Was the TN Assembly right to punish Memphis for removing Confederate statues?

  • Rita - 3 years ago

    Does these people really think that it is our fault about what happen before we were born. I honestly think this all boils down to people being racists. My question is why was this park not mentioned to anyone that it was for sale. The whole town of Memphis makes me sick, Never will our family shop or anything in Memphis. Not one red cent of our money be spent there, People are just stupid. Racism is killing our world. Everyone that is for all this go back and read your history books.

  • Will Crump - 3 years ago

    Try as you might, history cannot be erased. History that is whitewashed or hidden is doomed to be repeated. The ones crying "racism!" are racist themselves truth be known. Racism doesn't just run one way. Those who protest something the loudest are usually guilty of the same.

  • Jessica Blackwell - 3 years ago

    Tonya, history is in the history books. A statue is an honor. In these cases, undeserved. The Nathan Bedford Forrest statue was erected in 1904 during the Jim Crow era, and the Jefferson Davis statue was erected in 1964 during the civil rights movement. Both were to send a clear message to black people, specifically that they should know their place. Neither the reason for the statues' existence nor the men they represented are worth celebrating.

  • Tonya - 3 years ago

    Cant erase history no matter good or bad its still there.

  • tony jones - 3 years ago

    we know where that 65% vote comes from
    the unappressed

  • Karen olayinka - 3 years ago

    White trash tennesseans

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