Should California split into three states?

  • Tony Tran - 2 years ago

    I want California to split.

  • Tony Tran - 2 years ago

    I want California to split.

  • G H Roller - 2 years ago

    If I wanted a smaller state - I'd move to Rhode Island. Being a Native Californian for 8 decades doesn't make me an expert. However, the preposterous idea of dividing the Golden State into three smaller insignifIcant entities would be PLAIN SELF DEFEATING! The person who put this proposition on the November ballot should have his head examined. The song "California Here I come" welcomes people from all over the USA. If you're proud of California & happy to be here - OK. If not, it's time to leave & turn out the lights before you go!

  • Daniel THompson - 2 years ago

    Stupid ! I was born here, I will be buying 3 fishing licenses. Dumb is as dumb does Not to mention losing almost all the power california has in DC. Dumb ass!!!

  • Liz Villa - 2 years ago

    Hell no, totally against this!

  • Monica - 2 years ago

    While we're at it, can we split up Florida and Texas too? Having lived in all 3 states it is my experience that each state has parts that are very politically polarized. If we start here, where will it stop? This is ridiculous and I believe will fail. The people who will vote for it are the ones who feel lost in CA without representation. My advice to them, LEAVE! Or go to another county you feel satisfied in. There are plenty of rural conservative states just to the right that will accept you wholeheartedly without having to split up CA and the nation's 5th largest economy.

  • Pat Jackson - 3 years ago

    This has been a plot of the ultra conservative for years it gained steam after Brexit. Ask yourself what Nigel Farage has to do with this whole thing, while your at it, please read: "From His Home in Russia, #Calexit Leader Plots California Secession". Here is the link to the article--- LEAVE CALIFORNIA ALONE--1 STATE NOW AND FOREVER!!!!!

  • Anthony - 3 years ago

    It's going to fail. Homeowners won't vote for it because the end of California means the end of Proposition 13. Liberals won't vote for it because they like the States liberal "throw weight." License holding professionals won't vote for it because it will limit their practices and force a threat of re licensure requirements. Northern county right wingers will hate it because Northern California would be far more liberal than California is now. Finally Northern California would control everyone else's water. Guess how that's going to go over in the TV ads.

  • Michael McKean - 3 years ago

    Include Bay Area in strip along coast to LA. Separate liberals from conservatives. Elect separate Govemors. Let the people vote on territory lines.

  • Chrissie - 3 years ago

    Problem is, I do not want SF in the mix for Northern CA......same problems as we have now for those of us who are more rural and conservative views. I like STATE OF JEFFERSON best. Let us become not fight us....then "new" CA can do whatever it wants!

  • Steven - 3 years ago

    Interesting division. Three states...1 dominated by LA, 1 dominated by SF, and the third dominated by San Diego. I don't think that rural voters would be interested in being dominated so completely by three liberal cities. Furthermore, the notion that Draper can draw lines and be done with it...that's hilarious. However, his point about under representation in the Senate is well taken. Let's merge the Dakotas! Do we need a Montana AND an Idaho?

  • pch1013 - 3 years ago

    How funny that the same right-wingers who lecture the rest of us about "getting over it" (re: Trump) can't cope with living in a state with a Democratic governor. Suck it up, losers.

  • Verl stanford - 3 years ago

    I also was wrong in my decision.i am voting against california being split.i want california as one state we need to stay united

  • Jhon martin - 3 years ago

    I retract my previous post ....please do not bring it on .i was stupid in my decision

  • Donald trump - 3 years ago

    Mark Zeller is desperately in need of some one on one mental therapy lol sound crazy buddy..take a chill pill bill

  • Donald trump - 3 years ago

    Lol yeah let's not.pure idiotic thinking wow

  • Elroy smithson - 3 years ago

    Bring not it

  • jane collins - 3 years ago

    Leave things alone, some fecal matter filled head
    trying screw things up more.

  • Mark Zeller - 3 years ago

    This is desperately needed, several states have way too much political influence due to their population. The demographics of California are very diverse and the tightly populated cities reflect different values and needs of that of the more rural areas. Splitting this state up will ensure more fair representation.

  • Ric Garcel - 3 years ago

    I will not support this. California should remain united..

  • Verl Stanford - 3 years ago

    This is in progress. See alternate proposal by New California. This is in progress. Actually Northern California could encompass the northern part of New California and become the State of Jefferson. This would then be a three state split and the Bay Area along with L.A. would be left as a state. Per the proposed map, there would be New California and California. Or with the alternate three state split, there would be California, New California and the Northern California state which could be called Northern California or Jefferson. See map here

  • Billy Adams - 3 years ago

    Yes please

  • John Martin - 3 years ago

    Bring it on!

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