

    Sorry to seem harsh, but children are a renewable resource; our rights are NOT.

  • Joe - 3 years ago

    Muslims like to run over masses of people with trucks, but I don’t hear anyone calling for the banning of trucks.

  • Earl Patriot Simmins - 3 years ago

    Video games and movies don't kill people, guns kill people. Virtually every mass shooting was done with a leagal purchase.

  • Rick - 3 years ago

    This poll has been shared by pro-gun pages on facebook. I doubt most the votes are even coming from florida anymore.

  • John - 3 years ago

    Any ban now can only lead to more infringement on our rights.

  • Robert D. - 3 years ago

    I own a 12ga shotgun that is of the same design in appearance as an AR-15. Would your ban on "Assault STYLE Rifles" include it as well? If automated driverless cars prove to be safer than human driven cars, will we ban the Manually Driven STYLE cars from the road or the drivers? Apartment Fires that kill and injure dozens at a time can be started by a book of matches or a Bic STYLE lighter. Does the ease to carry them need to be regulated so that all fire making items are cumbersome and difficult to use? Should we restrict lighters to five flames or five matches in a book? Its always the operator and NOT the tool. Stupid people blame their tools instead of the skills and qualifications of the person using them for unwanted results. Regulating people never stops criminals from breaking the laws they want to break. If the elite, highly educated and self confessed "Smarter than you" liberals were truly smart, they would understand that how somethings are used is the problem, not the ease of somethings use or its STYLE!

  • Just1Saddletramp - 3 years ago

    If someone wants to place a ban on something under the premise of curtailing violence a good place to start would be a majority of currently marketed video games as well as all of the crap Hollywood puts out.. Ninety percent of them promote the idea that violence is acceptable in order to get your way.

  • Carlwinslo - 3 years ago

    It is correct that automatic and semi automatic weapons were not around during the writing of the Constitution however they did have cannons which inflicted Mass casualties not just muzzleloading rifles.

    Also the term assault rifle doesn't make any sense because the word assault is not an adjective, but going by the same philosophy it shouldn't even be called an assault rifle it should be called a battery rifle but that just doesn't seem to scary now does it.

  • Chris - 3 years ago

    I keep seeing the commercial for how the teens want to feel safe and secure in their schools that we pay for so just a message out to them I want to feel safe and secure when I'm driving the roads of America with my family but since they love to text and drive I don't feel very safe how about we take their phones and treat them like the little children their being instead of young adults I'm sure there's many things we could take away

  • Jimbo - 3 years ago

    I don't think "YES" is getting BTFO hard enough....

  • Tommy Kirk - 3 years ago

    Can we pass a consitutional amendment making meth and crack legal?

  • Dianne Feinstein - 3 years ago

    Hey Mr. America and Mrs. America, I want all of you weapons... I will eventually get them all! (evil Jew laughter).

  • JPG - 3 years ago

    @ Terry Moore
    Automatic? Learn facts.
    There actually were repeating firearms back then. Also, "shall not be infringed" did not include a caveat of "unless technology advances.

  • Augusto "better dead than red" Pinochet - 3 years ago


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