Who is the ultimate OTP of 2018? (Poll Closed)

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Posted 11 months.


  • what the? - 10 months ago

    this comment section is complete wank

  • anna - 10 months ago

    y'all a bunch of LIARS
    you make shit up ' cause you can't take losing
    probably were the actual ones who bought votes

  • candyheart - 10 months ago


    excuse you, b**ch?!!

  • anna - 10 months ago

    @just wondering
    they made it up
    the whole thing is the stuckies/marrishits being bitter
    ignore them

  • just wondering - 10 months ago

    im not on any side but i just wanna where you guys see newtmas cheating i see in the poll that was closed commented people about "chloe‏ @lwtmedicinehs Online Contest Vote‏ @Buycontest" but where the source to that? Did anyone have screenshot of it? Please don't be rude to me i just wanna know these things are from

  • caroline - 10 months ago

    umm cheating?
    like the bellarkes on zimbio?
    that sucks for everyone

  • silly newts - 10 months ago

    @ Asdfghjkl

    You mean newts got caught buying votes ?

  • sugarfreezone - 10 months ago


    it wasn't a bot, the newts paid for votes.
    they'll probably win too.
    it sucks
    like a big sucking thing

  • jak of all trades - 10 months ago

    newts cheated but were caught (but still keep some votes from previous poll ???)

    F OFF!!

  • candyheart - 10 months ago


    newts cheated.
    newts got caught
    newts sent hate to admins when first poll closed
    newts still in denial.
    F*ck the newts.

  • anna - 10 months ago

    ignore the marrishits
    they're still butthurt over losing to us in last round.

  • Jeka - 10 months ago

    newts bought votes, and will probably win because of it.

  • lou - 10 months ago


    the newts bought votes

  • Kate - 10 months ago

    @caroline - - because the newts were caught buying votes, duh

  • Kristy - 10 months ago

    Because the newties are dirty rotten cheats. The End.

  • Jen - 10 months ago


    It was because the newts were caught promoting a buy-votes site (and still deny it). So, here we are. Half the stuckies left when the first poll was closed, and the newts get back some of those fraudulent votes at the end, anyway (like . . ????) . . so, the outcome is kinda predictable now. Pity.

  • Asdfghjkl - 10 months ago

    But* not buy

  • Asdfghjkl - 10 months ago

    @caroline it was supposed to buy because people kept sending hate messages to the admin and complaining in the comments about unfairness that newtmas was 'cheating' the admin decided to make a new poll that ends in a couple of days

  • caroline - 10 months ago

    what happened? wasn't this poll ending a few days ago?
    please tell me there was no botting. already went through that with march madness

  • Kristy - 10 months ago

    Aww, I'm beyond help. No, say it aint so. Jojo.

    But what will I do ? Where will I go?

    * deep sigh *

    Stucky hasn't lost yet, cheaters.

  • nova - 10 months ago

    why are newtmas getting votes back at end if cheated?

  • Kristy - 10 months ago

    oh jojo . .

    * I feel like I'm losing my brain every time I read your messages. I'll try and follow you with my poor, brainless head though.

    * Some of us marrish shippers also ship stucky, therefore voting for them in final.

    * dude, if you're calling us sore losers you are kinda implying that you've won the poll already.

    * We're not the only ones "screaming " but apparently you're all deaf.

    * And blind.

    * We're repeating the same points because you all keep ignoring them completely and then come up with the same smug ""let's not hate on each other's ships" . . because why would cheating make ANYONE hate another ship ??

    * the admins couldn't find "suspicious activity"" because paid votes don't show as obviously as a bot would.

    * sweetie, we're not boycotting polls. We're not conceding ground to those who rig polls.

    * We'll see y'all in the first round next year. ALL the ships will see you next year. I hope you weren't planning to get past the first round . . so sad

  • ha!! ur funny! - 10 months ago


    nah, you did that in the first final to the point that most of us gave up, and left the poll. Thanks for playing fair! Lmfao

  • Oof - 10 months ago

    So Newtmas is in the lead. Do you guys think it’s because of cheating again? Lmfao

  • jak of all trades - 10 months ago

    that drinking game is hilarious, but could end up with us all getting liver damage.
    the denial is strong with these ones.

  • Kristy - 10 months ago

    oh Johanna . . .

    * newtmas shipper still in complete and utter denial is my aesthetic.

    * I love how the newts already assume they'll win.
    wouldn't be because you bought enough votes to make sure, huh?

    * I'm pretty sure someone provided the evidence in the previous comment section. You go and wade through that mess.

    * We never disputed that a lot of people ship newtmas. But a huge amount of people ship clexa too, and they were caught cheating on zimbio, along with several other ships. Big ships cheat too, even when they don't need to. Maybe you guys were tired, or actually thought you might be beaten and decided to MAKE SURE that didn't happen.

    * we're not bitter we lost to you in the SF. We (and all the other hips you beat) are bitter about you C-H-E-A-T-I-N-G. If we say that often enough, maybe it will finally sink in. None of us will hold our breath.

    * we're glad you guys find it funny . So do we.


  • Drink!! - 10 months ago

    Drinking Game.

    1-a drink every time Laura gets impersonated in this comment section. On that alone, you could end up plastered.
    2- a drink every time the newts bring up "anti voting", as if that is the same as buying votes.
    3- a drink every time a newt denies their side cheated, even after proof has been seen everywhere.
    4 - a drink for every time a newt says stop the hate or go love your ship, because there's nothing like ignoring genuine grievances to make you feel the love.

    by tihs timee you should be fucking drunk
    try not xto dnrown in your oswn vomit.

  • Umm? - 10 months ago


    if a stucky promoted a pay-for-votes site openly, it certainly would.

    . . . but it was newtmas shippers. But hey, I love your rich fantasy life you have there

    . . . now back to the reality where newts pay for votes but are still in denial

  • is the poll over yet? . . . how about now? - 10 months ago


    someone put the proof in the previous comments, I think

  • candyheart - 10 months ago


    I know there won't be much more to change anything . . this year. But maybe there will be next year. Hey, we could have captcha on the poll . . * shudders *

  • Hmm - 10 months ago

    If it were the other way around everyone wouldn’t think that Stucky paid votes because it’s marvel right?

  • Gloria - 10 months ago

    Send me exact proof of cheating and maybe I’ll let my guard down and agree

  • JL - 10 months ago

    i came here four hours later and it says it already counted my vote. i thought we can vote again every three hours

  • Cristyy - 10 months ago

    @candyheart yes but as i said 100+ comment last poll plus people emailing the admins didn't do anything but change the rules why do think if you complain now again it will change anything?.I know it sucks when people are cheating.Many many times the admins won't care.Have you been at the zimbo or eoline polls people complain all the time admins don't do anything about it.

  • oh for fucks sake - 10 months ago


    Clexa, Sanvers, Bellarke and Supercorp have huge fanbases too. Guess which ships had THOUSANDS OF SUSPICIOUS VOTES removed on March Madness poll ? The size of a fandom does not indicate they wouldn't cheat.

    I'm glad your conscience is clear. Shame about the ones who fucked it up for you then.

  • newtmas, the Lance Armstrong of ships - 10 months ago


    err, maybe be careful about what you tell your pals on twitter then. how do you think everyone heard about this paid vote mess? YOU guys told us.

    yeah, you have a big fanbase .. so why the eff did you need to buy votes then?!~Did your hands get tired?
    And yes we know how many people have social media
    . . so you might want to remember that when you tell people to vote for newtmas, and then helpfully push them in the direction of a pay-for-votes site.

  • Kristen - 10 months ago

    Imagine thinking newtmas doesn't have a massive fan base when Dylan o brien ALONE was number 3 most reblogged person on Tumblr! Can't relate. Newtmas has a huge fan base. So huge that Dylan O brien Thomas sangster and the director are on talks of making a spin off! And that's my last post here and I won't read the comments again. I have my head clear over my votes and I don't care anymore about haters. Have fun guys and hope the hate will end!

  • Gloria - 10 months ago

    @crymeariver Stucky is massive. So the moment that a ship like Newtmas surpasses it of course it’s because of “bots or bought votes”. But nobody will believe that maybe they just have a big fan base as well. Or that they could’ve been posting about it on social media. You know how many people have social media

  • Gloria - 10 months ago

    “Already know you cheated”. Alright but it’s a poll and just because we gained votes does not mean we cheated. Honestly, people care very deeply for their fandoms and will vote with their entire life. Yeah Stucky is a very popular ship but it isn’t like Newtmas isn’t too. The death cure recently came out. A very popular book turned into a movie and you think people won’t be looking out for it?

  • Kristy - 10 months ago

    * marrish sucks marrish sucks marrish sucks marrish sucks marrish sucks god y’all really dumb as shit. *

    Real mature, Johanna. Okay, try to keep up.

    1- Yeah, you guys did cheat. Even boasted about it.
    2-The votes shot up because you just paid for a big batch of votes. Duh
    3- anti voting is not cheating, anymore than your friend voting for your ship is cheating.
    4- You're sore losers because you LOST the moral high ground by doing this. No one now is going to believe you win polls without cheating, even the times you DON'T cheat. Ask the bellarkes about THEIR reputation. Or clexa now, after zimbio.
    5-We never said bots were involved, only paid voting.
    6-But since YOU assured us no bots were involved, I guess we can all relax. Because you guys are so trustworthy, right?
    7-No, you guys spend 90% of your time buying votes off dodgy twitter sites. That's a much more productive use of your time.

    Newtmas doesn't suck . .but it's shippers can suck my . .


  • Tommy - 10 months ago

    I didn't notice it's one vote every 3 hours! Thanks guys!!

  • what? - 10 months ago

    @ jak of all trades, Holy Shit! I hadn't thought of that. We just all assumed it was only the final they bought votes. But maybe they've been doing it earlier too.
    this sucks

  • mai - 10 months ago

    oh tommy . (>ლ)

  • Jen - 10 months ago

    lol tommy played himself

  • sugarfreezone - 10 months ago


    umm . . .Voting once every 3 hours. I don't have a VPN and I'm not paying for votes, unlike some dickheads here.
    Some of us actually follow rules, but hey, you do you.
    Now go and stand in the corner with the bellarkes/clexa/sanvers/supercorp shippers.

  • tommy - 10 months ago

    So since you are "STILL voting", I bet you found a chance to vote more than once here. Woah. Nice! You played yourself well!

  • Kate - 10 months ago

    @candyheart - - we feel for you. you never stood a chance but you stayed strong.

    ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

  • candyheart - 10 months ago

    Vote * sigh * Stucky . . yeah, whatever

  • sugarfreezone - 10 months ago


    I'm speaking the same way as everyone else in these comments. I NEVER said you personally cheated, but obviously plenty of others did from your ship. Not going to be polite about it. Too much of this shit has happened in recent polls, and mostly by some of the "big" ships in fandoms. Why on earth to any of you need to cheat, with your numbers?! Sorry about being a b*tch, but seeing your ships fall to a ship that buys a poll does kinda piss us all off. Strange that.

    I'm not leaving as I'm (hopelessly since your side rigged it) still voting for my ship. Some of us are not going to leave, just because you are trying to get rid of us. I don't blame the ones who did leave though.

    I guess I can't blame the admins for giving your side some votes back at the end . . after all, you guys paid for them.

  • Anya - 10 months ago

    Your way of speaking to other people is really rude. I haven't cheated and you are being pretty much a b*tch to me. And you don't even know me. Other than me though, there are no proofs for any cheating so why be rude to people who hasn't cheated? That's a side of hating. And since you are this mad, then just leave this poll instead of being bad to others and their ships and go love your ship, which is also beautiful and desersves love.

  • sugarfreezone - 10 months ago


    Nobody here said anything about bots. Only paid votes, which wouldn't show up anyway. And VPNs, which would disguise your ISP so you could vote multiple times. SOME of the votes are real, but no one knows how many at this point.

    It's not hateful to speak the truth. But maybe cheats see it that way.
    We do respect the admin.
    We just don't respect your ship anymore. Go and hang out with the bellarkes or clexa. I'm sure they'll understand.

  • Anya - 10 months ago

    Gosh, admin herself said it:
    "Admin Note: Be nice to each other please. We have not seen any evidence of bot activity in this poll. I have seen a vote buying website providing unsolicited advertisement, but I have yet to see anyone actively promoting it."

    please stop being so hateful! The votes are real!

    At least respect the admin!!!

  • ok - 10 months ago

    the newts winning here would be like bellarke winning March Madness after using bots to do so
    at least that didn't happen

  • Kristy - 10 months ago

    who tf is Johanna and why do I keep getting her anti marrish crap in the marrish tag?
    gee, we're sorry we're annoying you by pointing out what everyone already knows.. NEWT BOUGHT THE POLL.
    the votes shot up every time stucky got close to overtaking them.
    sore losers

  • candyheart - 10 months ago


    Complaining is a natural reaction when your ship gets shivved in the back. But some of us are trying to support stucky against the odds.

    And I'm only spending a few minutes here and there on this poll. Plenty of time to enjoy my ship elsewhere.

    But if you don't complain, nothing gets done. So why not try?

    Anyway, VOTE STUCKY!!

  • Cristyy - 10 months ago

    So if newtmas is cheating why is everybody here watseing there time complaining clearly the 100+ comments from the other poll plus the admins are not helping... Everyone just forget this poll and go love your ship

  • candyheart - 10 months ago

    did all the other stucky shippers leave?

  • umm? - 10 months ago

    Are they using vpns now?

  • omg - 10 months ago

    so, if we had the [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] we coulda won ?


  • sterek fan - 10 months ago

    I got a message on my blog about the mess over here and couldn't believe it
    it looks like a one horse race now

  • sterek fan - 10 months ago


  • Jen - 10 months ago


  • lou - 10 months ago

    @reylo confirmed


  • reylo confirmed - 10 months ago

    does anyone know if the newtmas shippers cheated against us too?

  • the stuff of legends - 10 months ago

    well that explains the hinky ship bracket we had with them. mystery solved.

  • Hollis - 10 months ago

    huh guess I now know how hollstein got beaten first round
    esp. after we were finalist last year

  • jak of all trades - 10 months ago

    it makes me wonder about the newtmas-clex bracket in rd 32. the sudden influx of newt votes causing a draw, then pulling away in two hours flat. hmmm

    I mean, without their bot, M/K got thrashed by clex in the next round . . so you gotta wonder if newtmas would have made it this far without buying those votes on that twitter site.

    It took marrish using continuous power-voting to win through to the SF, so the newts had to know they were a real threat.
    Not to mention the newts taking out reylo (a HUGE ship) so easily in the sweet sixteen round. And they had that huge tussle with sterek in the elite eight round. Again with a late "influx" of votes.

    umm, newtmas, you do realise that you'll be targeted by every other ship in the first round next year, right?

  • ava - 10 months ago

    I guess after the botting by Mulder/Krycek against marrish in an earlier round, I can understand why they are pissed now at the vote buying by the newts, who beat them in the SF. They are probably wondering if that's how they got beaten too.

    shame on you

  • lou - 10 months ago


    The infinity war trailer just came out, so the marvel fandom is VERY active at the moment. But this isn't the original finals poll. THAT one was shut down after rampant buying of votes by newtmas. I mean, after the massive botting on the zimbio poll, I guess it's not a big surprise that something like that happened here.

    As to why so few stucky votes on the new poll? Most of the stucky voters have left, not believing they can win fairly. I haven't been able to convince many to come back . . . I don't blame them.

  • Get ******* - 10 months ago

    how's that river in Egypt working out for the newts?

  • Laila - 10 months ago

    Can't believe people are yelling about bought votes when stucky literally have less than 20 votes so far? I don't even follow this website but I found out about this poll from a post on a newtmas/TMR-centric tumblr, which has a few k followers. Ever thought of how many other newtmas shippers did too? Besides The Death Cure just came out 2 months ago so the fandom is still very active and growing. The large amount of votes makes sense. Although you can argue stucky is a bigger ship, you can't deny that newtmas is the more active one now because of the new official content. Maybe if this poll was made after infinity war was released the result would be different, who knows.

  • Get over it - 10 months ago

    Guys it's a poll. There's always next year. Besides, the non-existent 'cheating' was on the last poll so just get over it

  • cry me a river - 10 months ago

    @ Gloria - - dude, you guys already got caught. But keep living in denial. We all know better.
    And , while a largish ship, the marvel fandom (esp stucky, and stony) are MASSIVE. In a legitimate poll, you'd have been crushed (like in other polls that were "clean"). I've had friends from other fandoms surprised that newtmas were so far ahead of stucky .......now we know how.

    And Marrish is a TINY ship, so it's few voters made little difference against you......yet you still bought votes to make sure of your win.

    I hope you find that win tasty, because it's left a bitter taste in the mouths of every ship you "defeated" here.

  • Wow look at all those bought votes - 10 months ago

    @Wow so lame

    We already said most marrish shippers also ship stucky, and clexa and other ships have alliances on polls all the time. And we don't win polls because we ARE a small ship, so we're proud we made the SF here twice, legitimately.

    EVERYONE is complaining about losing to newtmas, because you guys were caught cheating by buying votes. For all we know, this is how you win all your polls. Since Marrish don't win polls, I guess that proves we DON'T cheat.

    cry harder

  • Laura (the fake one . . . I think) - 10 months ago

    Well, half the ships on the zimbio poll bought bots, and had THOUSANDS of their votes removed because of it . . and you won nothing on that poll either. The bots/paid votes/scripts probably don't cost that much.

    And stucky had to vote steadily for HOURS to get within 1400 votes behind newtmas , who "suddenly" lept ahead by THOUSANDS of votes within a couple hours . . suuuure they were legit!!

    The new poll is just as easy to cheat if you use VPN, so why would we bother against cheats, who get to keep all their bought votes anyway. We concede you're the winners . . because YOU CHEATED AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

  • Gloria - 10 months ago

    Nobody was cheating. Have any of you actually considered that fact that The Maze Runner has a big following of diehard fans. There’s so many fan pages with so many follower. You have no proof against us. But we have two fan bases voting against us just because they lost (Marrish). People are just upset for what?

  • Wow so lame - 10 months ago

    When stucky (I mean mairrsh) fandom waste their time voting for another ship cause they can never win a poll on their own. when they complain about cheating cause they're losing

  • Laura Yo - 10 months ago

    De dónde coño sacáis que han comprado votos? Vamos a ver, quien va a pagar para ganar una encuesta de nada? Además, que yo misma estuve una hora votando cuando Stucky ganaba por mil votos, hasta que los superamos. Así que, si dejáis de buscar excusas de mierda para que gane Stucky mejor. Y mirad, ni haciendo eso ganáis. Vamos NEWTMAS

  • Denial (not just a river in Egypt) - 10 months ago


    We know who the winners truly are too

    . . . The ship that didn't buy votes

  • Stars - 10 months ago


    this poll had no bought votes, like the zimbio poll had no bots


  • Laura (the fake one. . . . or am I ?) - 10 months ago

    @Laura, la real The poll was closed because the newts cheated, by buying votes.

  • Kristen - 10 months ago

    @ moon Exactly there was no proof because there was no cheating. Now on the other hand two fanbases are going to vote against us. And that's unfair. But oh well. We know who the winners truly are.

  • so how many of you are using VPNs? - 10 months ago

    oh wow, look at that. newtmas is winning again. such a surprise.
    I can't believe it . . . no, really.

  • lololol - 10 months ago


    you mean some people couldn't handle being caught cheating ಠ‿↼

  • Moon - 10 months ago

    @Kristen, same. I've spent hours and hours voting and there was no proof of cheating as far as I could see, just accusations thrown out by angry people.

  • Laura, la real - 10 months ago

    ¿Me estás diciendo que he perdido más de dos horas de mi vida votando, para que ahora lo quitéis? Que alguien me explica la razón, porque vamos.

  • Kristen - 10 months ago

    The only thing I am mad about is the time I wasted voting on here just so you'll take this away from me because some couldn't handle losing.