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  • Jean - 3 years ago

    Cabbage patch collision.

  • Phillip Cranfill - 3 years ago

    Heads will roll on this accident.

  • RICHARD HUMPHRIES - 3 years ago

    Although there were no serious injuries, you can be certain that heads rolled!

  • ellen Friedman - 3 years ago

    Kudos to the 3 entries above! Including the first few listed, all were clever!

  • Wayne Lowe - 3 years ago

    Did the accident leaf the road spread with salad oil or were the heads creamed when they hit the ground?

  • Wayne Lowe - 3 years ago

    No injuries?!! Heads were slashed!

  • Richard Hakes - 3 years ago

    As the accident unfolded, the driver shouted from the cabbage of the truck: "Lettuce pray."

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