Grade The Altuve Extension From Altuve's Perspective

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Posted 1 year.


  • Bob butterman - 1 year ago

    Altuve gives an A from his perspective because the Houston humidity will enable him to have wet explosive atomic farts.

  • Jeffrey Todd Helton - 1 year ago

    How can the extension be both an A for the Astros and Altuve himself?

  • Jason Martinez, MLBTR - 1 year ago

    Psst Tim, I may end up being deported soon, so you're going to have to hire somebody to take the place of my boring chats. Sorry man, I mean "hombre".

  • Tim Dierkes - 1 year ago

    Jeff... stop by my office later. I'm going to have to "punish" you like the naughty boy you are. You know what that means: long, deep, and so hard.

  • Jeff Todd, MLBTR - 1 year ago

    Hey guys guys, stop criticizing. MLBTR articles for spelling and grammar. We proof read every article before it is post,ed but Tim Dierkes has us on such a short leash with his obsesssion for ad click revenue that we dont have time for quality! That's why I no longer practice law anymore; I made excuses!

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