Opinion Poll: Is DPC Recommended for Medical Residents, Students Right Out of School? Why/Why Not?
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  • Evie - 3 years ago

    Graduated residents are not "students right out of school". They are physicians who completed 20,000 plus hours of rigorus training after medical school, passed several days-long boards, and several 1000 hours of training during 4 years of medical school post a 4 year bachelor degree. It is not accurate to call them "students" or "right out of school." Medical students are not given independent practice despite their 4 rigorous years and several 1000 hours of training. This journal sadly recently wrote in support of NP "full practice authority" when their training to diagnose and prescribe is a mere five hundred hours over 2 years during which NP students have enough free time to hold a job and earn money. Yet you call graduate residents "students right out of school".

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