Was Miranda throwing shade at Gwen and Blake?


  • sandra hirsch - 6 years ago

    I watched the Voice long before Blake got divorced. I told my daughter that Gwen was after Blake. It was so obvious. Not because of Blake himself, but I think she saw him as a way to jump start her faded career. And he did...He also is a sucker for flattery..and a fool..

  • Sandra - 6 years ago

    I am sorry Gwen is not pretty! Rather the opposite, used up and trying to be 25 again! She cannot hold a candle to Miranda!! I think he will cheat on Gwen too.....

  • Missy - 6 years ago

    I think Blake is a ass for a lot of things he's to Miranda. If he's moved on and is so happy with Gwen then why should he care what Miranda is doing and with whom. I feel Miranda was just being honest and it's not all about Blake and Gwen. Miranda being Miranda sharing her feelings. It has to hurt with the way Blake and Gwen have been rubbing their relationship in Miranda's face.

  • Joyce. Cox - 6 years ago

    Miranda Lambert is better off without Blake Shelton.....Gwen just doesn't have what she does! Blake will regret losing Miranda.Gwens looks will fade.Miranda has inside beauty that shows more of a true woman.Yes......Blake is the TIN MAN!!!

  • sheary cecil - 6 years ago

    Yes you are so right if I had the money Gwen Stefani has I'd look pretty too all the time

  • Jason - 6 years ago

    Miranda was and always will be awesome. Blake will look back and realize one day. She isn’t fake she is real and down to earth. Ppl say how Gwen is so pretty well I guess any woman that was a millionaire and could afford a 24/7 glam team to follow her everywhere she goes would She just seems fake

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