Who is your Rockland girls basketball player of the year (Poll Closed)

  • Zoe Amalbert, Nanuet
    660 votes

  • Lexi Huertas, North Rockland
    320 votes

  • Kate Mager, Albertus Magnus
    431 votes


Posted 11 months.


  • Jody - 10 months ago

    My vote is for Lexi. She is so inspiring to watch on the court. She works hard and plays hard on the court and the classroom. I was at her last game at NRHS when her coach said if there was a Mt Rushmore for Girls Basketball, she would be on it. Now that is praise... Good luck at STAC Lex!!
    To all three girls - job well done!

  • Wilson - 10 months ago

    All three players are very talented. There is no need to get into who did what and who surrounded them while doing it. Big games don’t come down to one specific player. It’s a team sport. Vote for who you feel is the best fit for player of the year and move on. There is no need for these 18 year old girls to have to read about people scrutinizing them and their abilities. Great season to all three girls, you’re all worthy and deserving of the award! You’ve all had great high school careers! And good luck to all of you in the voting and at the next level!

  • paulie - 10 months ago

    This is turning into a popularity contest and it's all in good fun.
    All 3 candidates are worthy of Rockland County POY.
    Unless you have something constructive to say we shouldn't be dissing another players ability or the fact that Lexi was inconsistent and the team couldn't win the big game. If there is a player that brings it every game and plays within herself it's Lexi. She is as consistent as they come. She can be the point guard on my team any day.
    The fact that Kate plays with 4 other girls that are All-Section or All Conference has nothing to do with her ability to make her teammates better and her ability as a ball player.
    Zoe certainly carried her team on her back and is a very talented player and she deserves all the credit in the world. She is the ultimate gym rat.
    Like I said in an earlier post that all 3 girls are incredibly talented and deserve all the credit in the world for their dedication and hard work to the sport.

  • Lauren - 10 months ago

    Kate Mager should be Rockland County player of the year because she is the goat. She is the best person and best basketball player ever and she deserves to be it. I love Kate Mager

  • Nick Volchok - 10 months ago

    Three great candidates whom all had their individual share of success but also all in much different roles for their teams.

    Magnus was a very well rounded team with great balance and depth. Yes, Kate played a huge role on that team but to have the luxury of playing with 4 other All Section/All conference players helps.

    Zoe put up monsterous numbers all season while leading a much less talented group into the second round of the playoffs. 23 ppg (#1 in county) and probably led her team in almost every other statistical category.

    I didn’t see Lexi play this year and I know she has a great motor but from the look of it she was the least consistent of the three on a team that struggled to win the big game.

    I’m biased as I coached Zoe last spring and summer but it doesn’t erase all she’s earned, especially after coming back from a torn meniscus the previous season.

    Zoe gets my vote!

  • Gretzel Ocasio - 10 months ago

    Zoe Amalbret

  • Yea - 10 months ago

    Zoe or bust

  • Phoebe - 10 months ago

    Kate Mager is a great player. She makes the girls around her better and can not only score but get the ball to her teammates with her great court vision. Great player. Can score when needed especially shown in her 40 point game and shows complete drive and competitiveness in her game. It’s easy to average 23 points a game when you have no team around you and you only have 8 wins. Albertus had a winning record and a bench full of girls who can play. Kate clearly leads her team and is an all around great player that can do everything on the court.

  • Erik Bartell - 10 months ago

    Zoe Amalbert is a poster girl for the expression “ hard work pays off “. Having known Zoe since the fourth grade I have seen her not only develop into an amazing player but a great leader amd person as well. I know first hand,under the guidance of her father, the countless hours Zoe puts not only towards her fitness levels but her basketball skills as well. Zoe would consistently wake up before dawn on game days to go get shots up at the gym. Being a former varsity basketball coach I would love to have been able to make Zoe the focal point of any team of mine. It would be a shame if she where NOT Rockland County player of the year.

  • paulie - 10 months ago

    3 great choices for Rockland County POY.
    I would take anyone of them to play on my team.
    All playing D2 basketball next season which is a fantastic accomplishment.
    Very dedicated and extremely talented young ladies.
    NYIT, STAC and Merrimack are getting Rockland's finest.
    I wish them the best of luck in their college careers.

  • All-Time - 10 months ago

    21-2 vs 8-15 I think that says it all. Albertus was the best team in the County.
    Zoe had a fantastic season and has a lot of swagger to her game.
    She is going to kill it at NYIT the next 4 years.
    But Kate Mager is Rockland County POY. She is the ultimate team player and has a tremendous IQ on the court. I don't think I have seen a player who can shoot like her make that extra pass to a teammate that has a better opportunity to score.
    She has been a pleasure to watch.

  • Mel Daley - 10 months ago

    Zoe is an excellent player who gives 150% all the time! Her effort and her need to want to get better at all times is amazing Everybody would dumb not to vote for her! Love you Zo!

  • Rockland1973 - 10 months ago

    Kate Mager gets my vote. Been watching girls basketball in rockland for over 30 years, not sure if I’ve ever seen an offensive talent quite like her. Sees the floor better than anyone in the county. Would have loved to see her numbers if they didn’t roll thru the league. Hard to bet against a girl with over 80 wins throughout her 4 years. AM not the same team/program without her

  • Gang - 10 months ago

    Kate Mager is one of the greatest shooters Rockland County has ever seen, she had another great season with Albertus and helped lead them to the section semifinals. It would be a sham for Mager to be snubbed.

  • richard mulligan - 10 months ago

    Great season

  • Rosalba Torres - 10 months ago

    Zoe is a excellent team player. Considering her injuries, she came back stronger than ever. She is a devoted player and did an amazing job! Zoë is a great basketball player anyine would wamt on their team.

  • Tana - 10 months ago

    Zoe is definitely a force to be reckoned with! Her dedication is one you dont see too often.

  • Frances Cotto - 10 months ago

    Zoe Amalbert should be Rockland County player of the year. She is a dominate scorer 23ppg great defender and robounds very well. She also scored 26pts on the road in a win against # 5 Tappan Zee in the Section playoffs.

  • Baller - 10 months ago

    Zoe is a lights out shooter and a lock down defender. She by far should be North Rockland Player of the Year. Stepped up huge this year!! A pleasure to watch!

  • Melissa Rodriguez - 10 months ago

    Zoe Amalbert is an awesome team player , she came back strong after her injury last season and continues to strive ..

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