Has your opinion of WPEC-CBS12 changed since the 'fake news' editorial

Posted 10 months.


  • Thomas Brown - 7 months ago

    Current television viewing hasn't been part of my life vor several years. I get my news from several sources, and allow my intelligence to weigh the information.

  • Barbara Forsythe - 10 months ago

    I dropped Chanel 12 some time ago when the Post reported Sinclair had taken it over. Know the source of your news!

  • Robert Wilkins - 10 months ago

    Liz Quirantes and WPEC have lost my respect and viewership too. If you must air these false reports, you must also air a statement that you are being forced to do so.

  • Hellen Hoffman - 10 months ago

    I never thought my beloved and (previously) respected Liz Quirantes would do this and, more to the point, stay in a place where "real" journalism was ignored

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