Who has your vote? (Poll Closed)

  • Tuna Altuna
    1,749 votes

  • Mosthigh Thankgod
    1,778 votes


Posted 12 months.


  • thankbabyJ - 11 months ago

    crisis averted

  • Will - 11 months ago

    I voted for Boats Botes all the way to the end last year. That said... Tuna Altuna is not that great of a name.

  • Name Name - 11 months ago

    If this is really what the people want, next year should just be every repetitive name the Committee can find. Hell, put some names on there twice. Seriously, did Boats Botes not get this out of our collective system?

  • McFly - 11 months ago

    If Boats Botes wasn’t even his real name, isn’t that on the committee to give us real names and not nicknames or made up names? That gets to the heart of the integrity of this tournament.

  • Drew - 11 months ago

    When a name has a sound that sounds like another sound in repetition, that is most pleasing. A name that literally repeats the same letters isn't half as clever and come on people, this is even more boring than Boats.

  • Halal Snackbar - 11 months ago

    Mosthigh Thankgod IS the correct choice. No more Boats Albotes & Tuna Toona. Boats Botes wasn’t even their real name!

  • Zack Kelley - 11 months ago

    Tuna Altuna deserves more recognition and praise than this tournament could possibly give. His name his greatness.

  • Sultan McDoom - 11 months ago

    Yeah, but at least Boats Botes and Altuna are Sweet 16 worthy names. Wait until Altuna beats Jimbob Ghostkeeper. Then complain.

  • MostLow ThankSatan - 11 months ago

    Cmon guys. Tuna Altuna is just another Boats Botes. Let's not have a repeat of last year.

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