What do you think of hazy IPAs?

  • Michael DZ - 3 years ago

    Hazy is definitely in fashion now and has won over a huge audience of adorers, but the dust will settle and both will coexist to be enjoyed by the masses

  • Jerrad - 3 years ago

    Livening up the comments section here with some input- with any industry, especially in the fast paced craft beer world, you either innovate or die. There are some staple places that manage to get solid customer bases early on that can carry them for some time, however creativity is a massive marketing point.
    As craft drinkers, more often than not new things intrigue and often provoke us to go that extra couple of miles to the next brewery over- so selling out? I think that’s a very subjective topic without paperwork and money involved.
    Making moves to improve their overall revenue and continue making great beers in the future? I think this the more likely of truths.
    Trend or not the market will continue to change, and perhaps we will revisit this same topic, but with a different style in the future.

  • Nathan Stimson - 3 years ago

    The more variety and ingenuity, the better.

  • Paul Reardon - 3 years ago

    If there is a hazy ipa on tap there should always be a “clear” ipa available as well. Hazy is being overdone

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