Gold Chevy Bowtie vs. Black Chevy Bowtie

Posted 10 months.


  • GC Coulter - 10 months ago

    I like the open or hollow verison.

  • David Caldwell - 10 months ago

    The blacked-out look is for these new-age little Millennials that don't take the time to detail their own car. Chrome is and always will be where it's at

  • Tom Howe - 10 months ago

    Like the black bowtie but it's not for every color. Wish GM would allow us to order one or the other without it having to be an LPO and charging a ridiculous amount. Understand if a customer wants to change, but why are they only shipping gold and charging us for the black when it's changed during prep?

  • Colin Darrow - 10 months ago

    Let's be serious, the original color was blue not gold and in the middle of a field of the entire logo. They replaced it with the cheap looking oversized, gold one and kIlled the rest of the logo. Going to Black is not the same as blue but sure better than that gold... glad they downsized it at the same time.

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