Grade the Altuve Extension From The Astros' Perspective

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Posted 1 year.


  • Bob yellers - 1 year ago

    Altuve is a performance enhancer abuser who stinks up the clubhouse with disgusting and sinister farts.

  • Bob butterman - 1 year ago

    I just farted in my pants. Altuve is also a prolific farter

  • Eddy S - 1 year ago

    I see here a win-win contract. Altuve has already showed his capabilities inside and outside the field, leadership in a team full of young talent. Having a player of that caliber for the Astros is the key for the short and middle term to be a successful club. That been said, in my perspective is an A for the Houston Astros and B for Altuve whom on the free agency could have secured, perhaps, more guaranteed time.

  • Jeff Todd, MLBTR - 1 year ago

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  • Phils phanatic - 1 year ago

    We see superstars(like he undoubtedly is) at Altuve's age sign for 7-10 years all the time. With that said, it's a great deal for both sides. Altuve gets superstar money for 5 years and is young enough after that that even if his legs start to fail, he could still cash in for another deal as long as his hitting offensive abilities remain strong. The Astro's sign their homegrown superstar who was there from the ground up from their rebuild basically to a relatively team friendly deal(as low risk as a $30M/year deal gets IMO) and also show the fan base and more importantly their other budding superstars(Correa,Springer,Bregman) that they're not afraid to spend on players who are fully committed to the organization (no offense to keuchel)

  • Chuck Beck - 1 year ago

    Its a great deal for the Astro. Don't just look at the 5 yr extension which will give Altuve the big money, look at his current contract 12.5 million over the length of the deal not per year with club option i the last two years of 6 and 8 million
    So for a total of 15 years Astro's get him for about 175 million, which breaks down to about 12 million per year overall. Which is a definite win for them.
    From Altuve point it gives him the comfort of playing in a place where he has become a fan favourite

  • Libby Fulgione - 1 year ago

    \This i is a great deal for Altuve who definitely is worth the price in the early years of the contract but who may start to fade a little faster than the power guys when his legs start to slow down.

  • Libby Fulgione - 1 year ago

    I'm a big fan of extending players while a team still has control over them. Although Altuve is the leader of this Astros team for now, the Astros have just established their own market when it comes time to deal with their younger players who just may be more valuable a few years down the road with their power hitting upside like Springer, Correa, Bregman ... Thisextension has the potential to cause some internal strife over money...

  • C. Stanley - 1 year ago

    It’s a bit rich if we want to sign Correa in a couple years, but if you consider it to be payment for services already provided, it certainly is money well spent. Never mind Altuve being the face of the franchise, and they value that most. Great deal.

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