Daily Poll: Do you want an ultra-high-speed train connecting Vancouver to Seattle, Portland?

  • R.A. - 4 years ago

    Only in favor of it is user financed. Not fair to get a tax or service fee increase as a result of this train. I don't work or live in Seattle and am always happy to drive, but agree with helping others, business travellers, etc.

  • Bill L - 4 years ago

    It should go all the way down to Eugene, Oregon.
    If it is that fast, then time becomes so short that a Cascadia economic corridor is created.

    As for a branch in the valley, then out to Aggasiz and Chilliwack and move UBC out to the valley as originally planned for an agricultural college.
    A TGV to Chilliwack would be easier than a bus to the present corrupt-land-politics of the UBC-Point Grey campus.

  • Marcus O’Gronkus - 4 years ago

    With the price of gas tipping $1.50 keep the rail in BC for our own benefits!

  • Myrko - 4 years ago

    Why ?this is stupid . It should be in the Fraser valley from Vancouver to Hope help the local

  • BRIDGE - 4 years ago

    I think it is better to build a high-speed rail connecting the Vancouver Airport with the Abbotsford Airport in BC.

  • Wally - 4 years ago

    Wrong direction. Should be heading east of Vancouver not south. The congestion in Metro Van is ridiculous. Why do we always bow to US whims. This was dreamt up by a Washington State Governor & you can bet it’s for their advantage not ours.

  • Mike M - 4 years ago

    This should have been built years ago. I only have one question. Why end it in Portland? Keep going right into Mexico if you can .

  • Chad - 4 years ago

    Why hasn't this happened sooner? We need to be more connected like Europe and Asian countries. Why can't we fly or take a train for $50 between countries? More people would travel and share our economic ties, cultures, museums, hotels, restaurants etc... even more. More travel options is a good thing. Now how will they work out the passport requirements is yet to be seen...Side effect:Maybe this will help lower ferry costs.

  • Leena Chua - 4 years ago

    Better and quickest way to reach Seattle.

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