Who is the best Equestria Girls Villain?

Posted 8 months.


  • immblueversion - 7 months ago

    Look, I know we all love Sunset now, but going purely by what we got from the first movie, I think we can safely say she was still an awful villain. We didn't really love to hate her like the Dazzlings, nor did we get to see much of any relatable reasons for her villainy like...well, all the others. She was little more than a stock high school bully with an intriguing but largely wasted backstory that was mainly used as an excuse to start a new franchise. Just getting to see how much better she and EQG have become is the one thing keeping her from being worse than Principal Cinch.

  • Matthew Townsend-Farr - 7 months ago

    In my eyes, Wallflower Blush was a better villain, because she actually hid her motives for most of the "Most Likely to be Forgotten" story, unlike the others whose motives were talked about or were hinted at throughout the other stories. Also, she's the only EQG villain who didn't have a monstrous form. That proves that not everyone has to be a super powerful monster to be a villain. Sometimes, we create our own enemies.

  • Misscellanio - 7 months ago

    Dazzlings are the best! Sunset was a lame villain. Great character but first she was meh, as a villain, though I did enjoy her antics overall.
    I love the others! Shannon Chan Kent did an excellent job as Wallflower Blush. The ending anger scene gave me chills. Had to replay it so many times.

  • don - 7 months ago

    The Dazzlings from Friendship is Manly . . . .

  • anon - 7 months ago

    Dazzlings suck.

    But they're still the closest thing to "good" villains in eqg.

  • Missing Legs - 7 months ago

    Someone ran out of Poll ideas XD

  • BallOfSunshine - 7 months ago

    There's absolutely no contest here; the Dazzlings were by far the best villains. Heck, I'd almost say they were the best villains in the entire show, if Discord and Queen Chrysalis didn't exist. So that still makes them, like, 3rd best overall, which is pretty good for a show with this many antagonists.

    The Dazzlings were not a physical or even particularly magical threat when they showed up, but a social one, using their hypnotic singing to drive everyone around them into a frenzy, pitting friends against each other and ultimately ensuring their plans go through. And all they're doing to make it happen is exactly what the Mane Six do all the damn time (singing and appealing to personal values), so they're pretty much a shadow archetype of the whole group, making their struggle all the more interesting to watch and their defeat that much more satisfying.

  • DJ Lucifera - 7 months ago

    This poll is rigged since Sunset Shimmer and The Dazzlings are also choices.

  • Surreal - 7 months ago

    Why is this even an option?

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