What is your priority when it comes to sustainability initiatives?

Posted 8 months.

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  • Joan Carrigan - 7 months ago

    We have needed to reduce waste and plastic for a very long time now. This isn't new information. I am 70 years old and we never had the option of plastic water bottles, and we survived with out it, there is too much throw away product in general. In my opinion people have gotten lazy and are not thinking long term, without our animals and clean food we have nothing.
    We now have reusable beverage bottles to take with us in travel or work etc. The brita system is a great way to cut out the plastic water bottles, fast food places, should be using china for eat in customers not automatically giving paper cups along with food order, eat-in should be handled differently to take-out. Drive thu...........is the worst thing invented, makes people lazy and more garbage being tossed. There is no need for all of the plastic containers in groc. stores. Many of the stores have donuts on display and you bag your own and take thru the check out. I work in the grocery industry and I have asked many checkouts has the 5 cent a bag discouraged people from buying bags instead of bringing there own, and the answer was NO........... maybe it is time we went back to paper bags like it was when I was a kid, paper is still reusable and for garbage and it breaks down much quicker. There are many things that can be done but it also has to start from the manufacturing to stop producing products that are not good for the environment, the animals and the waste it creates, if those things are taken away, people adjust and if we the people don't like it, that is just too bad. Our landfills are overloaded with garbage that is not necessary. When I was a family of 4, when the recycle system came, we put out no more then 1 black garbage bag per week. People need to think and start moving forward with change from each household, if we don't ...........our new generation and grandchildren are going to suffer. CHANGE NEEDS TO START NOW MAYBE GO BACK TO SOME OLD WAYS OF DOING THINGS.

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