If the election for Memphis mayor were today, who would get your vote?

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  • Judy - 1 year ago

    I am in disbelief that voters do not remember the reign of terror inflicted on this city by Herenton. On several occasions, we were the joke on late night television shows. He had more years than most, as mayor, so you have a track record to reference regarding how little he did for the city. If you really want to be an informed voter, do your research. If that is too much trouble, don't vote.

  • L Robinson - 1 year ago

    I think that Herendon did a better job. We didn't have all of this crime and violence. They have to many unsolved murder cases n Dir. Rallings doesnt seem to care about that issue n i have to blame Mayor Strickland for that also. Those homicide detectives dont give a care. They don't have enough decency to call you n let you know they have been promoted. They have no ethics. They don't care n i really thought that he was going to do a good job.Maybe you need to lay down some ground rules for your majors because they have you looking bad in my opinion in homicide. Now, i dont agree with Mayor Strickland not doing right concerning the police n firemens. They deserve good pay n benefits.Mayor Strickland, you need to step up your game, you are looking bad in a lot of black peoples sights. Families need to have closure for their family members.

  • Bob T - 1 year ago

    Strickland has done nothing to help the city. And as a councilman he took and stripped the city employees of their benefits they were promised years ago. Now the hides behind false accomplishments, it caters to His perceived voting Block and his public appearances are a joke.
    I served 20 years , losing benefits for me and my family, while the city gave away PILOTS, Grant's, an embarrassing infrastructure in total disrepair, under his false promises,vas a councilman, then mayor, at the end which gave me a sour taste and the desire to run as far as I can from Memphis. Mayor Herenton , with all his faults, took nothing from the city employees and also sometimes his means were questionable, the end results were more desirable.
    He at least, was obvious of who he supported and valued.
    Strickland, like Cohen, is s pandering politician who talks out of both sides of his mouth.
    The MLK50 debacle turned into a bash Trump affair during speeches. How much did that cost the city? Will they bill the cost to the organizers of the protests and marches like they did other protesters and marchers at the city?
    Will they build a memorial to the 1978 police and fire strikers who changed the course of city history with a referendum added to the city charter? I doubt it.
    I fear Memphus is lost. Crime out of control from city hall to the streets. Businesses failing, malls falling to thugs...
    Herenton can't be any worse....

  • George - 1 year ago

    I Bank mayor Strickland had and still has a sincere effort to help the overall problems of the city. However like most politicians I think he has gotten too comfortable in his position and has gotten complacent. He needs to act like a politician who is running for reelection and put a fire under him again. He really needs to get out and have weekly or bi-weekly monthly Community meetings to talk to the people which I don't hear much about. I just think he is a better candidate than dr. Harrington who had multiple years to improve the city and my pen made things worse. I hope mayor Strickland will start to get fired up again and improve the blight problems we have around the city especially around Graceland which is still an embarrassment at the intersection of Brooks Road and Elvis Presley Boulevard. He also needs to dress blighted areas that have been unaddressed for many many decades in South Memphis. I hope Mary Strickland gets fired up again and starts dressing these core problems that he mentioned in his campaign for office when he is running. Our city needs some real leadership strong leadership to overcome our bad image we have among our citizens and are image from others around the nation

  • Mark B. - 1 year ago

    Strickland hasn't done anything for the fire and police. I hope Herenton does make a come back.

  • Lynn T - 1 year ago

    Herenton was an arrogant crook who did and said everything he wanted to. He had his chance he needs to sit down and go be a grandfather to his son.

  • Debra M. - 1 year ago

    I think Mayor Strickland is making a sincere effort at attacking the major problems we faced when he took office. He jumped right in on upping the police force. I live in a central part of the city near the intersection of two main thoroughfares, and we're not hearing near the amount of police chases and gunfire we once did, being near the main routes they take when in pursuit. The key is that citizens in our area will participate in the solution by calling in to report crimes and suspicious activity, even to the non-emergency number, if nothing else. We live in very blended area, so it's not as if it's only due to race that they respond pretty quickly here. People have to call stuff in, so they'll know where to assign more patrols, and which areas are having crimes spike, so they can follow patterns. As far as Herenton running again, I don't favor it. I was a huge supporter during his first term, and somewhat into the second, but I watched all that dissolve into cronyism and a rather loose approach to many aspects of city government. I had an especially close view to the spending habits of some of his staff, as I happened to work in a store where they bought much of their furnishings for their offices. I didn't realize at first who these customers were, but just knew they were spending an inordinate amount to be furnishing offices. Then they had me write up the items and bill it to the City of Memphis, all while our citizen's property taxes were being continually being raised at alarming rate. Also, I recall many city government officials being caught mis-using funds during Herenton's tenure, as well as a huge spike in crime during that time. All in all, I think Former Mayor Herenton should probably not run again, but possibly COULD serve well in participating in something to do with some of the Youth oriented initiatives around the city, given his background as a former Superintendent of Schools. I am currently VERY pleased to hear of Mayor Strickland's big boost in Summer Employment for teens. Teens used to beg us to hire them at the store where I worked, but we were limited in being able to hire them, due to some of the age limit and other restrictions about employing them under a certain age. Mayor Strickland should get a little longer to let his initiatives bear fruit before people throw in the towel on him.

  • Treva - 1 year ago

    I feel that Herenton is out of line using the Martin Luther king Jr celebration as a platform to promote himself and future campaign. Especially since he never once addressed the sanitation worker's lack of benefits and pensions while he was serving as mayor. He also failed to address the confederate statues, and they didn't even have laws preventing their removal when he was elected. After a certain point, he only seemed to care about himself. He needs to stick to his calling which is education especially if he wants to address the juvenile crime rates. This is not the place nor time to use the race card. Mayor Stickland is not a Mayor Hackett.

  • Harambe - 1 year ago

    Dicks out for Harambe

  • Yahdeh Lee - 1 year ago

    I love me some Mayor Willie Herenton as mayor, at the time I am a political person voting for right candidate Mayor Strickland upon running for mayor he ran as a strong candidate to win he deserve to prove his mayor agenda in second term, my opion my vote

  • Russell Cox - 1 year ago

    If that’s the only two choices, I won’t vote. One is as bad as the other

  • Chris B - 1 year ago

    Herenton stepped down. Wants to come back.

    Like a dad who left for cigarettes years ago and now needs a home again.

  • Ronnie P Cooper - 1 year ago

    Our focus needs to be on those 25 years of age and younger. Education, less teen pregnancy, more job placement and training,
    & legalized marijuana. 90% of crime is from the addicts of crack, methamphetamine and opioids; not marijuana. 70% or more of our jails have drug offenders in them and could be less if the marijuana charges weren't on the books. So there goes a considerable portion of the people who are at poverty level cause they have records for simple drug charges and would otherwise have a job and the education system if improved then the youth would be skilled to believe and know that they can accomplish after graduation real success in the work field through effective job placement programs rather than quick money through drug sales and the endless vicious cycle that it has become. Teen pregnancy breeds children raising children with no real parenting skills thus the next generation is no better than the one before, cause the parents had rather give their kids a phone or a computer so they can corrupt their minds with rap music and social media, instead of raising their kids with morals, modesty and integrity and respect of themselves and others; just so they don't have to deal with their own kids. So we need a mayor who will make that the focus. That's who we need to vote for. Whomever that is, please step forward or we are on the path to NO TOURISM, NO COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND DEFINITELY WORSE THAN WE ARE TODAY.

  • Toya B. - 1 year ago

    I think Mayor Herenton ran the city better but like that Mayor Strickland put more programs in place for kids.

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