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  • Dr. Narwhals Mating
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  • Gandalf Hernandez
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Posted 11 months.


  • giraffes mating - 11 months ago

    There is an OBGYN in the Dallas area named Dr. Vagisha Sharma. The honoriffic there would totally be legit, would she ever make it to the NOTY final tournament.

  • Third Jeff - 11 months ago

    Last comment sounds suspiciously formulated by Real Jeff.

  • Fuckface McShittyPants - 11 months ago

    I would be honored to share my name with The Real Jeff. I agree with everything he has written here. Not only is he correct about Name Doping, he also has a fantastic ability to read sarcasm, is definitely not named "Geoffrey," and is an all-around swell guy.

    Dr. Fuckface McShittyPants, M.D., D.D.S., PhD

  • Andrew Birch - 11 months ago

    Re: “the real” Jeff... if that’s your real name?! I bet your birth certificate actually reads “Geoffrey”.

    you and your inability to read sarcasm. Pfff! “Fake” JEFF has a point. Dr. Mating, I am almost certain, probably has no interest in this “competition”. Chances are: if you change your name to Narwhals Mating, you probably don’t give two shits about what “real”Geoff thinks or what anyone else thinks either.

    That said, I will totally 100% a gofundme for you to change your name to Fuckface McShittyPants.

    Dr. Mating fucking rules!!!

  • (the real) Jeff - 11 months ago

    re: Andrew Birch: second Jeff is an imposter.

    re: Imposter Jeff: For the record, I am CERTAIN he changed his name SOLELY for the purpose of winning this prestigious competition.

    re: Doctor No: agree 100%.

  • Doctor No - 11 months ago

    (Oh, and even with the "Dr." and the name change, Narwhals blows Gandalf out of the water. I get it. Hispanic wizard. Ha ha. But NARWHALS MATING!!! A marine mammal sex tableau is the GUY'S NAME!)

  • Patrick - 11 months ago

    If I’m not mistaken, Narwhals changed his name while in medical school, prior to receiving his MD He’s had the name for twenty years. He’s Native American, and clearly the name has meaning to him. His name is as legit as any other in the NOTY tournament.

  • Doctor No - 11 months ago

    I think we're ignoring the real controversy, here. One that has tainted NOTY for years. The continued inclusion of TITLES in a supposed NAME competition.

    "Narwhals Mating," "Taekwondo Byrd," and "Dongo Pewee" can stand on their own. They don't need to be propped up with honorifics that are not part of their names. The name is better because the guy went to med school?

    Keep it about the names. Keep it pure.

  • Andrew Birch - 11 months ago

    ...Jeff had a sudden change of heart...

  • Jeff - 11 months ago

    Yes, I’m sure he changed his name with the sole intention of winning this competition. If you’re envious enough of his success, then by all means, change your name to Shittypants and that level of commitment fully deserves the win. Good luck on the medical degree, though.

  • Jeff - 11 months ago

    When will NOTY finally put an end to Name Doping??? All nominiees should be tested in advance so that nobody has this kind of unfair advantage again! Hopefully Mating will lose so we don't have to live with an asterisk for 2018.

  • Creepy Steve - 11 months ago

    I loved Dr. Narwhals Mating until I found out it was a name change someone gave themself. That kind of killed it for me. I liked the idea of someone being saddled with a boat anchor of a name like that, and overcoming that to become a doctor, but then only having that title make the name sound even more ridiculous. I might just have to change my name to Fuckface McShittypants and dominate this contest. Scratch that, Dr. Fuckface McShittypants.

  • Mike - 11 months ago

    I'm with cool guy- I'm generally not a huge fan of including name changes, but WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE YOUR NAME TO "NARWHALS MATING"? And if somebody was going to do that, and you were asked what you assumed his profession would be, you'd NEVER say "doctor". He's been my favorite since the bracket was announced (I've had a Ghostkeeper-Mating final from day one), and I see no reason to change my mind now.

  • Dr. Rex Mating - 11 months ago

    @rich. I agree with you. Gandalf is an awesome name. We're getting to the point where the decisions are going to be extremely difficult to make. Dr. Narwhals Mating is just special for me. Hopefully we see a Dr. Narwhals Mating match-up against Delicious Peters.

  • rich - 11 months ago

    come on Gandalf you magnificent beast!

    i think what i like most about gandalf hernandez, is that it could almost be my name. its SO very nearly normal. but its not. its Gandalfs name.

    Gandalf Hernandez, you glorious SOB.

  • cool guy - 11 months ago

    It being a name change makes it even funnier. Like, why would you want to be called that?

  • Dr. Rex Mating - 11 months ago

    @Raymond Rex Spisak. I'm on the fence about that as well but as stated a legal name change IS a legal name change. It's way better than nicknames. Last year's Boats Botes debacle almost destroyed the integrity of the tournament. But I can get behind a legal name change. That guy has to sign official documents and with the name Narwhals Mating lmao.

    "Hey I'm Gandalf. What's your name?"
    "Hi I'm Narwhals."


  • Raymond Rex Spisak - 11 months ago

    Seriously? A name change? Precedent be damned, this is no place for Mating.

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