Would you vote in favor banning greyhound racing in Florida?

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  • Donna - 1 year ago

    I have been to hundreds of greyhound kennels and farms in the past 30 years. I've never seen any abuse or mistreatment. People spend 10,000 for some of these greyhounds! Then you would let someone abuse It? Greyhound kennels are inspected by the state of Florida and pass the inspections with flying colors. The only reason I visit Florida is to see greyhound racing. Without racing, many tourist dollars would be lost.

  • Jennifer Newcome - 1 year ago

    Prop 67 does not belong on the voters ballot, it is a legislative issue. As was stated by a CRC member yesterday "How do we know who is telling the truth and who isn't? I wish we could get their testimonies under oath. If we don't know the truth and whch way to vote, how can we expect the voters to have the truth when if the time comes."

    I could not agree more. The general public is severely lacking in the factual knowledge that should be necessary before having the option to decimate an entire industry, thousands of families and one breed of dog.

    Prop 67 is bad for people, it's bad for greyhounds and it's bad for Florida.


  • Linsey Avery - 1 year ago

    Vote a big fat NO! Honestly, use some common sense folks- there are bad people who shouldn’t have dogs, horses, cats, other animals and (even worse) children because they don’t do the right thing-doesn’t mean everybody deserves to suffer because of the minority who are doing wrong. They should be stopped not racing! Groups like the anti racing ones are really insulting your intelligence Florida-they reckon you are all too stupid or too lazy to actually go out and form your own opinions based on what you’d see if you went to a track or a kennel. They spoon feed you propaganda and then you donate-which incidentally doesn’t ‘save’ any dog or any other animal-ask them why they felt it ok to only shell out $5k in actual donations to (unspecified) groups who claim to help dogs, but thought it was ok to send money to a foreign country (Uk) to fund an £125k campaign to push their lies and propaganda.(which was ruled not acceptable by Advertising Standards) Come on Floridians, show them you’re not ‘sheeple’ and get out there and see what they don’t want you to....our happy. healthy supremely well cared for canine athletes who make the best pets ever when retired. Then make your own informed decision after seeing both sides like rational, common sense people. Those who oppose racing like the chap quoted below nearly always oppose anything involving animals-from you eating meat to the wonderful assistance and guide dogs and even pet ownership-don’t kid yourself that they won’t start on these next. Are you really going to let them dictate how you should live and tell you what to think and eat? Vote NO!

  • Megan - 1 year ago

    Vote no! If these dogs are so abused then why are they such wonderful animals to adopt? Ready to love and be loved.
    Greyhound racing conditions are heavily regulated and most treat their dogs well and with love. There are bad cases in everything but the proof is in the dog. Our adopted hounds are adaptable and happy and take to life on a couch in no time.
    This is the sport that has made our dogs the way they are and made us love them all the more. It's also because of racing that they are such a healthy breed. If greyhound racing ends will our favorite breed be forever changed? Will dog breeders ruin their health and temperament to make the new 'perfect' greyhound?

  • John Sorensen - 1 year ago

    Anyone who voted no or is involved in grey hound racing, shame on you. It’s not our right to use animals for anything other than love and friendship. Animals are not here for our entertainment, they are not food, they are not trophies, they are not clothing, they are not our slaves, they are not ours to experiment on, they don’t belong to us. What gives you the right to own another life?

  • Deborah - 1 year ago

    I am a 3rd generation greyhound breeder with racing dogs in Florida and in other states. 100% of my dogs are adopted at the end of their careers. NONE of these dogs are muzzled and crated 23 hours a day. Fact: the dogs are ONLY muzzled during turnouts. Fact: they are turned out multiple times a day with the shortest time being a 45 minute early morning potty break and romp before breakfast. Fact: they are professional athletes with careful attention paid to their every need. Fact: all have excellent veterinary care, excellent food, and are surrounded by people who love them every day. Once you know the FACTS, you will understand that we are working to ensure the safety and security of these amazing dogs.

  • Stacey F - 1 year ago

    No. It is not a constitutional matter and should be handled in the legislature. The inverse condemnation claims alone are expected to exceed $500 million on the taxpayers dime.

  • KIM SANZONE - 1 year ago

    Vote NO - I and all my family members visit Florida predominantly to visit the wonderful Greyhound Tracks along with all the other attractions - it's an inherent part of the culture there - please consider that Grey2k twist and distort the facts - true greyhound people love and care for their hounds. If racing is banned I and many other overseas visitors involved in the sport will choose to holiday elsewhere.

  • Jeff de la Cruz - 1 year ago

    I cannot in all conscience vote other than No.
    I am appalled at the corruption being openly displayed by some Florida politicians.
    What does this say about the State of Florida ?

  • Jeanne paynter - 1 year ago

    I been to tracks and know how badly these dogs are treated. 23 hours in a crate with a muzzle on in the dark. Let out 3 times a day. 4D meat for food. It's a horrible life. I've rescused many and have love these beautiful, docile animals. Please God close all these tracks down and left these dogs have a life. Not being exploited for money!!!!!

  • Maxine Bochnia - 1 year ago

    I have raised Greyhounds on a farm, I have raced my dogs in many tracks across the USA. I have met hundreds of owners, trainers, kennel personal and adopters. There is a bond between us all AND IT IS A LOVE OF THE DOGS. Please vote NO here, and in FL, so that this regulated sport can continue to allow our dogs to do what they are bred to do.. and to keep thousands of people employed across the state of FL. Ending racing will be a death knell to Greyhounds as a breed.. Which would be absolutely terrible.. don't believe the lies of abuse and greed.. LEARN the truth. Read, ask and see what racing is all about.

  • Jack Gatty - 1 year ago

    NO - The animal rights extremists have used lies and propaganda for yrs to create a fake story and to make money from donations. Go visit a track, kennel etc. Best cared for canines in the world. The dogs love doing what comes naturally to them

  • Jay - 1 year ago

    A person's completely unrelated victimization by a train, and how she may or may not have chosen to talk about it, is entirely up to that person. Your attempt to make that terrible time in Christine's life about greyhound racing is obviously just another of the racing industry's many attempts to ruin a good person's reputation so that people can keep making their own livings off the tired backs of exploited dogs. Let's focus on the issue AT HAND HERE, which is that the people have a right to be heard by voting, and they wish to vote on whether greyhound racing should be banned. There's a reason you all are attacking individuals instead of focusing on the issue: Because you know that people want to vote and have the right to vote, and you just don't want that to happen. I wonder why? Oh, because you know that those poor dogs deserve to move on to lives in real homes. And do not tell me they won't get homes. They will, especially if those people in the racing industry who testified otherwise last week, will finally stop telling adoption groups that they cannot have dogs to home because they are "anti-racing"! You cannot refuse to let adoption groups intake dogs for homing and then complain about the "future" of those very same dogs!

  • Bert Dishman - 1 year ago

    This poll is bullshit. I clicked the link to xome here andbit said I already voted. I did not.
    My vote is NO!
    The abject lies about the racing industry and the care of the dogs is astounding

  • Dave McFee - 1 year ago

    Regardless of how many times the racing industry attacks Grey2k or its people, Grey2k is only a small fraction of the number of volunteers who spend thousands of hours and thousands of dollars cleaning up after the racing industry as they over breed and dump thousands of dogs each year. Grey2k is even a smaller fraction of the population who does not support dog racing and sees it as an outdated and inhumane pass time. There is a reason that your handle is only a fraction of what it used to be. Your industry is dying and the people of this fine state are embarrassed by you. So go and keep on attacking Grey2k. While you provide your non-argument through your tunnel vision of hate, the rest of the state is shutting you down.

  • steven M Grabarczyk - 1 year ago

    Carey Theil has NO Credibility yet you newspapers constantly pander to that nut and his wife who is a FRAUD. Here are the FACTS about mr. Theil and Ms. Dorchak of Grey2k who live off donations of the gullible people that follow and donate based on her made up accident story. Shame on you for quoting people who are guilty of fraud like the guy who did a GoFundMe claiming he had cancer when he didn't.
    -Grey2k was founded by Christine Dorchak - FACT
    -In 1992 she either purposely or accidentally was hit my a train in Boston FACT - from court docs
    -She subsequently tried to sue the MBTA(operator of the train) in 1994 and the jury found against her - FACT court docs
    -In sworn court testimony, she testifies that she has no memory of that day or the accident - FACT court docs
    -In 2001 She put out a video with graphic details of the accident, a promo piece if you will for Grey2k to get people to donate - FACT
    -If you Google Ms. Dorchaks name, you will find hundreds if interviews about the accident - FACT
    -If she testified UNDER OATH that she had no memory, where do the stories of the accident come from?
    -In court testimony there were no witness mentions, though she says a lady in a nearby building heard the crash and came to check on her, plus she stated she had no memory of that day. FACT
    -She claims there were two speeding trains, court docs show one train at 10-15 MPH and slowing down at the platform where she was hit. FACT from court docs

    -Her and her husband Carey Theil sent an email to their follower base in 2007 pointing once AGAIN to her made up accident story in the Christian Science Monitor, and at the end they write and I quote "Please read Christine’s story, and consider making a contribution to GREY2K USA’s continuing efforts to shut down dog tracks nationwide. Every dollar counts in our fight to end the cruelty of commercial dog racing, so please be as generous as you can. We can’t do it without you!". Seems to me that LYING for donation money especially when those two basically live off of donations is FRAUD. From the Boston Herald November 6, 2000:
    If you resented the underhanded attempt to besmirch George W. Bush with the resurrection of an incident so
    old it has whiskers, you should be equally appalled by the efforts of a group called Grey2K to wage a ruthless
    campaign of deceit, distortion and defamation of character. Radical animal rights activists are determined to
    kill the greyhound racing industry in this state by any means necessary, which is why they weren't the least bit
    embarrassed when forced to admit that much of their advertising has been fraudulent.
    So if you go to the polls only to vote no on Question 3, you will have made a compelling statement, rejecting
    this attempt to ambush an industry through the dissemination of lies.

    This is not made up ladies and gentlemen, it actually happened. When you tell a lie enough times it becomes believable.

    So once again REAL journalism is dead

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