Should Josh Morrissey be suspended?

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  • Brian C Johnson - 2 years ago

    Anyone who thinks this isn't a big intent to injure....two things.

    Morrissey reaction....hands up pretending doesn't know what happened.....if he didn't mean to then two things
    ...why not make sure he was okay and an apology after the game.

    Second....let someone take a STICK to your head and see if it hurts.

  • Brian C Johnson - 2 years ago

    Call the NHL OFFICES in Toronto at 4163597900 express your incurious explosion on their behinds for this...the stick to the head of Sucker later on....tbe dirty cross checks to Steal (4 times) and to Peruse by Chariot. Ask how much the officials are making on their blindness and demand a suspension of Morrissey and the officiating crew.

  • Lonny - 2 years ago

    This is reminiscent of bertuzzi on moore blindside crosscheck. Staal is lucky he didnt get hurt worse. Should be a similar suspension for a VERY similar act. Get it right NHL!

  • Ed white - 2 years ago

    Ian, please tell me what kind of hockey play he misexecuted that led to his stick being accidentally rammed into the side of the head and neck of the opposing team's leading scorer, who was also nowhere near the boards, the goalie, or the puck?

  • Frosty - 2 years ago

    An example of the worst officiating in any sport on any level.

  • Chad Kinney - 2 years ago

    Definitely blatant hit. Make hockey violent again. What ever happened to you hit my star player and we'll retaliate by taking out Yours? Oh well, blame those damn snowflake liberal's for taking the fun out of everything.

  • Elsa G - 2 years ago

    Yes on the suspension - and also warrants an official comment/apology/plan from the NHL on how they aim to work with officials to
    do better in the future

  • Derek - 2 years ago

    Penalty, yes...suspension no. Because the refs missed sitting him for a major he should sit an entire game? It was not intentional...period. Funny how so many people are use in arms saying this lost the game for Minn when a year ago Kesler held Talbots goalie pad and cost Edmonton the series with minimal fan upheaval. It’s a tough game, Minn had no chance in this series anyway

  • Stew Poff jr - 2 years ago

    There are calls through out any game that does not effect the outcome but the one on Eric stall last night did effect it some how. A tie game at the time 5 on 3 the chances of them scoring in that situation could have given them the opportunity to go up 1. Morrissy had a key pass to set up the goal with 28 left. If he was penalized it would have been at least a four min and the jets goal most likely wouldn’t have happened

  • BruceTheRef - 2 years ago

    That is the most horrendous non-call in a long time. Staal takes that cross-check lower and he wears a neck brace for a long time, if not worse. As a retired ice ref, I am ashamed for the folks in stripes. I can MAYBE forgive 1 set of eyes for missing it, but what about the other 3? There are rule provisions that the orange bands can ask for help from the linesman. To help with the thought that a team already short-handed should not get another one! Not when it's one with such an injury potential as that was. All 4 of them should be removed from working further playoff games. For shame, Kozari & crew.

  • Brian - 2 years ago

    This is about as dirty a play as you can make. Cross check to the head to a player 25 ft from the puck looking the other way. Maurice says Morrissey is a clean player who didn't realize he got his stick that high. Players are responsible for their sticks and Morrissey knew he was cross checking. Doughty gets a game for a clean hit. Kadri gets 3 games (by the way no call on the elbow to the head on Marner just before Kadri hit) so Morrissey should be out for at least 3 games as there is definite intent on an unsuspecting player. The refs may or may not have missed it but obviously the league can't deny seeing it. Will the league do the right thing? We shall see.

  • Tim - 2 years ago

    Ian...Even if I were a Jets fan, there is no way I’d be so blind and foolish to say that that shouldn’t of been a five-minute major and a minimum of a 10 game Suspension. If that was any player on the team that I happen to be rooting for, i’d say he deserves the same suspension ????. I actually agree with the guy that said it should be out for the playoffs.

  • Gord Brown - 2 years ago

    If Kadri gets three games Morrisey gets five

  • Terry - 2 years ago

    The Morrissey hit was a definite shot to injure. The NHL needs to have automatic suspensions, one year, for shots to the head. To many times it’s like this don’t receive a satisfactory suspension. The player should also receive a fine, along with the officials that missed the call. Maybe with both getting fine we won’t have as many blatant hits, and the refs won’t be to chickenshit to make the call. As a sportsmanship to the game, if the NHL will not suspend Morrissey the Jets should.

  • Steve Montbriand - 2 years ago

    The officials should be suspended a game for missing an obvious cross-check to the HEAD.

    Morrissey should be suspended for the rest of the playoffs.

  • Ahren - 2 years ago

    With Parise out it seems the Jets needed the best Wild scorer to go down to seal the series. It was intent to injure, you coyld tell Morrissey throwing up his hands afterwards was phony.

  • Brad Foster - 2 years ago

    Ok, I'm a flyers fan (I know, please don't mock me). But this is one of the dumbest non-calls I have seen in a long time. So what now, they suspend a him for a couple games (given the series is all but over now). The refs screwed the game and probably that series. I remember seeing the crap from Winnipeg fans about Marcus Foligno... You know, the video of the guy sliding out of control after falling over and accidentally hitting a jet who got hurt. The Jets coach said he didn't like the "hit". Now Morrissey blatantly cross checks a guy in the head, who happens to be 6 inches taller, who isn't within 20 feet of the puck and now the Jets coach says Morrisey wasn't even looking at him (which video obviously proves wasn't true). Sorry wild fans that you got completely hosed in this game, and probably series. A one goal game, not counting the empty net goal, determined by a no call 5 minute major was absolute crap. Love hockey, but this $#@& is ridiculous. My bet is they suspend him for 2 games, long enough to make it look like they did their job, but not enough to effect the rest of the playoffs, even if your team got hired out of having a chance to move in. Hate to admit it, but they see your team as the older, boring team that makes the playoffs every year. They want to see Winnipeg move on, even if that means letting them goon and act like they won something.

  • Tim - 2 years ago

    I miss old school hockey take out wheeler. You go after our best guy we go after yours. End of discussion!!!

  • Harbontz - 2 years ago

    Also, guaranteed there will not even be a review by the DOPS on the Morrissey blatant cross check. Welcome to the NHL.

  • Harbontz - 2 years ago

    To all the people who're all forgetting that this is the NHL, the most bushleague sport. There's a reason why its a distant 4th in the American sports market. Terrible officiating and even worse/more confusing department of player safety rulings have been a cornerstone of this league for decades. When a team is already on a powerplay, the penalty killing team can literally pull a Bobby Clarke and chop a guy over the head and there will NEVER be a call. The league has been obsessed with PARITY for a long time. They only want close games, that's why the refereeing always slants towards the losing team (especially come playoff time)

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    Just discussed to see official blatantly ignore a vicious cross check as he stared it down. That one was the worst, but there should of been more calls soon after that were also ignored. NHL should look close at what happened here. Any sign of shrugging off officiating responsibility on this one would be a sad, but telling sign of the leaque. ALL EYES OPEN!

  • Carl - 2 years ago

    UNBELIEVEABLE. They didn't call two different high sticks to the face - or big fuggen ugly using his elbow to the face ( twice also ) in this game. BUT WHAT THE HELL KINDA CRAP IS THAT? Cheap dirty right to the head... the out come of that game would have been changed ... NHL had better dump him from post season.
    really great clean player laying on the ice, no stop in play.??? WTF !!

  • Peter Denardo - 2 years ago

    That was a ridiculous dirty hit. He should be hot with a one game suspension and the team should be assessed with a double minor or five minute major to start game 5.

  • Tom - 2 years ago

    WOW. Suspend him from the rest of the playoffs. This was a deliberate intent to injure, and the head was the primary target. Moving players from in front of the net is common. The cross check is applied to the ribs,hip, or shoulder. Morrissey's stick did not ride up from the shoulder and then to the head. Staal did not make a sudden ducking motion, causing the contact to the head. This can not be blamed on the speed of the game. The refs and linesmen need more training. If you watch the video, you'll see they were all puck watching, which is how they missed the call. the Jets won't overcome bad karma

  • Rocky Watros - 2 years ago

    Morrissey will be suspended for one game. That's an easy call.

  • Ian Wilson - 2 years ago

    First JM is not a dirty hockey player. Second that was a miscue play, it should have been penalized. There was no intent to injur so no suspension.... 5 min major questionable. I’m a jets fan though so I may be clouded by the fact that we are in the playoffs wis a chance to move on!

  • Cody - 2 years ago

    It may have been a missed call.The NHL now needs to take action . This player should be suspended and not play another game this year!....Thats a dangerous cheap shot and action needs to be taken by the NHL..

  • StonyTony - 2 years ago

    Suspend him for the rest of the season! The officials who let it slide should also be disciplined! I'm a Ducks fan and usually appreciate a dirty hockey game, but that was completely uncalled for! I like hockey a little less after seeing that... I had a concussion nearly 20 years ago that is now causing me seizures/epilepsy and to become more and more forgetful in my mid 30's... What is the NHL going to do if this head injury results in a permanent disability?

  • Boo - 2 years ago

    Just like every other sport, sure looks like officiating is paid off! How can officials be blind game after game, you will miss a call time to time but really, he was in the lane!

  • Ryan Westerhouse - 2 years ago

    Is this even a question? Too little, too late even if they suspend him now. My guess is a 1 or 2 game suspension... Just long enough to be ready for the second round, BECAUSE THEY WON THE GAME BY A GOAL (minus the empty netter). Should have been a 5 minute major, which may have changed a one goal game just a bit. This was absurd, they don't call anything in games 1 and 2, then decide a one hand tap from Cullen warrants a penalty game 3, and now a blatant cross check to the head of a player nowhere near the puck doesn't even deserve a minor penalty. I love the NHL, but I'm about done with this garbage. Doughty gets one game for a clean body check that slides up to the head, yet the 4 boardings and a head cross-check are just fine. Not trying to rant, but they're ruining yet another series by this BS.

  • Jack - 2 years ago

    He should have been booted from this game and the next! What a despicable move by Morrissey. Of course he should be suspended, maybe 2 games!

  • Paul - 2 years ago

    Should have been a major and left the Wild over a minute of 5 on 3 hockey. Also check the guy in the crease for the Winnipeg goal. He wasn't shoved in the crease, he drove himself to the net and was in the crease before the puck. Shouldn't have been a goal!

    Add in these failed calls along with the absence of checking from behind calls causing heads and necks to whip lash, it should be a disgrace to the NHL. When studying brains and concussions of past players, some upon them becoming deceased, it's time to clean up the game a bit for players safety. I get it's the playoffs, a tougher game, but penalties exist for reasons and playoffs shouldn't allow exemptions from calls.

    It sure doesn't set a good example for youth when the pros, their idols, get away with a hit like Morrissey. Listen to JR, 3 games seems fair for the severity of this direct cross check to the head!

  • Will - 2 years ago


  • John - 2 years ago

    Total Douchebag move!! And yes, he should be suspended!! But NHL is too chickenshit to do anything!!! Embarrassing!!!

  • Hodgee33 - 2 years ago

    Should have been five minute major and game misconduct, but didn't even get a penalty, absolutely awful, NHL should be embarrassed, but they won't suspend him because they will not want to draw any attention to how bad their refs are

  • benjamin - 2 years ago

    Dirty hit from Morrissey who has already had questionable hits on the Bruins' player grzelcyk

  • Pati - 2 years ago

    Dirty hit from a dirty player

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