Fan Poll: Who Should Be A Scholz Award Finalist?


  • Gene McIntyre - 6 years ago

    Jake Lachina great athlete and a superior leader. Speed , toughness, and leadership

  • Kannuru KN Nageswararao - 6 years ago

    Already I told u Connor McNerney, Navy is the winner, now proved. once again congratulation. thank you

  • Rian Moala - 6 years ago

    If anyone deserves this award, it’s Marcus Tupuola! His determination, hard work, and dedication has opened many doors for him. He has been a great role model for my siblings & I ever since he started at Notre Dame College. Marcus demonstrates great leadership for not only his team but his cousins as well. I’m very proud to be one of those cousins! Go Marcus !!!!

  • Tunu Tunu - 6 years ago

    Marcus Tupuola is deserving of this award do to his passion, love, motivation, and dedication to this game.

  • Mike Flanagan - 6 years ago

    Connor Mcnerney is an amazing young man, he has been a leader of leaders for the past 4 years, his work ethic and commitment to grow his game as well as grow his teammates game has been nothing short of incredible to watch. His next chapter will not allow for much rugby, as he's headed to the Teams, not rugby teams but SpecWar teams.. he chose this path like he did his rugby path, with conviction and confidence. His on field play has spoken for itself, 2 time AA, Capt. of is Navy team and respected above all iwithin Academy. Given all the fine young man whose names appear on this list, I wouldn't trade Connor for any of them. He stands tall among this group of athletes.

  • Mark Zuckerberg - 6 years ago

    Good to see my modest help to Connor McNerney on his voting strategy now really starting to pay off!. .I was pleased I could assist before my senate hearing..

  • Moin - 6 years ago

    Connor McNerney, Navy deserves the award.

  • Kim Jong Un - 6 years ago

    Vote for Falcon. Or I will press that button.

  • Monica Tupuola - 6 years ago

    His (Marcus Tupuola) LOVE for the game RUGBY it’s REAL! His heart & compassion to help others to become their best it’s unreal! Growth from youth to Collegiate been a amazing experience to see him develop into the man he is today. Sometimes he teaches me to see LIFE in different aspects. Humble to the soul and living life to fullest. God been good & Blessed be on measure to our Heavenly Father. Thankful for opportunities that he has given to him to experience Rugby in whole new world. Deserving and honored that he was nominated for Scholz Awards. Good luck to everyone best wishes !

  • The Rock - 6 years ago

    Seen this boy grow up to be fine young man. Watching his journey and seeing his passion for Rugby it’s amazing. His drive, determination , mindset and humble mentality speaks about his character!! Been at NDC for 5yrs and witnessing his growth through the year words can’t describe how PROUD I AM!! His dedication to game that we are trying to grow within USA speaks volumes of his work ethic on and off pitch!! Believe when I say he DESERVES this Award to fullest!! Hard working fella taking his life goals to next level!!! Remember his name MARCUS TUPUOLA!! He ain’t done it’s just beginning. #GODHANDS ????

  • John Caskey - 6 years ago

    The Caskey-Grimes Clan votes for Connor McNerney. What an awesome player! What a good-hearted soul! Go Braveheart! Go Navy!

  • Minhaj - 6 years ago

    CONNOR MCNERNEY is good to me..

  • Tom Bruce - 6 years ago

    Vili Helu is the pro type gentleman who plays this wonderful game the right way. He values his friendships greatly and is a pillar of personal and athletic strength on the Saint Mary's Campus. He leads by example, is humble and exerts the right qualities wherever he goes. He is a testament to his Family.

  • Mijan - 6 years ago

    I really enjoy the play of CONNOR MCNERNEY

  • Thomas Iatarola - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes is not only an outstanding athlete, he is also a gentleman and a scholar. He deserves this award, with out question.

  • Jenny Acton - 6 years ago

    Go Nick! From Canberra!!!!

  • W J Bracich - 6 years ago

    MIKE FEAKES,is an outstanding young man as well as an outstanding rugby player!! He leaves it all on the field of play -- 100% at all times. Out standing athlete and a Gentleman at all times!! No question - Mike should be the Scholz Award recipient.

  • Anna - 6 years ago

    So great to see such modesty exhibited by Nick Feakes and His fellow nominee, Kyle. Both supporting the other’s claims to the top spot. ;) :) But only one can claim it, and only one deserves it.. Voting Nick Feakes! Great player, great humanist!

  • Nick Feakes - 6 years ago

    Honestly i’m glad Kyle Rogers is winning, he is the best out of all of us

  • Kyle Rogers - 6 years ago

    I don’t know why I’m winning... Nick Feakes should be leading this race!

  • Kim Cherry & Mary Hasselman - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes all the way!! He is an outstanding athlete and a kind and polite man. So deserving of this award Go Feakes!!!

  • Fulvio falco - 6 years ago

    Versatile player from 9,10,15. From breaking his leg in year one to achieving this nomination, there is only one person that can came back like this. NICK himself. Well deserved to be a winner

  • Jaimene Washington - 6 years ago

    Way to go Marcus!

  • Kannuru Nageswararao - 6 years ago

    Congrats Connor McNerney, Navy in advance, as my feeling you are the winner

  • Lesli Lindquist - 6 years ago

    Connor McNerney deserves this award!!

  • Patrick Lalley - 6 years ago

    Stand up dude...and family!!!

  • Matt Carlone and Dan Park - 6 years ago

    There was one time, a long time ago, when i was adolescent. I was stuck in the transition phase in which a boy struggles out of his theoretical cocoon and attempts to blossom into a strong, brave, metaphorical butterfly. Well, I never made the transition, and this was a couple weeks ago, but that's besides the point. Jake Lachina is a really good guy. One time, we were both hungry, and he gave me a nutrigrain bar, fulfilling my nutritional needs at the cost of his. He, of course, has slack in his nutrional needs, because he is built similar to a Silverback gorilla. For those taking this lightly, have you ever seen the movie King Kong? Well, if you answered yes, imagine the scene where King Kong sways from the empire state building with Ann, safely caressed in his hand, while the savage beast fights off airplanes armed with deadly weapons. Now, replace the mere gorilla with the actual savage beast, Jake Lachina. Instead of Ann, replace the mere human with a Rugby ball, gripped so tightly that King Arthur himself could not remove the ball from his hands. Last, but certainly not least, a Nutrigrain bar is stored in Jake's left pocket, ready to fuel and satisfy his nutritional needs. If you have ever watched Jake play Rugby, then you know that this is very similar to how he conducts himself on the field. Vote for Jake and he will make all your wildest dreams come true.

  • Tina - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes is a wonderful tactician, has a great boot and safe hands. He’s a pleasure to watch on the field and a credit to sport... definitely deserves the award ????!!!! Go Nick

  • Anna - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes is going places! He is an amazing sportsman and truly deserves this award.

  • Jenny Ferrin - 6 years ago

    Jacob Lachina all the way!!!

  • Ted Frakes - 6 years ago

    Jake Lachina!!! These are all studs, but Shakey Jake Lachina is the man!!

  • Michele priest - 6 years ago

    Go Jacob!

  • Sheila - 6 years ago

    I've been following Brennan from pitch to pitch for years! Geaux Brennan!

  • Marcy Huntsman-Botizan - 6 years ago

    Kyle is a true leader.

  • Makerita Lang - 6 years ago

    Marcus is an exceptional role model for his family. He's an only child to his Beautiful mom who raised him. He will be the first one in his moms family to graduate from college so we are very proud of him and believe that he has a bright future ahead. He's very respectful of his elders and especially his mom.

  • Cyndie Mauer - 6 years ago

    Brennan Falcon LSU #1

  • Antony Andersen - 6 years ago

    Connor McNerney is a standout individual on and off the field. He speaks three languages and is an excellent student

  • Bill O. Rites - 6 years ago

    Falcon? more like Eagle. Brennan Falcon is as strong as The Constitution and faster to a ruck than a tomahawk missile flying toward certain justice. "Brennan scares me" - Osama bin laden. Captain Falcon, yes like the beloved video game birdman, punches with the strength of 6 AH-1 Super Cobra Helicopters. Brennan was recently name J.D. Power's Truck of the Year. "I'm voting for Brennan Falcon" - Blue Blooded American

  • Munna - 6 years ago

    Way to go...

  • Abdulaziz Hassan Awlia - 6 years ago

    Mike is the best

  • Steve Schirle - 6 years ago

    Way to go Kevin Sullivan!
    Vote for Kevin!

  • Luke Thiem - 6 years ago

    When I was a kid I always wanted a Mongoose bike. They were the best BMX bikes you could get growing up. As an adult, I always wanted a mongoose on my rugby team. Feakes is the only mongoose on this list.

  • Sua'ava Lafaele - 6 years ago

    Stay humble and strong no matter what. Best wishes and God speed in your journey. Luvluv! from your family in Maui NoKaOi nei.

  • Terri carter - 6 years ago

    Let's go Jake... We're Army Strong

  • Brooklynn Moala - 6 years ago

    Go Marcus!

  • Tom Harman - 6 years ago

    Jake Lachina has the attributes of a great young man and the rugby heart of a leader on the field and off.

  • Beth Brooks - 6 years ago

    Jake Lucina. Army strong. As great a person as he is a rugby player.

  • Stirling Mortlock - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes has the talent of the greats. I see a fair bit of myself in Nick through the way he plays.

  • santosh Narayana - 6 years ago

    Connor McNerney you really rock ,On and Off the Labs.

  • John kiggins - 6 years ago

    Mike scarcella

  • sandeep b - 6 years ago

    Connor McNerney, Navy u r great !!!!

  • devan tookmnian - 6 years ago

    jake lachina

  • Elisiva T Esikia - 6 years ago

    Well what can I say, Vili Helu comes from a great family with rugby backgrounds. I've known him since he was a little kid and he is awesome in all that he does, very family orientated and so much more. I know that he is a great athlete all together but as far as his character is just as great or more.

  • Loua - 6 years ago

    Go Marcus! Proud of you.

  • Maggie Moala - 6 years ago

    Voting for Marcus!

  • colleen reilly - 6 years ago

    Vili is an amazing role model as well as an incredible rugby player.

  • Julie Fainuu - 6 years ago

    Marcus Tupuola -Awesome example of a team player, sportsmanship and leadership!!

  • Donald Trump - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes is great. His heart.. HUGE. His determination and performance as a rugby player. Even HUGE-er. Listen. I don’t admit this to many people.(Except my twitter followers of course.) I think the only person who could beat me in a political race would be Nick Feakes. He’s the only immigrant I would want to stay in this country. Me and Nick played 1V1 the other night. Even though I let him win. He still resembles the best college rugby player out there. And 2nd best rugby player ever. Under me of course. You guys wanna play tonight? I’m not doing anything. Hit my DMs up Forreal. Let’s go. Bring Nick. I’ll school him again. Ya donzos.

  • Therese Clancy - 6 years ago

    I have only just read of the kidney donation and am truly shocked. Everything about Nick Feakes shouts WINNER. Not only is he an outstanding rugby player, his qualities and nature contribute to making him a outstanding man. I vote for Nick.

  • Spider-Man - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes is the rugby equivalent of a superhero. I don't know what mutant Australian animal bit him to give him his powers, but I'm sure glad it did. He is a gentleman and a scholar.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

  • Diane Kale - 6 years ago

    Jacob (Jake) Lachina is not only an incredible player but he is an amazing young man. Jacob's leadership ability on the field as captain for ARMY is so impressive but his leadership ability off the field is equally impressive. He's the kind of person that the people around him look up to and admire. He's kind, honest, sincere and a true natural athlete.

  • Evan Fras - 6 years ago

    Tyler Sousley already has or hasn’t gotten the chance to, breaks ankles and dust everyone on this list! Dudes got straight burners. ????????‍♂️????

  • Terri Lewis - 6 years ago

    Let's go Marcus Tupuola !

  • Simon - 6 years ago

    Amazing talent

  • Teddy Terezis - 6 years ago

    Tyler sousley done came up. #ogod

  • Maggie Moala - 6 years ago

    Marcus got out vote!
    He is truly deserving of this award no doubt. Mindset is on a whole another level and hard work and determination definitely got him where he is today. Amazing role model for his cousins and future ruggers.

  • Poll Daddy - 6 years ago

    Yall have too much free time

  • Gabe Kettering - 6 years ago

    Once upon a time I used to wake up and feel dreadful every morning so I went to the doctor. He said that I needed a kidney transplant and that there was only one match for miles. I asked the doctor if he could talk to him and surely enough, a few days later I got the call from the doctor. The match was willing to do it but wished to remain anonymous. The surgery was set for the next morning. I remember thinking how humble and down to earth this person must be to wish to anonymously save a life and not want to be praised for it. When the next morning finally came, I remember being really nervous and scared about the operation. I was in the waiting room shaking, just a nervous wreck when Nick Feakes came in and calmed me down. He reassured me that everything would be okay. I asked him why he was here at the hospital he told me that he was just here to help a friend through a rough time. That's when he went to talk to the nurse and she nodded and walked him down the hall. I assumed it was so he could go visit the friend he mentioned before. Thanks to Nick Feakes, I was calm and confident when they called my name a little while later. I got prepped for surgery and in the process the doctor told me how good it was that I was calm. When I told him that I had Lindenwood University's flyhalf, Nick Feakes, to thank he gave me a smile that told me he knew something I didn't. Then they brought me to the operating room, put me under, and did the surgery. They said that since the kidney was in such good condition and because I was so calm I could leave immediately as long as I didn't do anything strenuous, which was a relief since I had been looking forward to the fundraiser against world hunger that Nick Feakes had organized for as long as I could remember and it happened to be that night. I was about to call someone to drive me home since I wasn't supposed to move very much when I saw Nick Feakes was in the waiting room again. I asked what he was doing there and he said he was there to make sure I made it out of surgery okay. I told him yes, thanks to his calming reassurance the surgery was a massive success. That made him smile and he offered to drive me to his fundraiser. I told him we should probably hurry since he had to be there in 15 minutes and it was 10 minutes away (since I knew Nick Feakes likes to be at least 5 minutes early to all of his obligations). He, again, calmed me since he knew that the stress could be detrimental considering the surgery I had just undergone. Nick Feakes then told me to sit down and that he'd be right back. He brought me a wheelchair and wheeled me to his car, which had already been set up to transport the handicapped so that he would be able to be an even bigger help at the old folk's home he volunteers at when he's not tearing it up at the rugby field. After he made sure I was comfortable we began to drive. After about 5 minutes of the most enjoyable car ride I had ever been on someone cut Nick off and he had to swerve to the left and he said "goodness gracious that was close" (that was the closest thing to road rage that this kind hearted person had). When swerved the wheel I noticed a wet red stain growing on the right side of his abdomen. That's when I realized that he had been the one who saved my life and that I was the friend he was there to help. I often think about that day and about how different I would be if I had gotten his compassionate, rugby loving heart instead of his kidney. How much nicer I would be and how much better the world would be if there were two people with the heart of Nick Feakes. If everyone had the heart of Nick Feakes, there would be no more wars, world hunger, or suffering of any kind. I would like to conclude this by asking you to open up your hearts like Nick Feakes would and give him your vote since he has so clearly earned with his electric play on the field and his warmth off the field.

  • Lore Fett - 6 years ago

    Marcus Tupuola for sure ????????

  • Mona Anesi - 6 years ago

    Marcus defines Strength, Speed, Strategy! Humble & Respectful!!

  • Kevin Doyle - 6 years ago

    Having seen the hours of film watching and workouts Nick Feakes puts into his craft I understand why he has been nominated and associated with these players. He is deserving of this award!

  • Billie Mancuso - 6 years ago

    Vili is an exceptional young man both on an off the field. He is a leader among his teammates as well as his friends and classmates. Very deserving of this award. Either way he is a great young man!

  • Stuart Mackenzie - 6 years ago

    I've had the privilege of watching Nick Feakes since he played in the Under 14s. He always had the class that made you think he was destined to be a great player.

  • Teresa Ayars - 6 years ago

    Feakes is awesome

  • Malon AlJiboori - 6 years ago

    Feakes is the man! Top dawg!

  • Ofa Alilia Tukumoeatu - 6 years ago

    Vote for Vili Helu

  • Ofa Alilia Tukumoeatu - 6 years ago

    Vote for Vili Helu

  • Parker - 6 years ago

    Duncan’s played rugby since the day he could walk. No one loves and respects the game more than this man.

  • Courchesne - 6 years ago

    Nick plays with heart do I need to say more

  • callum richardson - 6 years ago

    Played with Feaksy for 5 years, never backs down, plays with 100% energy and always up for the challenge.

  • Caleb Geuns - 6 years ago

    Feakes for president!

  • Christine Haughton - 6 years ago

    Vote for Duncan V...... Passion / Skills/ all around great human !! the full package

  • Seini cocker - 6 years ago

    Vili Helu is a good role model for our young generation.

  • Hany Ezzat - 6 years ago

    Passion & hard work, good luck brother

    hany ezzat

  • Vicky Kincaid-Smith - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes has fantastic ball skills and a head that is able to read and predict the best direction of ball play. A pivotal player who would be an asset to any team. He has a wonderful command of the English language and is able to communicate and relate to people of all stations of society. A true gentleman on and off the field.

  • Andrew Dawson - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes is a great young man and leader of others from Uni-Noths junior sides and Brumbies Academy squeezing every ounce of his abundant talent out on a grand rugby adventure in the US and giving his university studies a red hot go too. The Owls Juniors are proud this hot-stepping flyhalf/fullback from my old school Dickson College in Canberra and all that he has achieved for his Lions university side.

  • Andrew Dawson - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes is a great young man and leader of others from Uni-Noths junior sides and Brumbies Academy squeezing every ounce of his abundant talent out on a grand rugby adventure in the US and giving his university studies a red hot go too. The Owls Juniors are proud this hot-stepping flyhalf/fullback from my old school Dickson College in Canberra and all that he has achieved for his Lions university side.

  • Glen Croker - 6 years ago

    Outstanding player, even better man

  • Andrew Johns - 6 years ago

    Ive been watching the U.S collegiate 7s for numerous years now. There is no doubt that Nick Feakes is by far the superior choice here.

    Andrew Johns
    Fox Sports Australia

  • Mohammad Abdur Rahman Abdullah - 6 years ago

    I am voting for my friend Nick Feakes. I wish him all the success in his life

  • deni Schutt - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes is the perfect athlete. Strong, talented, fair and a handsome player.
    Congrats Nick

  • Leu saipani - 6 years ago

    Nîck Feakes! What can I say, he is the type of player you want in your team. He brings his team up not just himself. Very driven and a lot of self motivation. Some one who works hard and is garaunteed to leave it all on the field ! Good luck uce

  • Ray Peattie - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes can go.

  • Taisi - 6 years ago

    i watched him from a young boy. Playing footy everyday plus training 2x a week then game day Saturday you deserve it all nick!! Your attitude and passion for the game, your leadership, commitment, and that massive heart of gold you carry day in day out deserves it all!! The sacrifices you have made are incredible and now your a champion persuing your dream on the other side of the world!!go get it Ma brother!!????✊????

  • Joe Hedger - 6 years ago

    Nick Feakes is one hell of a player. Brings it all day, everyday, 100% effort and attitude! Love watching him play!

  • Stephanie Walker - 6 years ago

    Kyle Rogers!! Not only an amazing athlete, he is also an amazing Captain to all the other young men on the team. Taking them under his wing so to speak and always there to help guide them on and off the pitch. Kyle is a respectful & outstanding Gentleman!!! Rugby being a gentleman’s sport, you could not find a better qualified young man!!!

  • Marcy Huntsman- Botizan - 6 years ago

    Go Kyle., Bear Down.
    Go Cats..

  • Anna Clancy - 6 years ago

    Voting for Nick Feakes. Never met anyone more passionate about rugby or who puts their 100 per cent into every game. He’s also an incredibly versatile and strategic player. He’s a champ. Oh and his mum’s great too! :)

  • Kiernan Manu - 6 years ago

    Vili is the best. Period. He is the most skillful player on the field and his leadership skills are outstanding. Vote for Vili in the meet 30 seconds or you will have 5 years of bad luck. Share with with 10 people and be blessed.

  • Alex Goff - 6 years ago

    @joe matta Why would you say pound for pound , helu is quite large , using the pound for pound debate would sway the debate towards the smaller players , like mike eife who is only at most 5’4 160 pounds

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