Has your opinion of WPEC-CBS12 changed since the 'fake news' editorial

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  • Mike Crose - 7 months ago

    Channel 12 has just as much bad news abiut Trump as it does good news about Trump. I read iwatch local news different channel. I liked suzanne boyd and eric roby
    .i also go om social media to see what ceaazinesa is coming from people.i also watch fox and try to stomach cnn or msnbc at least 30 minutes a day.that is about enough to hear what they are all saying down to the word for the whole day.. I think they get a script with the buzz words. Anyway i cannot abide don lemon and his smug holier than tho speech. He is sickening.same with maddow. Also mica and joe. They really think they are so wonderful! They are worse than any. I mostly like brett baier and tucker carlson. The five is good for entertainment. Ilove greg gutfelds show. Always makes me laugh. Kat Tempf is hillarious. Also like Tyrus. Martha mcallum is good too. Not crazy about trish reegan . like kennedy. Sorry got of subject. Anyway i listen to talk radio some as well. Except hannity. Just cant take this guy for some reason. Always go with feelings about a person. So i do not depend on one news show on tv or radio. Not one social media. Not one paper or magazine. I even watxh congress on tv when they actually are there. I try to research as much as possible about politicians before i vote. Not what media says but their actual voting records past and present. How many times they showed up for work. How much $ wasted. What they have actually done to help or hurt their constituents. In other words. Who owns a company usially doesnt affect my thinking. Wish more people on both sides would doo the same instead of following one particular party or persons agenda without question. I feel most of left that go on social media seem so angry and immature. Of course there are some on right to but not as much hate i dont think. Also most people do not post their opinions on social media. At least not their true opinions for.fear of being unfollowed or called names. That also mostly from the left. America is a country of many religions ideas and races. We should hold our congress to their words they promise before election. We should vote out all that do not do the job. We should insist they uphold our laws and fix those that need fixing instead of using power of the office WE gave them to spite the opposition. If ya dont want a certain person then speak out and say whythen get rid of em. If you loose then it must not have been the will of the people. Or God. Just ask hillary.

  • Thomas Brown - 2 years ago

    Current television viewing hasn't been part of my life vor several years. I get my news from several sources, and allow my intelligence to weigh the information.

  • Barbara Forsythe - 2 years ago

    I dropped Chanel 12 some time ago when the Post reported Sinclair had taken it over. Know the source of your news!

  • Robert Wilkins - 2 years ago

    Liz Quirantes and WPEC have lost my respect and viewership too. If you must air these false reports, you must also air a statement that you are being forced to do so.

  • Hellen Hoffman - 2 years ago

    I never thought my beloved and (previously) respected Liz Quirantes would do this and, more to the point, stay in a place where "real" journalism was ignored

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