Are ebooks to expensive?

Posted 10 months.


  • Reader #5 - 7 months ago

    Here in Germany I wonder about the prices of the eBooks of our large publishers, the eBooks are usually a bad deal compared to the printed copies. Usually you only save like 1-2€ if you buy the title as eBook and sometimes you can't even save anything, because they sell both publications for the same price. Although I want to read the titles rather on my practical eBook-reader (except if they have a ton of images maybe), I use to buy the printed books then instead for the better deal at the end of the day. Since you can still sell your printed books after you read them and get real and nifty material instead of only digital material and reading rights, you get more out of printed books for that price.
    ... And it's becoming really silly if they sell the eBooks for like the same price as the hardcover. Meaning you get the ebook for like 20 bucks then or the hardcover release for 22 instead. - Well, I take the hardcover, thank you.

    However a lot of little publishers are selling their eBook titles significantly cheaper than the printed copies. Like regular softcover titles as eBook for 5€ (instead of 12-15€ for the paperback) and hardcover titles as eBook for maybe 8€. That are indeed nice prices.

  • Anita - 7 months ago

    I am on my second Kindle. I love reading books on my Fire tablet. I use the Overdrive app to download books from the library. I read on the tablet and my smartphone because they sync and you can go from one to the other. I have been reading ebooks for several years now. Originally, I read them on my Palm phone. I didn't pay a lot for the books but every one was a good read. I love using Overdrive now. The books are free and I have them on the same terms as if you checked out a hard cover book from the library. Overdrive also has audio books available. I did have a Simple Touch Nook but it didn't have a backlight and was hard to read without an external light. I prefer the Kindle especially since it will sync with the app on my phone so I can pick up where I left off any device.

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