Will Roseanne retire because of Twitter?

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Posted 1 year.


  • EvieE - 1 year ago

    Roseanne ain't going nowhere because she said that back in Dec, and she's still here. She just likes to whine like the rest of her MAGA brethren.

  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 1 year ago

    I was initially excited to hear Roseanne was coming back because that was my ish growing up, it was super relatable and probably the first time I heard the phrase "The check is in the mail" LoL But hearing all of this recent BS about her hateful tweets and bullshit conspiracy theories like she tunes in to Alex Jones all day, I found myself loosely quoting Karen when she *unforgettably* said in one of your movie reviews about Batman v Superman, "Fuck that movie AND it's momma!" So in the words of the queen, "FUCK the Roseanne show AND it's momma!!!!" I feel for those affiliated with that foolishness.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 1 year ago

    Roseanne is a shit talker and an attention seeker. She don't know how to keep quiet.

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