How important is Twitter to your exposure to health IT knowledge, news, or opinions? (Poll Closed)

  • Not very
    196 votes

  • Some
    39 votes

  • A lot
    48 votes



  • Ashley Dauwer - 2 years ago

    The Pink Socks tribe shares a passion for “improving health, humanizing healthcare, investing in public health, addressing social determinants of health, advocating for health policy improvements and change, and thinking of innovative ways to create a better cohesive integrated health system.”

  • Like I'm 5 - 2 years ago

    I don't know what Pink Socks is, what it has accomplished, or what it hopes to accomplish. Can someone explain it like I'm 5?

  • Steve S - @ShimCode - 2 years ago

    I call BS on the high number of ‘Not Very.’ I’d like to know where the folks who voted ‘Not Very’ find out about their health IT knowledge, news, or opinions?

    To me, Twitter – especially a well-organized setup using filters, hashtags, lists and other constructs– is the entry point for learning all things healthIT. I agree with Shereese Maynard: “those who think there's not a valuable HIT community on Twitter have no idea how to leverage it.”
    Moreover, two of my current clients found me based on my Twitter presence. I wasn’t direct marketing or asking for work.

  • Monica Stout - 2 years ago

    I'm surprised by the results of this poll. Twitter brings together so many vibrant healthcare communities and ideas. I pay attention to HC information on Twitter far more than the spam I get in my inbox everyday. I also appreciate the differences in opinion and perspective that I get on Twitter that I don't get in other places.

  • Ashley Dauwer - 2 years ago

    So you don’t read Health IT news from various sources? Interesting!

    Your comment seems counterintuitive - because Twitter is exactly that. A tool which allows you to connect with real-life influencers who are making impactful decisions, in many different roles in healthcare - from the C-Suite, to physicians, nurses.

    And for your knowledge, the “pink socks wearing clique” is made up of people from all facets of care, all over the world, including those those in healthcare operations, executives and clinical jobs. Our tribe is centered around care, empathy and compassion. Based on your negativity, I think you’d do well with a pair in your wardrobe, and a more open mind.

  • Mark DeMan - 2 years ago

    Executives in healthcare operations, executive, or clinical jobs don't care about any of the uses listed by the marketing people so far by their comments. Tweeting just echoes around the same pink socks wearing clique, which is kind of opposite what marketing people are paid to do (trying to reach real-life influencers who make impactful decisions).

  • Shereese Maynard - 2 years ago

    I believe those who think there's not a valuable HIT community on Twitter have no idea how to leverage it. Twitter offers a thriving community of thought leaders, influencers, and curious minds in the area of Health IT news and opinions.

  • Brian Mack - 2 years ago

    I'm frankly shocked by the results of the poll thus far. Those of us in Healthcare and Health IT Marketing and Communications have an EXTREMELY active presence on Twitter. It is a significant resource for sourcing, aggregating, curating, and distributing industry related content across multiple channels. It is also a primary conduit for connecting the #HITSM, #HITMC, #HCLDR, #PinkSocks, and #TheWalkingGallery communities.

  • Ashley Dauwer - 2 years ago

    I was really surprised by the results of this poll. I work in healthcare IT marketing, and Twitter is a vital tool. There's a very active community of knowledgeable players in health IT on social media. Many publications in our industry are on Twitter so it becomes a one-stop shop for health IT news. My favorite use for Twitter is making connections with like-minded people, all over the world, and having candid conversations.

  • Over 60 - 2 years ago

    I've set up all my news feeds through Twitter so it's my one-stop link to any site I choose to be connected to. It's also where I follow news/industry leaders whom I choose to listen to. Is it a bit of an echo chamber? Sometimes. But it's convenient too.

  • Bob - 2 years ago

    Twitter is vital as a mass communication tool, often with instantaneous feedback ("write" or wrong) but with great and powerful tools, comes even greater responsibility. It requires a certain amount of critical thinking ... which, in the healthcare IT vertical, is sadly, sometimes, sorely lacking ... you know who you are (forest/trees kinda thing) ...

  • Twitterbation - 2 years ago

    They don’t call it #twitterbation for nothing. I tweet regularly, but pretty sure it’s mostly me reading my tweets...

  • Anonymous - 2 years ago

    If there were a “Not at all” option, I’d have chosen that response.

    I’ve never understood why people like Twitter or waste time with it. And whatever curiosity or open mindedness that I might have had about Twitter has been eliminated by its prominence in current events.

  • LSK6453 - 2 years ago

    Organizations like #HITMC are great on Twitter

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