Will the US leave NAFTA?

Posted 9 months.


  • George - 8 months ago

    It should be obvious by now that Trump makes campaign comments and promises without having a clue what he’s talking about. Most recently as President, he admitted that he lied to the Prime Minister of Canada by insisting that Canada had a huge trade surplus with the United States. And the opposite is true: the U.S. has a huge trade SURPLUS.

    Trump admitted on tape in a closed campaign donor meeting that he didn't really know at the time, so he just made it up. And laughed. And so did his donors.

    With all that’s going on in the Trump White House and Administration, it appears that his loose cannon days as President are finally going to catch up with him.

  • Igp - 8 months ago

    We should leave. I trust Trump has the US interests at heart. Maybe it's the haters who are assholes. You've negated my vote poor loser. Take your hate somewhere else.

  • Edgar Soudek - 8 months ago

    It is too bad an ignorant but dangerous nincompoop like "the Donald", self-styled "Ruler of America" (and he doesn't even know that "America" comprises numerous other countries besides the USA) wants the US out of
    NAFTA, a treaty that has brought benefits for all three parties, most of all the US!!!!!

  • Barbara - 8 months ago

    The thing that Trump hates the most is to be ignored. So I think that Mexico should have as little to do with the U.S. government until Trump is completely out of the picture and that includes Pence in case he has to take over as President if Trump finally implodes. The U.S. government is way off track and it's going to take a huge shift before get back to "normal". Ignore Trump's wall...which will never get built and forget about NAFTA so-called negotiations. There are plenty of American companies still manufacturing in Mexico which tells me that many are not taking Trump seriously. Mexico is doing business in Central and South America. Mexico will survive long after Trump is gone and I predict that Mexico will flourish.

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