Would you buy an AC/DC album with Axl Rose on vocals?


  • John Tsouris - 5 years ago

    Not only would I not buy an album or song with Axl Rose 'singing' for AC/DC, I would refuse to listen to any of the songs at all. He's the only person in the history of rock and roll that literally can't sing. As for Cynthia, clearly she's not an AC/DC fan, as no fan would say something like that about Brian Johnson. She's likely a typical heroin addict Axl Rose admirer.

  • Karen - 5 years ago

    It appears Angus Young would like to turn AC/DC into an eternal band. Brian Johnson took over for Bon Scott and now Axl Rose is clearly stepping in to take over Brian Johnson's role as lead singer. The nephew has taking over the guitarist role for Malcolm Young but will Angus allow himself to be replaced when he gets too old, dies, or can't hear? I guess AC/DC will eventually stand for Anti Ceaseless Deathless Continuum but I am pretty sure the music will never be the same.

  • Cynthia - 5 years ago

    Bob Niedermaier, are you on drugs? Your comments are not even coherent! ("screaming seagull" WTF???) And no dumbbell. they aren't going to bring back that deaf old loser Brian Johnson!

  • Bob Niedermaier - 5 years ago

    Absolutely not but I buy a album with Axl Rose had enough of it Screaming Seagull or dying seagull on tour please bring back Johnson

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