Who has your vote? (Poll Closed)

  • Delicious Peters
    2,053 votes

  • Dr. Narwhals Mating
    3,790 votes


Poll posted 1 year ago.

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  • The Kickballs - 1 year ago

    Re: The Handballs
    I’m pretty sure that should influence your vote 0%
    It’s “Name of the Year,” not “Internet Presence of the Year.” But if you MUST know.... I happen to know Dr. Mating personally and he looks like one badass motherfucker.

  • Hey Jasper - 1 year ago

    Delicious Peters is a great name on its own, and it just gets better when you say it in a fun voice.

    Dr. Narwhals Mating is a fucking solid name to say the least. It get's enhanced by the same voice in the "obscure 20 year old stand up special."

  • The Handballs - 1 year ago

    Not sure how much this should influence my vote, but Dr Mating does not seem to be loved by his patients. Unlike the other doctors in his group he does not post a picture, while Delicious Peters returns a wondering google mage search result.

  • Jasper carrot - 1 year ago

    a good name should not depend on having seen an obscure 20 year old stand up special.

  • Fan of Peters - 1 year ago

    If you watched an old David Cross stand-up special from the nineties, he does an impression with his voice that is legendary. https://youtu.be/jrvtHYCP-LM

    This is the voice https://youtu.be/jrvtHYCP-LM?t=57s

    Now say Delicious Peters in this voice...

  • Guy with actual taste - 1 year ago

    Peters had zero business getting this far

  • Delicious Ghostkeeper - 1 year ago

    It pains me to vote against Delicious Peters after cheering him on through the last few rounds, but Narwhals is in a class of its own. You did good Peters, rest now.

  • Stefan Holm - 1 year ago

    Dr. Narwhals Mating was by far the best name this year, and I'm frankly surprised to see him reach the final, since the people usually end up being wrong (or at least disagreeing with me).

    And no, a legal name is a legal name, and it doesn't really matter if it was Dr. Mating or his parents who chose a strange moniker.

  • Lukas Chalupa - 1 year ago

    Thanks #1 fan. Gandalf was the better wizard...this time. To be honest, since scarfing down a bad cheesy chimi, I’ve been wrecking the old squatty potty non stop for the last two weeks. I look forward to battling my next foe: dehydration!

  • Lucas Chalupa’s #1 fan - 1 year ago

    I’m still upset about Lucas Chalupa’s loss to Gandalf Hernandez in the first round... smh. Delicious Peters is now my man.

  • Caitlin, Team Mating - 1 year ago

    I hope NOTY sells merch cuz I’m ready for my Mating t-shirt.

    Dr. Narwhals Mating:

    A Tusked Physician with an Intimate Mission


    A Cetaceous Intellectual and He's Feeling Damn Sexual

  • Dr. Some Guy - 1 year ago

    No one was robbed. This isn't a Pope McCorkle III scenario. It's not even a Boats Botes scenario. You backed the wrong horses, simple as that. You can Trump it up all you want, but no amount of undermining the legitimacy of the process is going to change things in what has been a year of little to no controversy. This wouldn't be my Final Four but I respect the will of the people. These are all names I backed in at least a couple of rounds, so it's not even like having a Double Taco Final Four. Wash the salt out from your wounds.

  • Delicious Narwhal - 1 year ago

    This is the toughest decision throughout this entire tournament yet. Delicious Peters such a great name. This should've been the final matchup tbh. Salami Blessing and Dongo were robbed.

  • Michael Taggart - 1 year ago

    Gooch was robbed and this FInal Four is a farce!

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