WhatTheHeckMan April Series

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  • Skosko - 6 years ago

    What a wawuuu. The plot twists kept falling in my head and hitting me at every angle. Loved it. I like how the real the characters and dialogue were. Still sad about the way things ended esp w Dee and his family. I wanted closure and forgiveness but hey, can’t always get what you want.
    Erm, why is Dee still with a woman at the end? After all his trials and tribulations I feel like at least he should have chosen to live his truth. Idk if I’m doing the most sha. Overall good story, plot was thick and juicy and it was pleasant to read. Only thing is if dialogue could be in a different format to the test of the work so like italics or bold, I think it would improve the readability. Well done Wordsmith ????????????????

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