Should Kucherov be suspended for his hit on Vatanen?

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Posted 1 year.


  • Nhlnut - 1 year ago

    Hey Mike D. -

    Bolts are scr#$ed - caps in 4!

  • Mike D. - 1 year ago

    BIG Respect Jersey. Thanks for not taking it personal game 5 after Kuch hit. Was great performance. Moving on to Rnd 2!!!

  • Dave - 1 year ago

    The doughty hit was just slightly lighter. Yet he got a game suspension. Total BS. Looks like the NHL took a payoff from the vegas mob to me.

  • Nhlnut - 1 year ago

    Stevens always hit clean - he just left them either concussed or crawling on the ice relearning how to stand - if that made him dirty, so be it...sadly i knew his playing days were numbered when he laid out kariya and lazarus came back and scored in ot to force game 7 - btw, quite unfair triple dog daring me with the jerkyz...i have no comeback...

  • Mike D. - 1 year ago

    Haaa! Even the legendary defensive enforcer Scott Stevens said it was a clean hit, and HE would know a dirty hit if anyone does!! Hmm, Jersey’s last Cup 2003, Tampa’s 2004. Last Finals appearance jersey 2012, Tampa 2015....and yes since we’ve obtained the LEGEND Steve Yzerman and Cooper, we come to play, especially come playoff time. Just when I thought you were showing progress with the B Boys shout out. Stick a fork in yaaaa, ya done jerky boyz!!

  • Nhlnut - 1 year ago

    Rags had a season like last one coming for a long time - lunky must be so happy starting from scratch after so many years of defecation, er, dedication

  • Nhlnut - 1 year ago

    Oh mike d to my dismay....are you pulling an ovie ptediction? You dont want to go there. By the way, going to playoffs every year is nice but the point is to win it all - Lunkhead will never win one - bank on it

  • Mike D. - 1 year ago

    I enjoy your youthful enthusiasm, but get ready for a dose of reality. Jersey is just lucky to have made the playoffs.....since 2012. Get permission from Christie to cross the bridge and go watch a good hockey team, the Rangers. Loving our previous trades!!

  • Nhlnut - 1 year ago

    Sorry, Horby - my stupid phone...

  • Nhlnut - 1 year ago

    Mr Horny

    1) This is the playoffs - if you think it doesn't mean enough to players to cross that fine line, even a little, when it comes to laying on a hard hit, then you need to watch more playoff games.

    2) The fact is that it was at the least questionable and, even more so, that a call wss not even made. That is bullsh#t.

    Devils in 7 - can't wait to see your goalie crying in the vezina trophy, bolts fans!!!

  • Mike D - 1 year ago

    In explaining the rational for the suspension, NHL Player Safety said Doughty made "high, forceful hit that makes Carrier's head the main point of contact on a hit where such head contact was avoidable." Not same as Kucherov....

  • Mike D. - 1 year ago

    Ahhhh, an eye for an eye philosophy! So much for player safety theory....bring it!

  • Charlie Gili - 1 year ago

    This should have been a suspension. Love Kucherov, but compared to what's been called illegal lately, this one merits a suspension. Did Kuch touch his shoulder on the way to the head? Yep, but it was still a head shot in my view. No I'm not a pro, but have been around the game for 50 + years, coaching for 30+. The league needs to re-evaluate some of the stuff that's getting called. Knocking a stick out of a players' hands is a penalty, but this head shot isn't? Hedman spears a guy in the nuts and it's deemed to be ok by the league?? Nonsense. All the cross-checking after the whistle that gets let go? I'm not a big fan of fighting in the game, but some of the crap that is seen now didn't happen without reprecussions in "the old days" because guys would ultimately have to pay a price for it or as Bryce Salvador said, "You'd have to answer the bell." Time for the Devs to ring Kucherov's bell.

  • Liam McMann - 1 year ago

    The league moving forward needs to consistently discipline these types of plays. I don't believe Kucherov was head hunting but he was looking for maximum damage on a high check when his feet left the ice. The NHL playoffs are always going to be hard hitting as all the guys are putting forth their top effort but player safety must always come first. Kucherov is a great player and needs to learn that his game doesn't require these types of plays.

  • Mike D - 1 year ago

    I agree to disagree with those who think it wasn’t a clean hit. The professionals who get paid to make those calls declared it appropriate last night, and after review today. I love hockey and so do all of you apparently too! Brings out strong opinions, but you know what they say about opinions....should make for a brutal game 5. You think game 4 was rough. Just wait and see. I’ll be in attendance for the handshake line. Go BOLTS.

  • Bob Horby - 1 year ago

    Shoulder to shoulder. He did not jump into the check the collision caused him to leave his skates. In a physical game you need to know who is around you. Kucherov has never been a dirty player and never put anyone out of a game since he has been in the league.

  • Nhlnut - 1 year ago

    Kucherov left his feet - blatant penalty. I'm sure he'll only get a one game suspension - stahl on wild crosschecked to head player only got one.
    But being as he's doing so well offensively, I'm sure coochie will get a wagging of the finger instead.

    Which makes sense - the devils are so stacked offensively (sarcasm) that they dont need to get a break in this series - that's also why losing vatanen -a very good defenseman - doesn't hurt either.

    Man up - dept of player safety - suspend his a@@ the rest of the series!

  • Steve Y - 1 year ago

    Mike D. It is what it is I suppose. I can see the head was not the initial point of contact. I just think the fact that he left his feet and injured another player was enough to constitute a penalty during the game at least if not a game suspension. But it’s over and done

  • Mike D. - 1 year ago

    Mr. “Yzerman”, I stand corrected on your hockey/ref experience. That said, it appears there will be NO hearing/discipline for the clean shoulder to shoulder contact made by Kucherov. It wasn’t called last night by the Zebras right on top of the play, and pretty sure it’s already been reviewed by Player’s Safety and deemed appropriate. “No direct contact to the head”. Kuch is half his size, not known for dirty play/hits, and the neutral zone was a war zone that ultimately led to the Bolts win. Skates leaving ice are in the rules, understood, but he didn’t use that as leverage for the hit. His speed was more than enough “to separate him from the puck” cleanly. I agree with the football comparison, if you don’t like the violenence, don’t watch it. These guys are highly paid don’t forget. Inherent risk will all Careers. As far as the guy calling names, knuckle draggers, quit insulting other primates. I’ve met plenty smarter than your average hockey fan...

  • Mr Hockey - 1 year ago

    It's easy to see why this world is so messded up! with idiots like the few trying to make case for Kucherov's dirty hit!! He left his feet and his point of attack was a cheap blind-sided angle! His major was the head as well! Yes you knuckle draggers will be knuckle draggers until you die.... but rules are rules!!! Kucherov's hit meets all the criteria for a two game suspension!!! But really,, who would think, the the manly knuckle draggers would be such whiners?!?! Suck it up!! take you medicine, man!

  • Derek Del Rosal - 1 year ago

    It was definitely a clean hit. This is playoff hockey, not the ice capades!

  • Waaaaah - 1 year ago

    All these devils fans crying, the guy who hit him was half his size. Go Rangers! Ohhhh, wait. They're playing golf, guess I'll go join them.

  • Steve Yzerman - 1 year ago

    Mike D. I have played hockey my whole life and also officiated games. You cannot leave your feet to check somebody it’s literally the rules. Like I said whether or not the head was the point of contact will be debated. But it is right there in the video that he left his feet. Whether or not he hit him in the head on purpose I don’t know. But the fact that he left his feet doesn’t present a good argument that it was an accident. 20 years ago no one would bat an eye at this. But the league has changed. Futhermore, you can’t suspend doughty for a very similar hit and not suspend kucherov in my opinion. Consistency seems to be a major issue.

  • robert corley - 1 year ago

    this sport is getting very hard to watch - I been watching it for 40 years already and see no
    improvement. have 3 referees on the ice and they see nothing. to me they see very little
    also the goldie interference is another pain in the butt have to stop the game go to the head phones
    and check another thing that slows down the game plus the referees could be right in the mist of
    things and see nothing. also getting very hard even to watch the playoffs when your team is not
    in the playoffs so I am very not one sided here. yes he deserves to be suspended and maybe even
    a fine. have to clean this sport up so maybe we can have more people watching hockey.

  • Dave - 1 year ago

    The check was an obvious intent to injure. Checking is taught, and reinforced by the rule book, as a means to separate the puck-carrier from the puck so the checker can obtain possession of the puck. Kucherov smokes Vatanen with a blind-side hit, something the league has instituted rules against for player safety. Had the hit gone the other way it would be an unquestioned suspension.

  • Mike D. - 1 year ago

    “Mr. Yzerman” clearly hasn’t played hockey before. Clean hit all the way. Shoulder is initial contact all the way. Yes, was a forceful hit, but that’s HOCKEY. Had he had his head up (like both teams the rest of the game) he would’ve braced for the hit. Hockey at the highest level is not always pretty. Take out the hitting, fights, and 100 mph slapshots, and what do you have?.......curling.

  • Keith V - 1 year ago

    An old saying in hockey is to keep your head up. I played most of my life and if you don't see the hit coming you weren't aware enough of your surroundings. Clean hit in my opinion.

  • Stoneman - 1 year ago

    I agree with Mr. Yzerman. Someone who actually knows what their talking abou. You other idiots should stop watching the game and go back to watching rugby. Oh, and rugby is more is more physical than mma and boxing and the like? Those are sports someone can watch if they’re looking to see people intentionally trying to injur one another. Hockey, football, soccer, and yes even rugby the athletes are not there to try and injur a player so they can win. They are there to prove they are the more skillful and better team. Clearly Tampa is pitiful and has to resort to this to try and beat an eight seed, as displayed by their numerous cheap shots throughout this series. And I’m not even a Jersey fan.

  • Keith - 1 year ago

    That was a clean hit. This isn't ballet dancing

  • Steve Yzerman - 1 year ago

    Anyone who thinks this hit was clean does not know the rules. He clearly leaves his feet. Which is against the rules. Whether or not the head was the initial contact will be debated but the fact that he leaves his feet suggests he wasn’t trying to avoid the head by any means...

  • Austin - 1 year ago

    It was a clean hit. I will quit watching hockey if it becomes like the NFL. I believe hockey is the 2nd most physical game played behind Rugby, so obviously there’s gonna be a lot of hitting and hitting+high speeds; it’s gonna cause momentum to carry on so an accidental hit to the head isn’t suspension worthy. Sorry. That’s for all teams not just my team.

  • Charlie Massingille - 1 year ago

    The hit was clean the first contact wasn't shoulder to head it was shoulder to shoulder then as moment carried it was head but even then wasn't kucherovs fault vatanen bent down making almost inevitable to be a head shot they're desperate at this point to get something on the lightning to get something started and don't rule in the devils favor just because we're up 3-1

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